All Stars vs. Moderates?


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Jan 21, 2000
I am planning a trip for graduation this May, and I am interested in keeping it on a tight budget (since I'm planning a December trip too, LOL!). Could you please compare and contrast the All Stars vs. the Moderates for me? Is it worth the extra cost for a moderate in your opinion? I have stayed at ASMu, so I know what it's like, but I've never stayed at a moderate. Thanks for the help! :)
I've stayed at ASMu, and at POR and POFQ for moderates. IMHO the moderates are definitely worth the extra cost (and as I found out, there are some terrific codes available for moderates). I expected a drop when I stayed at ASMu after POR, but I felt like it was a big fall! The stairs were narrower, everything was just cement and there was hardly any landscaping compared to PO. And service-here's one little example: at the deluxes, there are shower caps in your room, at moderates there aren't but when I asked for one, I got two, but when I asked at ASMu, I got the response "We don't carry shower caps!" However, I will say that ASM looked kind of cute. But never again ASMu!
I have ressies for May with a code from for $94 for CBR. With the same code for AS it is $84. Okay... I stayed at ASMo in Jan and LOVED it!!! I would stay there again in a heartbeat, but not for $84... I had a rate of $49 and thought it was good for that rate. If you can get the mod for $94 I would go for that. Are you traveling with someone that can split it with you? More than two adults in the room will be $15 more per night per adult, but still a good rate for being on the property.
Ive stayed at POR 2x and then ASMO once. I would definitely pick ASMO over POR in the future. Great theming, better bus service and everything else measured equal IMO. The only advantage to POR over ASMO was Bob the piano player in the lounge, and I hear hes gone. I feel the cheaper price is just a bonus to a better resort.


My family has stayed at deluxes, a moderate,(PO-FQ) and each of the All Stars. For the $$$, we LOVE the All Stars. Staying at All Stars allows us to end a lot of our vacations at a Deluxe resort.
Having 2 sinks in the bathroom at FQ was nice but the transportation at the All Stars is much better IMO. I didn't notice much difference in room size. To me, the food courts were also much better at the All Stars. The moderates have hot tubs, the all stars do not. The theming is great at each place. If you want more of a Disney theme, all stars, with the huge icons, is more "Disney." There are more kids at the All Stars. The laundry facilities are also more crowded at the All Stars.

We just came back Thursday and split our stay between the ASSports and the Poly. In June, I have ASMusic Preferred room and ASSports booked at AP rates. (May change to a deluxe for last 4 nights if a good AP rate is out).

We love the All Stars would not hesitate staying there over a moderate!


If you're looking to save some money and you don't plan on spending a lot of time at your resort, then stay at one of the All-Stars. If you want to indulge a little and plan on getting the most out of your resort during your stay, then go with the moderates. I have stayed at the ASMusic and I have stayed at the CBR. I will be staying at the CSR with my girlfriend in May. Neither of us ever wants to stay at an All-Star Resort again. HAve a great time no matter where you stay!

It really depends on your visiting style. The last three times we've been at WDW we have been on the go from 9AM to 11PM (and we go when the parks close early!) It just hasn't made sense to spend ANY extra money for a hotel we don't really spend any time in. We're going for 2 nights/3 days in March and I decided to try CSR instead of ASMu (I still have reservations at both) Right now the difference in price in $18/night and we're splitting it with someone, so for a total of $18 we're probably going to upgrade. We've never gone during the olng days of summer. I might be more willing to spend the money, if I thought I'd be heading back to the room mid-day.


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