accckkk snails have overrun


Aug 30, 2000
my daughters fish tank. Right before Christmas we set up a fish tank for DD. Its only a 20 gallon tank and we put tetris and an algee eater in it plus some plastic plants and a couple of "rocks". Over the last few weeks we've notice little black "dots" didn't think to much of them until a few days ago when I realized those black dots were getting bigger and MOVING and multiplying!!!

How do I get rid of them???


If anyone would know I figured it would be my DIS friends.
put a gallion of bleach in the tank, that will kill everything
You can go to the pet store and get this stuff that will kill the snails, but I found that when I used it the water got really cloudy and disgusting. You can go talk to them at the pet store and see what they recommend.

Now, when I clean the tank, I scoop out as many snails as I can possibly get a hold of and then I dispose of them. Use your fingers and pull them off the side walls if you have to. I think a few snails are okay because they take care of keeping things clean.

Once you have them, they are not easy to totally get rid of.
Good luck!
First, there is no need to get rid of all of them. They don't hurt anything except add a little bio-load to the tank. If they are multiplying, you may be over-feeding the tank.

Here's a tip to thin the herd: weigh down a piece of lettuce before you go to bed. The next morning, lift out the lettuce. It will probably be covered with snails. Repeat as often as necessary.

Good luck.

That Lettuce idea is great...
I had the same problem a few years ago and I just got about 20 or so out every day and put them in my outside decorative pond in front of my house...They do a great job of keeping it clean...:teeth:


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