7/21 Trip Report "into each life. . ." (long)

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    Before retiring the night before I put out a room service card for breakfast. I was going to be a good little camper, eat reasonably walk a mile each day and go to exercise classes. Thank goodness they call before they bring the food around. We were both sound asleep. Since the breakfast was there and I was up I made good on my resolution and headed up to the Spa. The sky was cloudy with occasional drizzles.

    Here I met up with about six of my fellow cruisers and Fiona. Fiona is about 5'4" with the prettiest Irish accent and was most certainly a Marine Corp. drill instructor in a previous life. She boomed out commands for the moves in a voice I am sure could be heard at Topsiders. OK I've done months of Denise Austin in morning how much harder could this be? I was lulled into a false sense of security during the first ten minutes. It was the "OK now that you're all warmed up let get started" that threw me. You mean that was the EASY stuff? For the next thirty five minutes I followed Fiona and sweated. . .alot. Thank goodness I took a water bottle with me it was needed.

    Way back when I first brought up the idea of a family cruise DH's response was "as long as we do the Surial Bath again." DH was waiting when I got out of class it was time to "go play with the mud :)" You leave your clothes in the locker room and they give you the big fluffy spa robes. Our attendant told us she would give us a ten minute warning then knock when it was time to come out. Since this is a family board I will not go into detail, nor will there ever be any pictures of our mud covered dermis (the images in my mind are amusing enough). The steam room was working well and the lotions and potions they have to sample are a treat. We were too busy to hear the ten minute knock so our "times up came a a little bit of a surprise. If your spouse is mildly adventurous this one is definately worth money. DH gives a very decent back rub that was appreciated after my time with Fiona. We met up with one of DH's ex co workers after changing and had a nice chat.

    This was all accomplished in time for first presentation of the Art of Entertaining Series. DH (the real cook in the family) and I headed to Studio C. Here we met Cory B the Captain's Chef. Cory is Austrailian and likes really expensive ingredients. He is also entertaining enough that he could do well with his own cooking show on TV. Today he cooked Mummy fried Prawns with Summer Salsa. The real joy of this is when the waiters come around with a generous sample and the wine steward provides a wine pairing with a quick talk on why it goes well with the dish.

    It was still grey and ugly outside but no matter to me. After a quick check on the kids (there was no need they were all happily occupied) it was off to the Behind the Scenes Series. We had the good fortune to have Barry Braverman Sr. V.P. of Imagineering as the guest. If you are a Disney fan, it is a real revelation to hear the thinking and see the concept drawings vs. the reality of what was built in Ca. There was a long Q&A session after the presentation were he fielded question on all aspects of Imagineering.

    Lunch was at Topsiders with DD2. She asked permission to skip formal dinner to do the 4 Pig's Pasta Palace. Now somewhere in my foggy brain this should have changed my thinking about getting her dinner the pictures I wanted in formal dress and the way the evening needed to go. Me, I was out to sea, this would come back to haunt me later in the evening.

    Finally the sun was out! Deck 10, a lounge chair and Oprah's book club selection won out over the Art of Entertaining for me. Hubby went to it and learned how to fold napkins and drink Bahma Mammas.

    When the sun got to be too much I decided on a trip to the Rainforest Room. The seven day pass was my personal indulgence. Time has no meaning in this little peice of heaven, the steam, the sauna and the tropical shower combined with heated chairs that suck any tension out of you make you blissfully unaware that the afternoon has flown away.

    When I came to it was 5:00. Oh no! I told the kids they HAD to be ready for pictures by 5:45! Everyone was back at the state rooms, DS grumbling about getting dressed up. No matter, I will have pictures of everyone dressed up at the same time, if only to prove it can be done. Now if I had been smart this would have been the time to get some dinner for daughter. Needless to say I was not smart, I was busy dressing.

    One of the great things Disney does is provide refreshments during the Captain's Reception. Sodas for the kids made waiting in the exteremly long line for pictures much more pleasent. Many of the officers were there with pin trading lanyards so my kids bounced in and out of line to see what they could trade. DD1 and DS left as soon as the picture was done with a promise to return for dinner. DD2 DH and I headed to Hercules. The new Hades has better lines and I liked it better than last years version.

    Now the dilema, how to feed the childand get the Captain card she was collecting. We solved it by standing in line to meet the Captain while DD2 asked politely for a card, then ordering room service pizza and cookies. DD2 was changed and off to her club while the rest of us went to Lumiere's to see if we would have tablemates this evening.

    New to the table tonight was Barb and her daughter Adriana. In addition we had Jane, visiting her brother who works light and sound in the Walt Disney Theater. Mac and Pairjo were there usual happy selves brining us extra desserts and making sure life was pleasent in the land of Magic. I ordered a bottle to wine which to my amazement DH joined me in (cory must be teaching him something)

    By the time dinner was over nothing but my bed could tempt me. A towel crab was on the bed to greet us and the next day's navigator. What a joy to have nothing more pressing to do than figure out the next day's diversions.
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    Denise, thanks for sharing your trip report with us! I enjoyed reading it!
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    Loved your reports...can't wait for the next installment.

    RGRANDY Earning My Ears

    Dec 12, 2000

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    Is there a charge for the entertainment classes? How long did they run?
    I am really enjoying your report. I'll be interested in learning what a "4 pigs pasta palace" is. Looking forward to next installment

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