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Discussion in 'UK Community Board' started by UKDerek, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. UKDerek

    UKDerek Earning My Ears

    Jul 1, 2001
    Hi everybody.........I haven't posted for a while and find the old boards have gone and my old name (Derek) and post count (millions) also gone.....anyway a bit of help or advice is needed..............We were planning to visit Florida as a family this year (13 inc my mum and and sister and their kids).......Anyway a few months ago we found out that my mum has cancer and has months rather than years left but she still wants to go to the US for the first time before she gets too ill.........I have visited Florida and the West coast a number of times so i know the wheelchair facilities are first class and we would hire a large villa to stay in but i don't know if we would be taking too much on....9 hrs on a plane and hanging around airports etc.....We have asked the doctor and he said if we are going to do it then it has to be sooner rather than later and we feel that if that's what she wants then lets go for it.......or are we just dreaming.....................I was just wondering if anyone had been in the same position.
    Thanks for listening.
  2. KayleeUK

    KayleeUK Still here.....

    Oct 9, 1999
    Hi Derek

    I can't really help much, but I would definately take your mum. If you take lots of break while your there - she hopefully wouldn't get to tired. Can you get special assistance at the airports? perhaps contact them to see.

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  4. Astrid

    Astrid <font color=9933CC>Shoot for the moon. Even if you

    Aug 19, 2000
    Oh Derek, what a difficult time for you.

    I say, go for it. I know that Virgin offer great 'Special Assistance', and I'm sure that most facilities will offer as much help as they can, ie. wheelchairs at airports and additional help on the plane.

    A lot of rest can be built in to the holiday I'm sure, which will be made easier having your own villa, and I'm sure your Mum will have a lovely time.

    Not a great deal of help I'm afraid as I don't have any first hand experience, but thinking of you nonetheless. :)

    Astrid x
  5. Angeluk

    Angeluk ....polishing up my halo!

    May 5, 2001
    Thats so sad for you Derek. I'm sorry to hear about your Mum. Not been in that position myself, but I would think it would be do-able. They are so good at WDW with facilities etc, and it would be wonderful for your Mum, and some good memories for you all. Thinking of you all.
  6. Janice

    Janice Super Shopper

    Aug 18, 1999
    Hi Derek - nice to see you again :wave:

    First off, let me say how sorry I am to hear your news - I do know what your going through and I feel for you.

    I have no experience of travelling with a Disabled or Terminally Sick person myself, but we do have a dedicated forum where I am sure you will be able to get untold amounts of help and information. Here it is: Disabilities

    What I do know is that the USA is very Disability Friendly as I am sure you will discover should you decide to make this trip.

    If it were me - and it was my mum's wish, then nothing would stop me from taking her :)

    Good luck :)
  7. Sue's Mum

    Sue's Mum DIS Veteran

    Apr 29, 2001
    Hi Derek,

    Sorry to hear about your mum. The news must have come as a shock to you all.

    As for the holiday, I think if that were me and I didn't give it a try, then eventually I might regret it. Try and give your mum everything you can while you can and have no regrets later.

    Thinking of you all,

    JanE (now Sue's Mum - well actually, always Sue's mum!)
  8. kazzie

    kazzie <img src="

    Jul 3, 2000

    I'm very sad to hear about your Mum.

    I would definitely try to go for the holiday.As others have said in a villa you can incorporate lots more rest time and it will be less stressful than a hotel.
    Try to book it as soon as you can and I would worry about the money when I need to.There are some things you can't put a price on and a fantastic holiday and happy memories is one of them.

    Good Luck

    Love Karen
  9. Aprilimgoing

    Aprilimgoing Mouseketeer

    Feb 27, 2002
    Hello Derek

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. I think you should go for it, especially if thats what she wants, what lovely memories you will all make together.

    My Godson was terminally ill when his parents took hime some years ago now. I dont know whether you have considered the insurance aspect, but thier are specialised companies that deal with this type of Medical cover when travelling. I am sorry that I do not have a link for you but will peruse the web and see if I can find something for you. If not you may want to get in touch with the charities that offer holidays to people in these sorts of circumstances and see how they go about it.

    Hope this was of some help to you

  10. anne1

    anne1 Earning My Ears

    Nov 28, 2001
    Hi Derek

    So sorry to hear about your Mum- my Mum died from cancer nearly 8 years ago, so I know how you will be feeling.

    If your Mum wants to go I would say yes.

    On our first trip in January I spent time thinking how much my Mum would have loved it, and as others have said, it would give you some lovely memories.

    thinking of you.

  11. Sue F UK

    Sue F UK Florida keeps me poor...but happy

    Mar 1, 2002
    Hi Derek,

    What terribly sad news for all your family.

    My mother, although not terminal, is also a cancer sufferer and is wheelchair bound. We took her to WDW last week for the first time. I can tell you now that you will have no problems whatsoever in practical terms. The airline which we flew with (US Airways) were fantastic with mum - even carrying her electric scooter for free. They offered wheelchair assistance in the airport and they boarded her first so she could get settled easier. We stayed in a villa which had a downstairs bedroom so mum didn't have to worry about the stairs.

    The parks couldn't have made life easier. They have loads of disabled parking (for which you need your UK disabled badges) which is close to the entrances of the parks. Once inside they have disabled access for ALL the attractions and special viewing areas for the parades etc. The CMs will offer any assistance they can for your mother.

    Seeing the joy in my mothers face when the characters came over and made a fuss of her is something that I will never forget and I cannot urge you more strongly to take your mother over there. It will create memories that your family will all cherish in the years to come.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to PM me.
  12. debatha

    debatha Earning My Ears

    Sep 11, 2001


    I am with Kazzie, I would go for it and worry about the costs later, some things you can't put a price on and I think you will all cherish the memories you have together in WDW.

    Thinking of you and your Mum

  13. Rick Walmsley

    Rick Walmsley Earning My Ears

    Aug 5, 2001

    Hi Derek

    Sorry to hear about your mum.

    If its at all managable I think you should give it a go.

    There will be plenty of people on these boards who can point you in the right direction in terms of planning/help etc

    All the best with whatever you decide

  14. UKDerek

    UKDerek Earning My Ears

    Jul 1, 2001
    Thank you everybody for the support and advice..........Every word has been taken on board .

    Thanks again
  15. Bovril

    Bovril Earning My Ears

    Feb 27, 2002

    was so sad to hear about your mum,

    if you need the number for specialist insurance company I have one which I use they are called freespirit tel no. 01483 255888, very helpful and the rates are quite good, I found normal insurance companies won't cover me

    another thing is to get a letter from your mum's doctor explaining all treatments, tablets etc to take with you, and to have the name of a oncologist in the area who is willing to treat your mum if the need arises, your doc should be able to get one for you

    don't be daunted, it will be worth the little bit of extra work involved

    just think of the wonderful time you will have and the memories

    take care
  16. Nita

    Nita Mouseketeer

    Feb 27, 2002
    Sorry to hear your sad news
    sure with everyones good advise you can have a wonderful holiday with your Mom
    (((((hugs to you all)))))

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