5 in a room??


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Jul 25, 2002
What is the lowest category we can go with 5 in a room? 2 adults and 3 children.
I've seen lots of advice on these boards to also price 2 connecting staterooms in a lower category (like connecting cat 10s) as this may be cheaper and you get an extra bathroom to boot.

True...very true and worth pricing. Keep in mind that each room has to pay for 2 adult fares. You'd be paying for 4 adults and 1 child. Still might be a better option!

We have 2 connecting cat 10's for November. We are 2 adults and 3 kids. This option was about $500 less than the cat 4 room.
Aoother thing to consider with the 2 category 10's - especially the secret porthole rooms on deck 5. Only staterooms are above you, so it would be quieter than having deck 9 above you. We were just in a category 4, room 8526, and although the noise above did not bother our kids or my husband, I am a lighter sleeper and heard the moving of deck chairs, towels carts, etc.

Our kids are older - age 17, 14, and 11 - so the extra bathroom would be a big plus. Next time, it's 2 category 10's for us! I'll hold out for the "secret porthole" connecting rooms on deck 5.
We just got back and had a great time!! We did two adjacent rooms (not adjoining - none available) with DH, DD 9, DD 12, and DS 14mo. We brought a baby monitor which worked great. The boys stayed in one room and the girls in the other. Dad was able to sit in one room with the monitor and watch TV or read when the baby napped, and I listened to the monitor in the am when dad went up for coffee. It worked very well. If you do this, you can get an extra key for each room. It was nice to have the two bathrooms and allowed the baby to sleep while the rest of the family talked in the next room.

Originally posted by bev r.
We have 2 connecting cat 10's for November. We are 2 adults and 3 kids. This option was about $500 less than the cat 4 room.

Same here for next May. Our savings are not as much. It was more like $200, but hey every penny counts...

We have 3 kids, DS5, DD3 & DD2 (at travel date). We also like the flexibility of able to add another adult at kid's price up until next year. That way, if we decide to bring our nanny or my brother to help out on the trip, it would be at a nominal cost.
I'm thinking of sailing when my DS is two, instead of waiting until he's 3, if I cut it close to him being 3 (Oct '04) and he's potty trained, then he can do the programs. I was thinking of bringing the little girl I watch, she'll be 6.5 and my oldest DS will be almost 5.
Make sure he is close enough to 3! We went when one of ours was 6 weeks shy of 3, fully potty trained AND had a 4 year old sister in the club and they would NOT let her in! (It was in October also so was off season to boot). p.s. we had a great time anyway!!!!!!
We just booked our West. Carib. for next year 11 months out. No two connecting cat. 10' on decks 5 and 7. Only on deck two. Kids did not want to be on deck two. We went again with two cat. 11 (which is even less $ and less points). We wanted to "upgrade" a "little" from last year but no luck. We still rather have the extra bathroom and space than one room. If you have young children though, you might prefer connecting 10s.
If the difference is not great, do consider the cat4. It puts you on deck 8 and adds a veranda. If you have small children, you can enjoy mornings and evenings, watch the sun rise or set, even have a private view as the ship leaves port.


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