18 days = 1 dream

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  1. mkymouse4ever

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    May 18, 2000
    We are just back from 18 days at WDW, and barely saw the dream team. :confused3

    Never saw the blue shirts at epcot when we visited, saw at MK once, during mnsshp (but they never went up to anyone).

    :cloud9: We recieved our dream at mgm. We had reached the end of the cue inside for RRRC. When the ride went down. We where just ready to get into the line in front of the preshow, when they announced it was down and not sure how long it would be. Several people, (all irrate) got out of line demanding fastpasses, which they where told they would not give out due to the fact the ride has to be down for a certain amount of time before they did that. We just waited. We where in shade and air conditioning so I was happy. About 10 minutes go by and many people still there. Then the dream team comes in and talks to the cm at the podium. The ride gets back online, and we are counted into the staging cue for the preshow, when the dream team says for our patients and courtesy we are all given fastpasses for the day at mgm. (it was only 10am so we had it almost all day). Very thrilling. And well worth the wait. It was alot of fun. I thought they might just give out one randomly when we saw them, but we where in the group of about 25 people admitted to that area of the cue.

    I spent the rest of our trip, hoping for a ride to go down again. :blush: But it was cool to recieve one. Good luck, everyone!
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    Oct 9, 2000
    I guess we were there at the same time. Here's mine:

    14 days = 1 dream

    You were lucky about the breaking down because we broke down alot on many rides and barely got an apology:

    TTC: sat for about 10 minutes until the CMs came and got us off.

    BTMR: sat for about 20 minutes until the CMs came and got us and walked us down the track. Got a fast pass (regular one) for one attraction at MK.

    Livin with the land: sat in a boat, dead in the water for 20 minutes next to the rooster--boy that was annoying. Didn't even get an apology when they finally got us out with the light on--we didn't feel the love there.

    Breakdowns, only minor, on the new Nemo ride, buzz ride (as always), and as always TT was down more than up.

    Our friends and family arrived on our second week and never got a single dream during each of their visits, so they were

    Friends/ 8 day trip = 0 dreams (but lots of fun)

    grandkid/ 6 day trip = 0 dreams (lots of memories and pictures--but nothing special)

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