Advice for daughter younger than she looks

Discussion in 'Disneyland (California)' started by serendipityaey, Sep 13, 2018.

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    Feb 21, 2006
    My granddaughter (2yo) informed them she was 8 when they asked. They grinned and sent her thru.
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    The only time an airline needs that proof for a domestic flight isnif you’re on a special kid fare. If they did need it a picture of the BC wouldn’t do.

    I likely would charge the same way with an older looking older child.

    Best to sidestep that with “the younger is 2 and the older is 8”.

    It’s something like when I was 22 and the bouncer asked “are you 21?” and I answered “yes” because I figured that the important part is that I’m at least 21, and a “no” answer would have also been confusing. He then said “your id says you’re 22, why are you lying?” It had been an impossible question to answer with a yes or no lol. Thankfully I was working at a bar and was at the club with my bartender and other fellow employees and they convinced the bouncer that I was legit.

    Sometimes ya just gotta answer more fully when you know what they really want to know.


    Because they are being kind.

    Yep. Totally normal of a little one. My then 2 year old (giant and strong but talked immaturely) sometimes said he was 2 and sometimes 5.

    OP don’t borrow trouble. Assume all will be well. And I’d theres a hint of pushback just ask for a lead.

    And don’t be embarrassed or let your daughter be. Be embarrassed FOR that cm if you must.

    My son is shaving, has a deep voice, and is just about 6’. And he’s 14. He’s not embarrassed when people think he’s older, except a little a embarrassed for them.

    Even at TSA he just told them his age when they asked for ID the last time. No issues.
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    OP, avoid worrying over the issue and get her a Child ID card from the BMV. Plus it allows LEO and FBI to have her photo and basic information accessible for immediate distribution in case she disappears / Amber alert.
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    Feb 26, 2014
    I've often thought that they should do some kind of height based system if they want to offer a discount. Height makes a bigger difference in every other way in the park than age does. They do food based on age and entrance based on age but age doesn't determine which rides a child gets to experience (except the solo rider things) and a big kid can often eat as much or more than an adult. I suspect that if it was directly tied to size they'd have push-back from people on an equality or accessibility front since we're used to age based policies all over the place and height just sounds discriminatory. I feel like they could offer a discount based on not being able to experience certain rides maybe and not explicitly call it height based.
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    Precious Pix!!
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    Nobody should ever have to endure such treatment at Disneyland or any where else for that matter. Although I have never personally experienced anything like what you described, I have seen some cast members at the gates act in an unprofessional manner towards people. A lot of the people who work the front gate seem like burned out employees. I'm sure it's a stressful job but no one should ever act in the manner you described. That conduct is completely unacceptable.

    When you return to Disneyland odds are you will not experience behavior anything like that again. Most employees there do a pretty good job all things considered. But I understand your apprehension after what you experienced. I would probably feel the same way in your shoes.

    When you go to the front gate next time have your child immunization records just for your piece of mind if something comes up. It probably won't but have it on had just incase. Also have your phone out and ready to record if someone starts acting in a hateful manner. Try to do it in a covert manner. Let the employee burn themselves but immediately ask politely to speak with a lead. Do not waste a moment speaking with them. Stand there and be quiet. It's a poker game at that time. The lead will likely remedy the situation immediately. But like I said before, this will probably never happen again. But be ready for it, just for your piece of mind.

    But I must say it's a crying shame that you feel you need to come up with a game plan for an adverse encounter at Disneyland. You should never had to endure what you described. I strongly encourage you to reach out to Disneyland via email and Twitter and share what occured and how you feel about it. And due to the nature of your experience I would also contact Disney's corporate offices to insure that this is addressed. No one should ever have to experience treatment like that at Disneyland. Good luck on your next trip. Check your messages. I sent you Disney corporate contact info of some executives to contact.
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    Jul 6, 2013
    I seriously doubt this. Lol
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  9. serendipityaey

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    Thanks everyone for the input! I'm glad to hear it was most likely a complete fluke with a really bad egg (my luck! haha). Thank you @gottalovepluto for the pixie dust! Thank you @tarheelalum for the message with info and the compassionate advice, it means a lot. I didn't think it probably happened very often but it is nice to hear it really doesn't. I will reach out to Disney, thank you, and have her record for peace of mind as you say. Borrowing trouble is my middle name! Haha, but I know I shouldn't so much, it's part of my job, to have a plan, so it's a bit ingrained.

    Thanks again everyone, I have no problem being asked how old she is, I'll just be read for that, and know I can just politely ask for a lead right away.

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