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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by webray, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. webray

    webray Love the wineauxs!

    Apr 20, 2000
    1. Category 5 cabin is perfect for two people. Plenty of drawer and bathroom space. We didn't need the over the door shoe holder, nightlite or flashlight.

    2. Bringing the extra alchohol was a waste of space for us. We didn't even touch it. The drinks on the cruise seemed reasonably priced, there are always specials in the morning $2.99 mimosas and bloody marys, specials in the evenings including two for one drinks.

    3. Bringing our own bottled water was a great idea. We brought 24 for the two of us...probably could have used another 12 bottles, at least. Our room host kept the cooler filled with ice, we didn't even have to ask him after the first day...Carl did it automatically. Carl (room host) was excellent...and left us plenty of towel animals...we loved them all.

    3. We brought way to many dress clothes, not enough short outfits/tshirts. Next time we would take 4 short outfits for each of us, and send the dirty ones out about 1/2 way through the cruise to be laundered. The laundry/dry clean prices are also very reasonable. Much better than packing extra.

    4. The pressing hint worked out great...we sent everything out as soon as our luggage arrived, it was back the next afternoon, we hung it in the closet and we were ready for the week.

    5. In Key West, be sure to stop by Bo's Fish Market for the best fish sandwich you will ever eat. The fish is fresh caught that morning, so the special changes daily. Well worth the trip.

    6. In Key West, we stopped by Caroline's to catch the rest of the packer game...great place to watch the game..bar outside, the food being served looked and smelled delicious..the people around us confirmed it was delicious. We didn't eat, as we had already snacked too much that day. Good selection of beers.

    7. In Grand Cayman, try lunch or drinks at Rackhams or Big Bamboo. Both are excellent. The menu is larger at Rackhams. Both bars/seating areas over look the ocean. People are great!
    Both are a short walk up the road, oceanside. Rackham's has the locally brewed Stingray Beer (light and dark), both excellent. Big Bamboo is a microbrewery with 5 beers to taste...all excellent. We highly recommend either of these places.

    8. In Grand Cayman we explored on our own, as it was our first time to the island. We took the two hour taxi tour when we got off the ship $15 per person...well worth it. The turtle farm was the best part. You are allowed to hold and pet the sea turtles.

    9. In Cozumel, we highly recommend Mr. Sancho's beach area (thanks Carolyn). The taxi ride is $15, and well worth it. The area is beautiful. They have horseback riding, atv's, water trampoline for the kids, nice restroom/changing area, lockers, restaurant, bar with swings for seats, some local crafts people have shops set up. We had lunch there...the food is delicious, the service is excellent. The beach/water beautiful of course.

    10. We also had a great meal at Carlos and Charlies....if you like ribs...go here. They are excellent. The fish tacos were sold out...so we I had the chicken...they were wonderful. The caramel crepe for dessert was excellent as well. We stopped because we had heard it was a fun place...we never expected the food to be as good as it was. Great music, dancing. Service is excellent. We had dinner there...and enjoyed the music before returning to the ship. We highly recommend either staying out and having dinner there, or having your dinner on the ship then coming back out and having some fun at Carlos and Charlies.

    11. Everyone on the ship was wonderful...we especially loved Marko at Palo's...he made our anniversary trip extra special.

    12. The biggest thing I noticed is that the bathrooms and restaurants in Grand Cayman and Cozumel were cleaner than any of them in the US ever thought of being. This was a surprise to me after some of the posts I had read about needing to take your own toilet paper, especially in mexico. We took it, and we didn't need it.

    That's about all I can' think of for now. We had a great time, and we are looking forward to our next adventure!

    Thanks to all of you for your help before we left, it sure made our planning much easier.

    Cheryl and Bob
  2. buzz&woody'smom

    buzz&woody'smom DIS Veteran

    Jul 13, 2002
    Hey thanks for the report and one question............In Grand Cayman how did you find the 2 hour taxi ride tour. My Mom is disabled and I have been trying to come with something for her and my DD to do. I know when you tender in at each pier there were people holding signs up but when we were there in July I did not pay that much attention as we were doing a Nativeway stingray excursion.

    My parents were thinking about renting a car in GC but your 2 hour tour sounds good too........any more info would be great!

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  4. alexandrew

    alexandrew <font color=purple>Keep posting, you'll catch up!<

    Oct 2, 2001
    you are so right about the restrooms in Cozumel...we went to Pancho's Backyard for lunch, and the restroom was pristine...
  5. webray

    webray Love the wineauxs!

