Alice on Nov. 1st

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    Oct 4, 2012
    Alice definitely made my birthday this past visit on November 1st. It was somewhat early in the day, around 9:45 (I remember because I had seen Alice and the White Rabbit taking photos but the CM with them said the line was closed and Alice would be back around 9:30). I got up to Alice and she greeted me, wishing me a happy birthday. After a couple of photos, she asked if I was by myself. I said my mom was around somewhere but wasn't getting her picture taken. Alice put her hands on her hips and said "And why not?!" I told her my mom didn't like getting her picture taken. She then asked my mom's name and where she was. She and the CM with her both started calling for my mother. I asked if they wanted me to go find her. Alice said "Yes" then followed me to go find my mother saying "We're just going to find Carol!" When we found her, Alice said "I hear you're not in any pictures. That's about to change." and made my mom come up to get our picture taken together. It was hilarious! My mom and I joke about it and its one of our favorite pictures!

    Alice and I
    Found my mom!

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