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    Aug 28, 2000
    Surprise, surprise... out on the verandah again early a.m. waiting to arrive at Castaway Cay. We dock about 9, disembark at 9:30. Long, hot Disney Cruise Line line to get off ship, backed up all the way from Deck 1 to almost deck 4, filled with jostling, crabby, pushing, elbowing people. (Friday seems to be the day when all the famlies fall apart!) I would suggest just waiting until about 10 to get off, but then you would not get any shade or umbrella.

    We opted to walk rather than to wait in anymore Disney Cruise Line lines for the tram and went to the family beach. We got about the last umbrella to be found anywhere. DH and 10 DS went on the bridge tour for concierge guests, which we were not informed about but knew about from these boards. It was a highlight of their trip. DS got to sit in an officer's chair with the hat, sunglasses and two walkie-talkies... great video!

    The rest of us enjoyed a dip and a bike ride, very fun, very hot! Then everyone met up and did the snorkle paths. Much better than in 99. They are attracting more fish in their "wreck" now. The advanced trail (red markers) almost did my 10DS in, and he is an excellent swimmer. I had to swim him back the last 100 yards or so. Also, Disney does not allow you to dive under the water to see anything, quite a drag for experienced snorkelers.

    Cookies barbecue much more efficient than our last trip. We went at prime time lunch time, and still did not wait more than 10 minutes in that Disney Cruise Line line. Food was pretty good, but I would suggest avoiding the ribs, go for the lobster burger!

    Walked around to Conched Out Bar on the point, this is a cute area and not very crowded. The rest of the beach is just wall to wall humanity. We peeked at the adult beach, and it was, indeed, very serene, few people.

    Stayed on the beach until last call, then back to the ship. Concierge had left milk and cookies (4 for 5 of us) on the table. Milk, of course, very warm and undrinkable. Also left a picture of the ship pasted on a piece of construction paper with a hand written thank you note. No more chocolate ships, I guess.

    Dinner was back at Parrot Cay, small world night. We were misty saying goodbye to Janet, she really made our trip special. There were so many amazing crew! We were surprised how many have been with the ship since the beginning, and keep signing up again. They work six months, then two months off. Janet said when she is onboard, she misses her family at home, and when she is on holiday, she misses her family on the ship! No better advertisement than that. Many of the crew who had worked on other ships say Disney treats them much better than any other line. Obviously, the way they all keep coming back. Way to go, Disney.

    We gave Janet a big hug and a bigger tip, about 25% more than recommended, same with assistant server.

    Our room steward always did what we asked, made a few towel animals. (The room was not as clean as it should have been, but it was more maintenance stuff than room steward stuff.. Hey maintenance, if you are reading, those upholstered chairs around the table are filthy and desparately need to be cleaned. The master bathroom could use a good spring cleaning scrubbing, too! And don't forget about changing those reversed spigots on the whirlpool!)

    Anyway, steward still did what we asked, was very personable, and I do not blame him for some of the upkeep things, so we still tipped him more than recommended.

    Head server did nothing special, nothing wrong, tipped him the recommended. (I still think that since this is a supervisory position, they should not receive tips...imho. Just seems to be an industry standard.)

    Had a great time as "The No Tones" at family kareoke. Then went back, finished packing, and bags out by 11 (okay 11:05, but we were close!)

    Saturday morning came too soon, up, quick shower, food grab at Topsiders and off the ship by 7:45 with only minimal Disney Cruise Line line. Disney's disembarking procedure best of any line I have been on.

    Last encounter with pushy people... First at curb to wait for Avis shuttle, other families set up around us, van comes, families push, shove, stuff their luggage in, we are out of luck!!! Van driver says "another" van will be around soon. We know better, she drives the circle (about 15 minutes) and comes back. Same thing almost happens again. We put kids in van while we load luggage. Other families try same thing again. In van, I say to driver that Avis needs a queque so that people who arrive first get on van first. I am way too Midwestern for all of this aggression!

    Hot, fun day spent at Animal Kingdom (surprisingly not too crowded) then uneventful flight home.

    Final thoughts to come....

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