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Okay, I'm throughly confused about Park Hopper and Park Hopper Plusses. We will be at WDW for 10 days, but between visits to Universal & Sea World, we will only spend 6 days in WDW parks (the last day is a partial one, so we aren't planning anything specific for that). If I buy a 6 day PH Plus (has 3 options $293.64) is that only good for 6 days total, or for 9 days if I use the options on a day that I don't use the pass for the theme parks? For example, say I go to MK, MGM, AK, and Epcot for 6 days. Do I then have 3 days with 1 option each on them? Or should I buy a 5 day PH Plus (2 options $261.84) if the before mentioned scenario is correct? Or am I better of just buying a 5 day Park Hopper (0 options, $230.02) and paying for a water park out of pocket. (We really only plan to do 1 option, Blizzard Beach.) Also, is it better to purchase the tickets on the Disney website or at the local Disney store? I don't really want to purchase them on site since that means another line to wait in. Is there a cheaper, reliable way to purchase tickets? I tend to ramble, so I hope this post isn't too confusing.
Welcome to the DIS you fellow SW Pa'er!:)
Here is how a Hopper Plus Pass works. Let's say that you purchase a 5 day hopper plus pass (which is your best VALUE, in my honest opinion.) That pass would get you 5 days to hop between the 4 major parks - MK, EPCOT, MGM, AK. (Of course you don't HAVE to hop on any of your days, you could just spend full days at any one park.) If for some reason you only go into the 4 major parks LESS than 5 days, then the unused days NEVER expire.
With that pass you also get 2 PLUS admissions. For these admissions you have the choice of going to Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, River Country, Pleasure Island, and Disney's Wide World of Sports. You CANNOT hop between these places. If you go to Blizzard Beach and then Typhoon Lagoon on one day, you have used TWO Plus features. Any unused Plus features never expire as well.
If you look at the prices, you will get the best VALUE for your money if you purchase the 5 day Hopper Plus because a 5 day Hopper is $230 and for $31 dollars more you have 2 admissions to the water parks which are worth about $27 or so a piece for an adult.
I hope that this makes sense to you and that this helps!

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Ok, lets see...if you have a 7 day hopper plus pass which comes w/3 options and you goto MK 1 day and the next day you goto a waterpark you would then have 6 park days left (MK, AK, EP, MGM)& 2 options left (waterparks, PI, DWWS). As far as buying them if your live near a Disney Store, you can get them there, also some of the offsite hotels sell the multi day passes. Hope that helps you. Have a great trip... :D


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Okay, let me see if I'm understanding this correctly. Let's say I get the 5 day PH Plus (2 options). Theoretically, I spend a total of 5 days at MK, AK, Epcot, MGM hopping around. Do I still have a 6th and 7th day left that I can do waterparks, Pleasure Island, or WW Sports? Sorry for being so dense, but this sounds too good to be true. Plus, when I was checking out prices from travel agents I got conflicting reports from two of them who disagreed with each other. Thanks for the help, I love these boards

You got it... :D . Remember though you don't have to hop to all the parks in any one day or go to all the parks at all (i.e. if you find you want to goto MK & MGM only you can go to one for 3 days and the other for 2) Also, if you goto MK during the day & PI that night you will have 4 park days & 1 option left. Hope all that makes sense.


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Buy Annual Passes[you won't have to worry! you can go to any park you like!!] and have Tickets good for a year. then pay the $27.w/AAA discount out of pocket for the water park!!

"Do I still have a 6th and 7th day left that I can do waterparks, Pleasure Island, or WW Sports?"

Actually, it is little known that admission to WW Sports are for two MORE days in addition to your PLUS days!! It's really a 3-in-one pass. On a 5-day you could do 9 days (5 in parks, 2 in water parks, 2 in WW Sports).

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