a dumb question -- maybe 7 months out


Oct 11, 2001
Ok, here's the dilemna. It's my hubbie's 40th Thanksgiving week. We have our vacation home at HH.

1. How bad will it be to get reservations for that week at BCV, or BW?

2. Do you have to book EXACTLY on the 7-month window (the 27th) or can you book at the beginning of the month?

3. Dare I ask if the Beach Club will have any availibility? My "rep" was downright nasty and told me not to even try (for 2 years!!!) (I inherited her. I had 2 much nicer guys. When I told her we weren't financially able to buy more points, she lost interest. We bought some more at HH last year.)

We want a 1 BR with a standard view, but I'm sure would take whatever we could. I really want to plan a SPECIAL time for us (DH, DD and I.)

4. What's the policy for Wait Listing??? Do you book something else and then can switch over if you get it?


You never know about availability until you call! I'll try to give you some ideas.

First, it's 7 months from your day of check-out (not in) that you can call. If that day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, you have to call on Monday.

I think you should try the calling day by day strategy. For example, if your first night will be Nov. 20 call on April 21 to book the 20th. Ask what availability looks like and tell them you plan to call day-by-day. If BCV isn't available but you still want to go to WDW for his birthday, I'd take whatever they do have available.

The wait list can be done where you book what they have and then wait list for what you really want. You just have to keep on top of what you have and don't have and decide whether you are willing to move rooms and/or resorts if everything doesn't fall into place.

BCV will not have standard views. Everything will be one view and is the same chart as preferred view at BWV or the "one view" at VWL.
Wow! What a mess! So I can't call until April 28th at the earliest?! Oh, that's terrible! Esp. at this busy time. Do you think I'll get anything???

I suppose at worst case, I could book at a non-DVC location if I had to. But man, that wouldn't be what I want!

Do people overbook or cancel at the last minute??? I sure would like this for his B-day, but I guess I could go to a non-DVC hotel and get a fridge (but no kitchen!)

Figures!!! I really don't want Key West...

Thanks for your help! Any other suggestions???

I'm actually in the same boat as you! I want to change over part of our Hilton Head Thanksgiving week ressie for something on-site. I'll take any of the resorts though I know we'll probably end up with OKW since its the largest of the resorts. I would prefer BWV as it will be me and DH's 9th wedding anniversary that week but like I said, I'll take whichever has availability. I plan on calling day by day and on the first day asking what the availabilty looks like for the remainder of the week. I have had very nice MS people who seem willing to let you know if you stand a chance with what you are trying to accomplish. I knew that purchasing DVC off site would put me in this predicament and I'm content to keep my ressie that I have at HH for the whole week if nothing turns up. I wish you the best in securing your reservation!


Boy, if I had the $$$, I'd buy some of BVC just not to worry about getting reservations for a few more months!!!

We went to Disney once before the day after Thanksgiving a few years ago and it was fine (didn't own DVC then). Even flew. No big crowds until the Monday after.

I'm going to have a few options in place -- might even go down on Tues. rather than Wed., or stay at a 'hotel' rather than the DVC stuff if it looks bad. I just really want his B-day to be good. (I have almost all the restaurants in place!) Trying to decide on the fireworks cruise or the mice. If we can spread things out over Tues-Sat...

Problem is, we might want to take the 7-day cruise next year and won't have enough points there either!

Thanks for everyone's thoughts!

I know it won't help this year - but if you ever want to do this again - you can try the rent/trade board on this site - and see if someone who has points at a WDW DVC resort would trade with you - so they can make the reservations at the 11 month.
Why would you not take OKW? Have you ever stayed there? It is a very romantic place to be.

Sorry, OKW seems too far away from the parks for us. We were actually a little disappointed with the Wilderness because of the bus situation...

Does anyone know if the BW is already booked for thanksgiving? I know we missed the 11 month out date but was wondering if it was worth trying?
Originally posted by dotterson
Sorry, OKW seems too far away from the parks for us. We were actually a little disappointed with the Wilderness because of the bus situation...


Yes, but if it's a matter of getting a ressie or no ressie at all, you should at least consider OKW as an option.

What you could do, is if BWV is booked, but OKW isn't, make the reservation at OKW and then get on the waiting list for BWV - this way you know you'll have someplace to stay and so can work on planning the rest of the trip; if the waitlist for BWV (or BCV) comes thru, then it's simply icing on the cake! If it doesn't, at least you still have your cake to eat.

We've stayed at OKW every trip to WDW (well, except for one) and we don't really find it a major problem to get to the parks - but then we always have a car available. So maybe if you end up with OKW, you budget having a rental car as well so that you don't have to depend on the bus if you don't want too.
Originally posted by TerriBelle
Does anyone know if the BW is already booked for thanksgiving? I know we missed the 11 month out date but was wondering if it was worth trying?

IMHO, it's ALWAYS worth trying. The only cost to you is a few minutes of your time.

The 7th month window hasn't opened for Thanksgiving yet, so I think you have a good chance. If you find it booked, give the waitlist a try. There's still quite a bit of time left before November rolls around.

Good luck!


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