AAA tickets- is it worth joining just to get cheap tickets


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Feb 26, 2001
We are going to Disney in a few weeks and I am wondering if it is worth joining AAA, just to get a cheaper ticket.... How much of a discount will I get if I join AAA?? If anyone out there has gotten tickets from AAA can you please let me know how much you saved....


joni townsend
I think they have the ticket prices posted on the AAA web site. I got mine at the AAA office in my town. I paid $182 for a 4 day hopper but it was a pass they had from before the price went up. We belong to AAA for the services. Have teen driver and would be too worried to have her out without it. I think it is a great membership but my reasons are different.
Sorry, I don't have all the prices right now, but I did call around to check. I ended up joining the Disney club to get better prices on tickets, they were about the same as AAA, but it seems that you can get them for about the same cost on, and a few other sights too. Good luck! Kim
I think the discount for AAA is the same as for DC. DC membership is $29.95 - $39.95. I know that is less than AAA membership.

look at:

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AAA will also get you the same room discounts as DC, as well as room discounts out in the "real world" ;) - not to mention the roadside assistance, and discounts from other local merchants. I brought my son to Lenscrafters for his first pair of glasses, and saved $$ there - I think it was 30 or 40% discount on the glasses & the exam. There are so many other reasons to have a AAA membership besides cutting the cost on WDW tickets. You should look into it. Log onto and put in your zip code to see what discounts are offered in your area.


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before you join - check your work - sometimes AAA gives employees of corporations discounts to get in.
I have been a member for years, basically because we do alot of car trips and the service has helped us out on many occasions (after the regular road service warranty has expired). Worth the membership. However, with regard to our Disneyworld trip, not only did we get the discount tickets and parking certificate for AAA parking lot (we're renting a car-staying off-site), there are attractions (not in WDW but in other places such as restaurants) were you can show your card and get a 10% discount plus hotel discounts. Also we are traveling to Daytona Beach for part of our vacation and they give you detailed maps and directions, also a great service. ;)

The guide books and maps that AAA gets from members are great too!
I did not do this, but I have seen posted here that guests who book a WDW package through AAA also get to enter the AAA lounge in MK (free Coke/soft drinks).
I thought as a AAA member, I could go in anyway, but was told I would not be able to.

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I just called mine & was not asked for my member information when I requested ticket prices over the phone. *Maybe* you can find out what they are selling for in your area?

Here is what I was told--my local office only sells 4 & 5 day PHs.

4day PHs Adult $198 Child (3-9) $156
5day PHS Adult $220 Child (3-9) $175

DC Prices are:
4day PHs Adult $196.10 Child $156.88
5day PHs Adult $219.42 Child $175.96

Regular Prices are:
4day PHs Adult $203.52 Child $161.12
5day PHs Adult $230.02 Child $182.32

I was already a member of AAA so there was no point in purchasing a DC membership. I do not spend that much in the DStore to make it worthwhile. & AAA does offer alot for me (maps, tour books, other travel assistance, discount passes for car washes & movie theatres) so I find it very useful.

I used my AAA discount to book 2 rooms at the ASMo for value season at a rate of less than $70/night. I believe the DC discount would have been the same.



PDZABE you mentioned a AAA parking certificate. What's that? I'm a AAA member and plan to buy 5-day hopper passes through them. I called and checked the prices, but I've never heard about a parking certificate. :D
The parking pass is for members that buy the 5 day hopper pass. This pass allows members to park in the front AAA diamond parking area at some parks this lot is closer that the Handicapp area great if you are staying off-site or have a child that may need a stroller it is alot easier to walk to the gate instead of packing the stroller on the tram. The one draw back is this parking area has limited number of spaces so get there early. AAA also offers free parking a IOA and Universal if you purchase 2 day tickets from them that's another $12 savings
I got my parking certificate (staying off-site) when I purchased my park hoppers. Like bgeorge6 said, it allows you to park in the AAA diamond lot if there's still spaces when you get there of course. No deal as to payment for parking though, you still have to pay, only resort guests get to park for free and those booking their vacation through AAA get to use the AAA lounge at WDW, we won't be able to. As to the park hopper prices, I got mine cheaper $182 for each 4-day park hopper because my local AAA still had tickets at last year's prices.


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