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Mar 25, 2008
I am officially closing this. I don't want to drag out the signups because we are already getting close to the holiday season and I think we have all of our players. Please confirm your groups and PM me with your info. I will be sending mine out later today. I've dropped the Other Characters group as we only had one player. Please, if you see you are running out of time with this let me know and I will extend the dates. I know we are all swamped during the holidays and time just gets away from us. :flower3::flower3::flower3: This is my first time hostessing so if you have any questions, fire away. If I can't help with the answer, PrincessNancy is just a PM away.
Have fun!

Here we go......

Signups will be on Monday, Oct. 11th beginning at 9 a.m.

Newbies are welcome, but please limit yourself to two groups.

This swap will be set up as small page kits and you will be required to make the following:
1 title
1 photo mat/frame
1 journal box
1 element

Check-ins will be:
Oct. 18 - please verify groups and PM info (name, DIS name, mailing address, email & phone) :)
Nov 3 - quick check in due to change
Nov. 12 - last call for angels :littleangel:
Dec. 3 - please mail to me :rolleyes1
Dec. 10 - due to me:woohoo:
Back to You & Received: :yay:

I will PM a reminder if you forget to check in. I will request angels if I don't hear from you in 72 hours. Please just let me know if you will be away so I can mark for you. Angels for spots is not a problem - please just let me know ASAP.

1 title: 8x2 standard or other sizes ok; welded and shadowed letters; large title tag; title on box, border or altered CD
1 photo mat, 4x6 photo, 2 layers, smallest layer 4 1/ 4X 6 1/4, embellished
1 journal box, total of 3 layers, minimum writing space 3X3

Element list: (pick one)
1 paper piecing (not single diecut)
2 tags: 2 layers with something in the hole and embellished
1 file folder or matchbook, embellished
2 slide mounts, embellished
3 altered paperclips
1 shaker box
1 library pocket with tag, both embellished
1 license plate
3 shapes, 2 layers & embellished (small squares, flowers, etc)
4 inchies
1 signage/bookmark double layer and embellished
1 song/lyric/poem, double layer and embellished
If you have another idea let me know and we will consider it.

Embellishments can include: stickers, stickles, ink, flock, chalk, charms, flowers, eyelets, brads, ribbon or fiber, sewing, tearing, die cuts, embossing, stamping, clipart, additional layers of paper, specialty paper.

As always, if you make something you would be proud to use in your books.......we will all be happy swappers.

Please place your sets into a minimum quart size bag. If your quart bag doesn't close - please use a larger bag. Label bags with DIS name, name and group letter - not to a particular swapper. All of your smaller bags then get placed into a larger bag (minimum gallon size) that will close.

You may mail to me by any method up until December 1st. Then I must ask that you send priority with confirmation.

Return postage will be by flat rate priority box (unless I've spoken to you and other arrangements are made). Cost is $10.70 for medium/standard box; $14.50 for large box. Please include an additional $.70 and filled out form if you want delivery confirmation.

Please include a return shipping label (filled out).

I cannot accept click it/ship it postage.

I think that covers it.

Groups will be as follows:

Group A1: Duos - Pals (you pick your pals) (FULL)
1. Chip & Dale - LM3K
2. Pooh & Piglet - MusicalDisneyDreams
3. Jessie & Bullseye - WDW Mickey
4. Gus & Jaq - Ohana4

Group A2: Duos - Pals (you pick your pals) (FULL)
1. Mickey & Pluto - Mommy2mrb
2. TBA - wdwmicky
3 .Woody & Buzz - Disney Rider
4. Meeko & Pocahontas - dacky041208

Group A3: Duos - Pals (you pick your pals) (FULL)
1. Woody & Buzz - Disney Barlans
2. Jaq & Gus - mommy3mrb
3. Pooh & Piglet Princess Jayne
4. Pinnocchio & Geppetto - LM3K

Group B1: Duos - Couples (you pick your couple) (FULL)
1. Mickey & Minnnie - LM3K
2. Aladdin & Jasmine - MusicalDisneyDreams
3. McQueen & Sally - Ohana4
4. Cinderella & Prince - Dacky041208

Group B2: Duos - Couples (you pick your couple) (FULL)
1. Jasmine & Aladdin - Ohana4
2. Daisy & Donald - Mommy2mrb
3. Mickey & Minnie - PN96
4. Belle & Beast - WDWMickey

Group B3 - Couples (you pick your couple) (FULL)
1. Ariel & Prince Eric - Disney Rider
2. Mickey & Minnie - Princess Jayne
3. Daisy & Donald - LM3K
4. M. Poppins & Bert - PN96

