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  1. Dancind

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    Jul 25, 2001
    An article from the Feb. 2 issue of People:

    "Disney-owned ABC doesn't scrimp when it comes to keeping its talent happy-and getting in some cross-promotion while they're at it. The company hooked up According to Jim star Jim Belushi with prime seats to the network's SUgar and Rose Bowls, and now he's on a Disney ship for a 10-day cruise to the Bahamas and Key West with his wife, Jennifer, and his two kids. The entire cast and crew from the show (as well as their families) are also along for the ride. It's not all play, though: They're shooting two scenes a day to complete an hour-long episode that takes place aboard the ship. Now that's synergy!"

    My thoughts on this:

    1) There's only one 10 day cruise, and it's not until next December.
    2) It could be a triple back-to-back on the Wonder, but it doesn't sail to Key West.
    3) Neither ship sails to BOTH the Bahamas and Key West.

    So, what ship and when is According to Jim being filmed on? And even better, when will this episode be shown?
  2. GenieDana

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    Jan 13, 2003
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  4. SeaSpray

    SeaSpray Disney World fan since 1976

    Jan 11, 2001
    1. That's true!
    2. It's already been filmed aboard the Magic.
    3. Not true. Castaway Cay is officially a Bahamian island, so that statement is true.

    I believe the episodes will be shown the last week of Feb and the first week of March. :)
  5. julie junebug

    julie junebug Earning My Ears

    Nov 29, 2001

    We just got off the Magic today, and the cast and crew of "According to Jim" were on board the entire week of our 7-day Western Caribbean cruise.

    They filmed two episodes which will air on Tues. Feb. 24th and March 2nd. They filmed in Key West and Castaway Cay, as well as on the Magic.

    It was lots of fun having them on the cruise and it didn't cause any problems for our family or restrict any of our activities at all. Most of them were very friendly (from my experience) and I thought they did a great job of planning the filming so that it didn't interfere with everybody's vacation. We received a letter and autographed photo of the cast in our stateroom, as well as a taped message on our TV.

    From the scenes I saw filmed, and an interview I heard with Jim Belushi, it sounds like it will be a pretty funny show and I'm anxious to see how it all comes together!

    I'm off to bed now since I'm very tired and still feel my "sea legs". They make us leave the ship much too early!


    WDWLVR <font color=green>DVC @ The Boardwalk</font><br><f

    Feb 17, 2000
    I saw that in People magazine too and laughed. Since we're sailing on the first 10-day I knew that wasn't true. The part about Castaway Cay being in the Bahamas is true, but not what you think about when they mention the Bahamas. :sunny:

    Looking forward to seeing the show!
  7. bwcb4

    bwcb4 Mouseketeer

    Mar 28, 2002
    Before this cruise, when it was first announced that the show would be filming, people seemed to have strong feelings about if the filming of "Jim" would be fun to have going on or if it would ruin their vacation. We went with an "it's an adventure" attitude.

    We didn't mind the extra activity. It was never announced when or where they would be taping. You just came across them. I thought the crew was very flexible to the other guests needs. I watched a bit of the taping by the Mickey pool. They let the kids keep sliding and playing anywhere they wanted while they set up and measured and did their prep stuff. The girls from the show had to just wait at the top of the slide while the other kids slid down. Then the show taped the scene with "their" girls and everyone else followed right behind them on the slide as usual. Only about a four foot area was sectioned off for the "Jim" group and that was to give the little girls a place in the shade and they needed a spot. It was cute when the taping was done, the girls got a high five from the director? and they were now just real kids. They responded with "YES!" and jumped into the Mickey Pool and started playing with the others.

    A lot of the crew and prep areas were on deck 2 where our room was. A room was labeled for costumes, props, hair and makeup, etc. (So because of the tv show taking up rooms for stuff, there were less guests on board. If you see that as a perk!) They didn't mind you taking pictures of these areas when the doors were open. The only area closed to guests for the entire cruise was the library area and meeting room on deck 2. That was where the tv crew had their timeclock, call sheets, announcements and meetings. Again, guests could always peek in and see what's going on. We always stay on deck 2 and I think we've only looked at the library once to see what it was. I don't think this area was missed by any guests! And all the games and books were available somewhere else if you did want access to them.

