A short Trip report for the week after Christmas. Crowds and fun

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    I wanted to make a quick trip report . I had a wonderful trip right before New Years. My husband died in Aug. I was finding Christmas time rough when a good friend I teach middle school with asked me to go share her week right before New Years. I could not leave on the 26th as my daughter was snowed out of Asheville and was staying an extra day. My friend and her Mother checked in a two bedroom on Sunday. I followed on Monday. I drove with a heavy heart as Dennis and I had honeymooned at WDW. I wondered how I would feel going with out him. I also worried about the crowds.
    The first thing that cheered me up was wonderful the two bed room was . Parking so close to the door is a definite plus of that resort. They gave me the master with the jet tub and I fell in the bath tub and slept like a rock.
    We were up at 6 in order to be the first in line at IOA. We were surprised that at 7 there was already a huge crowd. We went with the crowd to get in line for the Harry Potter ride. We may have made a mistake by taking the single rider line as we missed the castle and the details. IT only took 10 minutes to get on the ride . The ride is very quick and not what I expected. I was disappointed. We left the castle to find the crowds unbelievable. We could barely move. All shops had long lines We were told if we left the Hogsworth area we could not return. The restaurant was not open for lunch until 10. We wandered the streets a bit and took pictures. The we joined the long lunch line. I had fish and Chips and they were very good.
    We finally left Hogsworth at around 11:00. The attention to detail was good but it was not Disney. We waited in long rides to go on Poseidon's Fury and Discovery Center where all there we saw was a strange Dinosaur thing where you just looked at a mechanical dinosaur they were pretending was real. No one was fooled and I heard a smart 6 year old say " all that wait for some rubber."
    We left tired at around 4 to get out of the crowded park.
    The next day we rested and went to Down Town Disney and saw Kings Speech. The Movie was terrific.
    Epcot was the day before New years Eve . This time I studied park plans and decided we would go in combat mode. Strangely enough my friend had never been to Epcot. They go each year at Christmas time but usually avoid the parks completely due to crowds. I wanted her to enjoy Epcot and get a taste of Disney magic. We were in line at 7:30 to Enter Epcot. I felt my first Disney thrill as I entered the gates. I also kept reliving warm memories of past trips with my husband. He loved Epcot best. I had happy flashbacks all day long.
    My careful pans worked nicely. On crowded days it is necessary to plan carefully if you want to ride any thing, It is also necessary ot walk a lot. First we went with the crowd Soaring and got a fast pass and hopped on. It was a 5 minute line. My friend was not impressed and I wondered. Not every one is a park person. The we got a fast pass for Living with the land. IT has a separate server so you can get two fast pass at once. I had remembered that from a past trip. NOW I backtracked and we went to Space Ship Earth . She loved it and I relaxed. There was no line at all so we rode it twice. I moved us quickly to The sea for the new Nemo ride and again had no line. I think this is a vast improvement over the old elevator thing. We lingered at the displays and I was watching my watch. I moved us to Imagination. I saw the old Captain EO sign and wondered how that was still around until I realized the ride was back. My kids had loved it when they were little. I still remember trying to hang on to little Eric now a dentist who kept wanting to dance around with Michael Jackson during the show. I smiled with warm memories through the entire thing. Janice also loved it. Then I shoved her to Norway . The World showcase had just opened. So far we had managed to avoid all crowds and lines. But I know the park was much fuller than say July as I could just feel it. Still Epcot was so vast Janice did not notice the masses and masses of people as she did at Universal. She did notice how white the crowd was something to be honest I never do. (Janice is African American and wondered where all the kids from Orlando were. ) . The international crowd was present something we noticed when I finally allowed us to stop at a bathroom. Here we could see crowds. I looked under the doors to see feet and when not seeing any I pushed the door open. There I saw an older lady in a Sari standing on the toilet squatting. She was as surprised to see me as I was to see her. I apologize and quickly shut the door.
    I moved us to Norway with astonishing speed considering we are both over 60. I have bad arthritis in my knees and was surprised how quickly I moved. Slightly breathless we rode Norway. I like the new system of leaving the movie door open. I then moved us to Mexico. Again no line. Janice loved this ride. I should have returned us to future world but I wanted to see China movie while I could still stand so I took us there. Janice again loved that movie. I frog marched us back to Japan for Lunch and then back to use our fast passes in the Land. I was sorry to see Yakitori was no longer served at the Yakitori house. The food was just so so. Dennis and I loved eating at all three of the Japanese restaurants. At we circled the World showcase Janice kept asking how many more countries to we got to the land. IT was too much to take in. We poked very little as she was getting tired.
    We rode Soaring again and Janice liked it better the second time. A front row seat matters. Then she loved Living with the land . We went to see Figment . It must be memories as I like this ride more than any one else in the Universe. I still miss Mr. Broccoli show.so that says something about my taste. I also miss the Body with all the good shows and the DNA sign.
    We went back to Circle of Life at the land. Then I could tell Janice was pooped. WE found a table at Sunshine seasons and jsut sat and snacked for an hour. IT ws now nearly 6 . I had Energy and if possible space ship earth planned but Janice decided to take a pass. We went to see American Adventure. and then fell into the line for 6 oclock showing of the Canlelight show with Marilee Maitlin as narator. IT was fantastic adn a real highlight for both of us. We had perfect seats. Go figure. So off we went to France to watch the movie. How nice it is to sit. Then we ate at England. WE found no where to sit with our fish and chips. I remembered Marry Popping s park was alwasy empty , IT wsn't today as the British Invasation had arrived. WE were entertained as we ate. Then along came Father Christmas. These unexpected Disney moments charmed us both. As we walked toward Canada to see that movie the crowds hit us. Janice was too tired to move so we went to the area near England that is usually blocked off. IT was open today and surprise of all surprises plopped out selves on a bench. WE had a perfect view of Illuminations. It was a special treat to be so comfortable. We also saw Mindy's neighbors from Asheville. Another go figure.
    I left following along with the crowd . IT was a perfect day. Janice enjoy the park very much and made plans to bring her Mon the next year.. I thought with pride how my know how let us enjoy 12 rides , two meals and the Candlelight procession with out any lines the day before New Years Eve. Amazing. I also was surprised how much the park picked me up. I drove home playing my new WDW album and enjoying every second of our trip. I will return.
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    Glad you enjoyed EPCOT so much--that's how I like to do EPCOT, as well.

    I don't even want to speculate about the woman standing on the toilet.

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