2020 Participating Restaurant Problems

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Oct 12, 2019
When recently making reservations for dining with my Deluxe Dining Plan in January 2020, I noticed that at the completion of the reservations this notice " Select Disney Dining Plans Not Accepted". Although the previous page says "Select Disney Dining Plans Accepted". This same outcome applies to all non-Disney owned and operated restaurants. All at Disney Springs!. Also Yak and Yeti and Rainforest at AK and almost all at Epcot. I brought this up to the manager at a Disney Springs restaurant we were dining at, and he was totally unaware of the problem. He returned later after calling Disney to let me know that there is a problem and Disney is working on it. As of yesterday (Friday) the problem still existed. I also have a copy of the 2020 participating restaurants, and there are many restaurants not listed. I tried to find this list again, but I think Disney pulled it. It was from their Dining Plan website.


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Apr 29, 2019
I wouldn't worry about it yet. Each year the restaurants (non Disney owned) and Disney will enter "contracts" to accept the dining plans. These "contracts" aren't finalized until later in the year. When you read "select dining plans accepted" that's 2019. Agreements will become available soon (December and January).

Make your reservations now for the restaurants you are interested in, don't wait. If at time of travel,agreements aren't reached, you can decide up to 24 hours before dining there, and cancel dining reservation without a penalty.


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Dec 18, 2008
I think it's still true that in all the years of the DDP, only once has a restaurant dropped participation in the plan after being on it, so while nothing's guaranteed, history strongly suggests a restaurant on it this year will be on it next year too.

Not including restaurants that permanently close, of course.


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