19 days of no work no worries...day 2

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    19 Days of no work no worries
    Day 2

    We wake up to our 1st full day of sun and fun around 8:00am. Breakfast consists of pop tarts for the kids and McDonalds drive through for Mommy & Daddy.

    We arrive at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm around 9:00am. Admission is $14.25 for Adults and 8:50 for children minus the 20% discount coupon from the Internet. We spend the morning looking at over 23 species of crocodilians from around the world. We enjoy the alligator show, the reptile show and the rain forest review where we learned interesting facts about many alligators, birds and snakes and other reptiles. The kids even got to pet them.

    After a quick cooler lunch of PB & J sandwiches and ice water we head to Fort Matanzas. This Spanish outpost fort was built in 7140-1742 to guard the Matanzas Inlet and to warn St. Augustine of British or other enemies approaching from the south. Fort Matanzas is open to the public year round except for 12/25 and is free of charge. We all enjoy the ferry boat ride over to the fort. Once we arrive we spend some time exploring and listening to the history of the Fort. On the ferry ride back we got a taste of our first Florida thunderstorm for this trip. This cooled us all off and we were now ready to hit the road. “Yes, Michael we are now going to see Mickey”

    We arrive at the All Star Movies around 5:30pm. All of our requests have been met (Toy Story, 1st floor, view of Andy’s room) and our Room in the Woody section is ready. We unpack and head to the food court for a bite to eat. The kids get a treat of a chocolate chip cookie and strawberry bar for dinner, after all, we are on vacation. Mommy enjoys her meatball sub after sharing all the cheese with the munchkin and Daddy enjoys his taco salid. We then take a short look around the store.

    We can't stand it any longer and have to have our Magic Kingdom fix so we hop on the bus and head over to the magic kingdom. We ride the Pirates, see the Tiki Birds and ride Aladin’s Carpet and It’s a Small World all with 10 min. max wait time. We then found a spot at the rope in Frontier Land for Spectromagic. Michael Picks a Buz Spinny Toy for his treat and Kayla picks a Minnie light-up headband for hers. We have a wonderful time watching the parade and listening to the music. With a big smile and waive Michael is very happy to have seen Mickey today. Kayla makes sure that Mommy takes plenty of pictues of the butterflys and Cinderella. After the parade we take our time exiting the park enjoying our the sights on mainstreet and catch a few glimpses of the fireworks. While waiting a short time for our bus we see the electrical water pagent. We make a call to Grandpa back home (he’ll be joining us next week) and the bus arrives. A magical ending to a magical day!

    Tomorrow: Animal Kingdom & Blizard Beach
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Very nice official WDW start;)

    Thanks for the report!
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    Feb 3, 2001
    History in the morning and WDW in the evening! Can't get better than that! Great first Disney-Day!

    :earsgirl: Krissy

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