2 bdrm SSR - Last minute shopping list.

Discussion in 'DVC Member Services' started by mtmbyck, Feb 23, 2009.

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    Jan 2, 2005
    I should have paid more attention to the boards. It's a 10 night stay and we will only get the refresh twice and room cleaning once. We will make at least one or 2 meals per day in the room.

    Do I need to buy/bring dish detergent (will wash at least every other day)
    Do I need to buy/bring laundry detergent (will do at keast 3 loads)
    Do I need to buy/bring coffee (need a pot a day)
    Do I need to buy/bring salt/pepper/sugar?
    Do I need to buy/bring dish towels, paper towels?

    The rest I think I have figured out......
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    We tend to bring things that they even say is provided just in case. That being said we drive so bringing more stuff isn't a problem. As far as detergents are concerned that do provide SOME, but we put the tablet types in ziplock baggies and brought with us. Paper towels were provided plus there was an additional roll under the sink. If you plan to do any real cooking you may want to bring a good knife.
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    I'll answer what I can.
    1. We stayed 5 days and ran dishwasher every day. There was about half a box left. They provide small boxes/bottles of cleaners.
    2.There was 1 box of laundry powder (Tide-1 load) on day 1 and 1 box on day 4. I assume you would get a third box on second refresh.
    3. 1 bag (made 1 pot) of coffee provided on days 1 and 4. This came with a couple of packs of sugar, artificial sweetner & powdered creamer. We brought our own coffee, filters, sweetners and bought half and half at Artist's Palette. I don't remember how many filters they provided as DS made the coffee every morning:)
    4. Don't remember about salt and pepper. I think the only sugar was what came with coffee.
    5. There were 2 rolls of paper towels and a couple of dish towels.
    Somewhere on this forum is a very inclusive list of what is provided. Sorry I don't have the link.
    Have a great trip!!
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    :sunny: I hope this helps

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