DIS Veteran
May 29, 2000
No part is completely enclosed from what I remember ...

I don't know for sure, but they wouldn't let children go with adults at the PBH, so I would think it's the same as the HRH.

The water is about 3' deep at the end ...

The have float vests available at the pool, and there were some pretty young children doing the slide with the vests when I was there.
Oops ... must have hit the wrong button, this was supposed to be a reply in the HRH pool thread
That is interesting about the float vests. They had nothing available at the Portofino when we were there last year. We couldn't even buy swimmies for my 4 year old. She is a pretty good swimmer now but a vest might come in handy if I thought she was getting tired. Do they also have these vests at the Portofino? If not do you think I could get one at HRH and bring it over. I would really hat to have to pack one more thing if I didn't have to.


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