1bed VB advantages

Helen Clayton

Earning My Ears
Feb 3, 2002
Am completely new to this so please bear with me. Am not a DVC member and am from the UK and looking to rent points. I'm not sure whether to rent enough points for a 1bed villa. I like the idea of having some extra living space (we have one 2yr old) but not sure about the sleeping arrangements. I assume there is only one bed in the bedroom. Can the sleeper sofa be moved into the bedroom and if you do this is there anywhere left to sit?
Sorry if this is a really daft question
I think that it would be nearly impossible to move the sofa into the bedroom. And that wouldn't leave you much seating in the livingroom anyway. They do have a pack and play in the room for children under 3. If you ask they may even give you a full size crib.
Check out the floorplans on the DVC website. You will get a better idea of the layout. I agree it would be impossible to move it in there, and if you did, there isn't enough room for it to be there.
We have a 5 yo son and have always stayed in a 1 bedroom. He has never had a problem sleeping on the sleeper sofa in the livingroom area. He was around 22 mths the first time he slept on the sofa. Prior to that he slept in the pack & play which is availalble in all rooms for children under 2. We bring along night lights.

It is also nice to have the bedroom for putting your child down for a nap during the day. The full kitchen and washer & dryer are great too. That way we can pack lighter and do laudry in the room at night. We usually eat breakfast and evening snacks in the room .

I hope this is helpful.
If you really want your kids in your room, you could also consider a camp cot, a camping matress on the floor, or one of those air beds.

The other nice feature is the jacuzzi tub. Checking out the floor plans and 360 views may be a big help. You'll notice the living room area is a little bigger at VB when compared to BC, WLV or BW.

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