ADRs or "Winging It" with QS


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Feb 21, 2021
What is your dining style while solo? This will be my first time solo. I made a number of ADRs (a few breakfasts and lunches), but I'm considering cancelling a few to eliminate the need to be anywhere at a particular time. I was lucky to grab the two that I absolutely wanted (dinner at Garden Grill and Hollywood Brown Derby), but the others seem much less important, especially with Mobile Order now an option.

What is your style? Do you schedule ADRs as normal or just go with QS to have more freedom?


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Jul 16, 2011
I’ve only been once solo for a few days and did QS and was happy with that. This time I’m there for a week and have a few sit downs I want to do and will make ADR for those, but plan on winging it the rest of the time. I’m also looking forward to trying F&W booths.


Apr 16, 2008
QS synergizes so well with the Solo lifestyle. Depends on what is important to you. I like the fact that you can pick things up whenever you want on a whim and you are not tied down or obligated like an ADR will do.

And for me, I just find it awkward sitting alone at a sit down restaurant. I like to stay mobile and fluid.

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Aug 21, 2011
I do a combination of TS and QS but I don't book the TS in advance. I just book them day of, sometimes in the morning but most of the time mid-day. I was there a couple of weeks ago, solo, and most of my eating was from the booths at F&G. One day I made an ADR for Chefs de France around 1:30 for 4:45 that afternoon. On my HS day, I was up early trying to get RoTR and booked HBD for lunch that afternoon for 11:45. On my AK day, I did walk up to Nomad Lounge. They don't have ADRs just a walk up list. It opens at 11 and I was there about 10:45 and was 2nd in line. This trip I actually didn't do any QS unless you count the booths as QS. The only other meals I ate were breakfast one morning at Fresh Med. Market at Dolphin (I was staying there) and two mornings I had breakfast at Picabu which is the Dolphin sort of QS. One morning I grabbed a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks in MK. One evening around 5:30 I had supper at The Fountain at Dolphin, which is walk up list and later that night I got a hot fudge sundae from the ice cream place there. The only snack things I ate, outside booths, was popcorn at AK and a pretzel at HS.

Pre-Covid I also made ADRs day of. I always have Park Hoppers and have never not been able to find an ADR for somewhere day of. I checked every day this last trip and there was always something available, I was just focused on eating at the booths.


Oct 16, 2016
I do a mix of both because nothing but QS gets really old really fast to me. I enjoy the slower pace of TS as a relaxing break, and have never felt awkward eating alone…I’m an introvert, I have my phone and my Kindle. I like the variety of options and sometimes change plans on a whim. I tend to hit lounges a lot as well.


Jan 8, 2013
A mix of both. One trip I had extra cash available so I did a few more of the fancier restaurants and that was nice but usually I try for about 1 TS every other day as a way to make the trips more relaxed.
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    Jun 20, 2020
    I was Team Quick Service until my last trip when I decided I really wanted to eat at some of my favorite restaurants and also try some new spots. My only regret was that I "over reserved" and my trip turned into a dining schedule. I think the best option for me, is maybe one lunch and one dinner reservation per trip and then QS and/or snack the rest of the trip. Either way, the best part about solo travel is that the choice is yours to make alone:).


    Aug 1, 2013
    My husband and I usually schedule a TS for each night of our trip. However, with our trip next month, we have decided to just wing it and do mostly QS. We may see if something pops up on MDE while we are there, but no biggie if it doesn't. I think it will be fun for a change. Enjoy your trip!


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    Oct 27, 2010
    I do both! I tend to overschedule ADRs in advance, and I end up canceling some the day before. I also make some day of or change a time day of. I don’t let having ADRs dictate my plans, I like them to enhance my plan. Once in a blue moon I might skip one and pay the fee, but that’s so rare and a choice I made that was so worth it at the moment, I didn’t care about the money .

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    Aug 26, 1999
    I used to be dedicated to TS for lunch, then QS for dinner. I loved taking a nice, restful break mid-day. But I don't like to plan my day too far ahead, and looking at the TS restaurant availability, it looks like everywhere is so hard to get now unless you book far ahead. So I think I'll be doing an entirely QS trip (with a few Take-outs, mobile order at those TS that offer it).
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    Apr 3, 2006
    Solo trips are the only time I skip TS for the same reasons everyone else mentioned - mostly that I don’t like being tied to a schedule on a solo trip. I do tend to try to get in some places like Geyser Point and Bar Riva that feel like a cross between TS and QS.