    Apr 20, 2000

    There were taxi dispatchers and many taxis/drivers lined up when we got off the ship. Taxi dispatchers are in the blue shirts..ask them if you have any questions...they will help you get to a taxi that can handle you and your mom.

    It was exactly as you said...the taxi drivers holding up signs...they loaded the front ones first. We had a couple of gentlemen that had just had knee surgery/bad knees and needed more space. The drivers were very accomodating.

    We did this on our own, first thing in the morning. We took the 7:30am tender from the ship. It was great!
  6. kbyers

    kbyers Earning My Ears

    Mar 13, 2003
    We to just came back from the 9/13 Magic. We had a great time!!
    We did notice things that were out of place for Disney. You could really tell that the ship is ready for dry storage. There were lights bulbs blown in Animators Palate. The wood looked really worn aroung the ship. The staff seemed to have lots of visitors/family on the boat and gave them more attention than the guests. There was rust in lots of places. When we arrived in our stateroom we found a stuffed Mickey under the dresser. He seemed to have been there a long time. There was hair in the bathrooms. Sticky "stuff" was all over the front of the drawers where the ice bucket is kept. Disney always seemed to keep things "out of sight" , like cleaning/repairs, but on some parts of the deck these things had to be walked around. Our verandah on deck 6 was very dirty, the floor and the glass. I wasn't truly disappointed, but I could tell that it was time for some repairs. They just seemed to let things go because they knew they were going into dry dock. Just very un-disney. Everyone just seemed to be on the down swing. Our servers at dinner, Mark and Maria, were great!!Tip: If you don't click with your dinner mates:change.
    We had great weather. Only on Thursday did the seas seem to get rough.
    The sunset in Key West is awesome.
    Don't do the Rum Point excursion in Grand Cayman. The ride over takes forever. It is truly great once you get there, but the ferry ride is long and hot.
    Cozumel is great for shopping. We to went to Carlos and Charlies. I was truly glad that my children were on the ship or we may have missed it. This place was so much fun. We had the chicken nachos and they were awesome. Lots of tequila here.
    Castaway Cay was great. We went snorkeling and had a great time. Our children, ages 9 and 11, also had a great time.
    Bingo was a highlight. My DH won 149.00 that he split with another passenger. One person took the jackpot home on 6300.00. No emotion what so ever when he won!
    Couples massage on ship was great. Although, I did have a bruise on the back of my arm afterwards.
    Sorry this got so long.
    This was our second Disney cruise and we did have a great time!
  7. ragdoll

    ragdoll DIS Veteran

    Sep 7, 2000
    DH and I just returned too. I have to agree with kbyers...the ship did seem to need a lot of work. Some of the "magic" was definitely missing. Not only did the CM's seen to be on the down side. So did the passengers. There seemed to be very little excitement at the sail away party. This was our fourth cruise and I found that to be very surprising.

    However, we did have a good time. We really enjoyed all of our dinner mates...a highlight for us. We rebooked for the 9/18 Eastern and are looking forward to seeing all the changes and are certain that the Magic will be in "ship shape" by then!
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Earning My Ears

    Jul 21, 2003
    Welcome home fellow 9/13 cruisers! I can't believe we just missed the DIS meet at the Promenade Lounge. After the safety drill, we changed the kids and put on our lime green mickey heads, but by the time we got to the Promenade Lounge, everyone was gone! I later found out it was a short meeting and the group went on to the sail away party. We did end up meeting several other DISers during the cruise and it was such a pleasure getting to know some of you.

    Kim, we were also on Deck 6. Our room was on 6 Fwd near the elevators, so it's possible that we passed each other in the halls. We were also there at bingo and couldn't believe the guy won over $6K and showed no emotion at all. I would have been doing backflips!

    Palo was definitely one of the highlights. I agree with webray that Marko did a great job.

    I talked to a couple of CMs who told me it's very likely that the Magic will make Los Angeles its home as early as 2005 or 2006 with a Mexico itinerary. A new ship will then replace the Magic in Port Canaveral. I hope this is true since I'm from the Los Angeles area.

    This was our first DCL cruise, so I can't compare the state of the ship from previous experience. Our room was decent, but it wasn't squeaky clean. I did notice a trent that the service and enthusiasm of the crew seemed to deteriorate near the end. The ones I spoke with seemed very excited about dry dock next week and were looking forward to a change of pace.
  9. kbyers

    kbyers Earning My Ears

    Mar 13, 2003
    Mr. Ed,
    We were in #6034. Forward, near the elevators. I am sure that we probably did pass each other.

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