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    May 21, 2000
    Our moderators work very hard to keep the DIS a safe and friendly place for all visitors. As much as we wish everyone would always get along, there are always going to be issues when you have this many people in one place.
    Historically we have handled these issues with warnings, bannings and not much in between.

    This has resulted in several recurring complaints from users. The first is penalties were applied in an inconsistent manner. Another common complaint is that people were not properly notified.
    We have put a new system in place that we believe will address those issues as well as make the process more open and transparent.

    All infractions of board rules will be addressed by a point system. You can see the various infractions and point values by looking at our board guidelines page located here:


    The way it works is really pretty simple. If you violate a rule the webmaster or moderator will click a button that assigns the proper point value to the infraction. At that point they must send a private message to the user, it will not allow them give the infraction without it. It will also generate a thread on the host board so we can track infractions.

    Please note that private messaging is the official notification method, if you don't check your private messages you will not be notified. If you are banned you will get a pop up box listing the reason when you log in.
    The moderator or webmaster has the choice to send a "warning" with no points for some of the minor infractions.

    We can't possibly cover every situation with these guidelines. In a case where someone is "playing the system" or something is against board rules but not covered on this list we will still deal with it.

    I will start a thread on the tech support board for any questions you may have on this process

    We hope that by opening up this process we can create a better, friendlier atmosphere on the DIS and make the largest Disney discussion forum an even better place to be!

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