    Belushi's dining table was two over from ours. He was there for the character breakfast with a toddler in his arms. I assumed his daughter. I don't know about his real family makeup. He was like any other Dad in the room...doing a little toddler chasing as they get away and turning her back to their table. Our rotation also had the EARLY breakfast, not the second seating, and Belushi was there with the rest of us! I feel the characters went to his table in the same order they did to ours and they did not take advantage of the character's time. I did wonder if Mickey would go buy a picture of himself and Jim Belushi for HIS scrapbook! I never saw the pictures taken by Disney photographers up in Shutters. This was fair since I think people would be fighting over them!

    The tv crew was labeled well with large IDs so you always knew who they were. My teenage son would talk to them on the elevator and in the halls late at night and they were always nice to him. They had long hours. I spoke to one on the way to my room one night and she had to be "at work" the next day at 3:30 AM. They were trying to get that scene done before too many guests would be up. I don't remember what time I saw her, but I do know it was already past my bed time and I would NOT be at work at 3:30 AM!

    In another post, someone said they couldn't get ressies for Palos or the spa because of the stars taking the times. I did see the "stars" at the spa. But I did the ressie scramble and got all the appointments we wanted and even an unplanned one later in the week. Friday night we were in Palo's and the place was about empty so maybe the other poster just had desires for popular times.

    So from my family's point of view, having the show onboard with us was a "great adventure." We're anxious to see what kind of story line they will have.

  8. jimed90

    jimed90 Earning My Ears

    Dec 28, 2001
    We also just returned from the "Jim" cruise. I am happy to report that they were very polite and definitely tried to keep things as normal as possible for the other passengers

    Having them on board was a blast! It was so cool to watch them taping. One shoot on deck 4, my mom and I sat in a comfy lounger 4 ft away from them and watched the 5 or 6 takes it took Jim Belushi to say his few lines . We were there before they started to set up. They just asked that we not look directly into the camera or yell at the actors etc... I had no idea how much work it takes to get a 1/2 hr sitcom on the air!

    One of the highlights for us was when Jim Belushi took over the Cozumel sail away party! He sang blues and played harmonica for at least 45 min. until a CM cut him off. I had no idea he was so talented! Brad Paisley played guitar for a few songs, then left with his gorgeous wife Kimberly Williams (the sister on the show). People were begging him to sing, but he didn't.

    We didn't see much of Courtney Thorne-Smith during down times, but the rest of the cast were joining in on everything with the rest of us. My daughter played quite a bit with the 2 little girls by the pool and in the Lab. Jim Belushi even came into the Lab and talked to my 8yo dd's group. He visited with them and gave them autographs (which dd promptly wadded up and stuffed in her tiny pocket!) DD told Jim that her dad's name is Jim too, and said he laughed and asked if he was good looking too!

    All in all, I think having the taping on our ship was a definite bonus. I was one of the hesitant ones before this cruise, so I just want to let everyone know that Disney and the According to Jim cast and crew obviously put a lot of planning and preparation into this cruise to make sure not to ruin anyone's vacation.
    :) :) Edie
  9. gshoemate

    gshoemate <font color=blue>Wants to Talk to the Dolphins!<br

    Apr 9, 2003
    I was just going to post and ask about this. We were at AK on Saturday and saw people walking around with lanyards and the tag said According to Jim. I told my DH that they were supposed to be filming on DCL sometime in January and bet they were taking in the WDW sites while in the area. Didn't see any of the stars though:(
  10. mmouse37

    mmouse37 DCL Diva!!

    Jun 29, 2001
    I am so glad to hear that DCL and the Cast from According to Jim worked so well together to minimize inconvenience to other guests!!!

    We were watching the Golden Globes last night and I kept telling the family.....he just got off the Magic yesterday!!!! Of course I kept getting the "look"!!! He looked like he had a nice tan!!

    The Golden Globes are "live" aren't they????

    Glad everybody had a great time!!

  11. Verandah Man

    Verandah Man I DREAM of a FANTASY that's full of MAGIC & WONDER DIS Lifetime Sponsor

    Jan 24, 2003
    Thanks for these updates, interesting reading!!!
  12. WDWLVR

    WDWLVR <font color=green>DVC @ The Boardwalk</font><br><f

    Feb 17, 2000
    The Golden Globes are live and I was thinking the same thing - nice tan Jim and I know where you got it!
  13. gometros

    gometros <font color=teal>WDWWDS Chief Weapons Inspector an

    May 4, 2001
    I saw the subject and was hoping for some insider information from Cruise Director Jim :)

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