Group C1: Duos - Good vs. Evil (you pick your pair) (FULL)
1. Cruella & Puppies - LM3K
2. Peter Pan & Captain Hook - MusicalDisneyDreams
3. Ariel & Ursula - Ohana4
4. Woody & Lotso - Disney Rider

Group C2: Duos - Good vs. Evil (you pick your pair) (FULL)
1. Stinky Pete & Woody - mommy2mrb
2. Lotso & Potato Head - Disney Barlans
3. Alice & Mad Hatter - LoveMy3Kiddos
4. Sully/Boo & Randall - WDWMickey

LM3K: A1, A3, B1, B3, C1, C2 :woohoo:
MusicalDisneyDreams: A1, B1, C1 :woohoo:
Ohana4: A1, B1, B2, C1 :woohoo:
Dacky041208: A2, B1 :woohoo:
Mommy2MrB: A2, A3, B2, C2 :woohoo:
WDWMickey: A1, A2, B2, C2 :woohoo:
DisneyRider: A1, B3, C1 :woohoo:
PrincessJayne: A3, B3 :woohoo:
DisneyBarlans: A3, C2 :woohoo:
PN96 ~ B2, B3 :woohoo:


I will open more of these groups if there is enough interest. I will also be including these groups in the character swap to be held next spring. Please let me know if anything needs corrected or if I've missed anything. Thanks to 123SA - I've copied your homework paper.


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Mar 25, 2008
Mailed 12/21
Received: :cheer2:
Mailed 12/28

Safely returned HOME!!!!
PN96 ~ B2, B3 :cheer2:
MusicalDisneyDreams: A1, B1, C1 :cheer2:
WDWMickey: A1, A2, B2, C2 :cheer2:
Ohana4: A1, B1, B2, C1 :cheer2:
Dacky041208: A2, B1 :cheer2:
LM3K: A1, A3, B1, B3, C1, C2 :cheer2:
Mommy2MrB: A2, A3, B2, C2 :cheer2:
DisneyRider: A1, B3, C1 :cheer2:
PrincessJayne: A3, B3 :cheer2:
Disney Barlans: A3, C2 :cheer2:

Slideshow: all put in by their groups.. in group A3 & B3 ~ PrincessJayne's are missing.. they'll be here soon..... Duos_Pairs/?albumview=slideshow


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    May 31, 2009
    Can I have Chip & Dale, Mickey & Minnie and Cruella and the puppies please? says opened early, right? It still says 9:00 in the opening paragraph...don't want to be jumping in front of everyone!! Let me know! Thanks Danielle!


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    Mar 25, 2008
    Good morning LM3K. My clock says 3 minutes until 9. I'm at work and every clock says something different. I don't think there will be a giant backlash if it's off by a few minutes. Gotcha down. Guess I better start thinking about what I want.


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    Apr 3, 2007
    These are for MusicalDisneyDreams, please:

    Pooh & Piglet (pals)
    Aladdin & Jasmine (couples)
    Peter Pan & Captain Hook (good vs evil)

    Thanks :)
  • wdwmickey

    Scrapbooking queen and food porn princess!
    Apr 3, 2007
    These are for me, please:

    Jessie & Bullseye (pals)
    Belle & Beast (couples)


    Ohana 4

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    Mar 1, 2005
    Can I please have (Couples) McQueen and Sally, (Duos) Gus and Jaq, (good/evil) Ariel and Ursula, and (couples) Jasmine and Aladdin?



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    May 31, 2009
    Oooopppsss....I see you did see it. post is almost 10 minutes early. I posted since it said open. So, if anyone that comes along in the next few minutes wants any of my choices, that's ok...don't want to cheat! Thanks for now! If the choices stay the same, I will pm you later with my info!
  • tyniknate

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    Mar 25, 2008
    MusicalDisneyDream & WDWMickey - do you want to be in the same group or would you prefer to be in the opposite?


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    Sep 26, 2004
    Can I please have:
    Pals + Mickey and Pluto
    Couples Daisy and Donald



    Scrapbooking queen and food porn princess!
    Apr 3, 2007
    Would this work for a good vs evil "duo"?

    Sully & Boo vs Randall

    If so could I please have that added, thanks :)


    Scrapbook Mom
    Dec 28, 2005
    Looks like things are going smoothly. :yay:

    Please mark me down as an angel... If you need anything let me know.. I'll be checking in to see how things are going because I'll need some inspiration!


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