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May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you
Aug 11, 2002
I've noticed several of us trying to get down to the 150's...Jen suggested a 150 Club and I agreed! It doesn't matter how much weight you need to lose to get there...1-150 pounds...just that your goal is to get into the 150's...we'd love to encourage each other down and share our experiences as each of us finally see 159 on the scale and anything below...

My highest was 258...so I guess you could say I was a 250 club...150 sounds much better...I'm right around 195 now and have 36 pounds to get there...I hope to settle around 152-155...so even if I have a bad splurge day the scales will have to fight to see 160 again.

We can use this club to encourage and share inspiring stories of how it feels to be 150 or how it feels going down that way....lots of struggles and setbacks but we can use this opportunity to unite on a goal and rejoice in each other heading down that way.

I'll try and post a weekly Club 150 vent/celebrate/encourage thread...to keep our eye on the goal....
I'd like to have a mini-celebration for each member that breaks into a new tens zone....first weigh in at 210's, 160's, 170's...just a chance for us all to say GOODBYE to that ten number we just got out of...when I break into the 180's I'll need encouragment to say GOODBYE 190's! :)
150's HERE I COME!!! :)

150 CLUB Roster

150'ers who've MADE IT to the 150's!!!
TERA-Teresa-1st to make it(6.6)

Losses are in RED

lmhall2000-Tara-37 pounds (1.5)(1.5)(1.5)(3.5)(.5)(1)(3.5)(1.5)(2)
welovedis-Karen-51 pounds(2)(3.4)(3.6)
wiskband-Renee-3 pounds to go!
Tera-Teresa-16 pounds(2.6)(1.8)(3.2)(1.6)(1.4)(2.6)(2.8)
ZerasPride-Lisa-27 pounds (7)(3)(2.5)
sap1227-Christy-27 pounds (3)(3)(2)
RF536-Regina-87 pounds-((3)(1)(1)(2)(1)(2)(.5)(6)
chrismiss56-11 pounds-(2)(1)(4.2)
Debbie-Debbie-40 pounds
clr1194-Christie-52 pounds(.5)(3.5)(.5)(3)
Toystoryduo-Tracy- (1)(2)(2)(5)
kayeandjim00-40 pounds(.8)
sunkissed212-10 pounds
Tiggerkeeper-30 pounds(3)(3)(1)
Andrabell-Onederland then 150!
Lizdotcom99-Liz-100 pounds
Disboo-38 pounds
Sarahsmom73-11 pounds(1)
Sadeeyore-Helen-55 pounds
tmatthews-Terry-13 pounds
4togo-14 pounds to go(2.5)(3)(.5)
Goldcupmom-Julie-18 pounds(.6)(1.6)
TinkCindy-19 pounds(1)(4.5)
Chimera-15 pounds-
NYcpa-19 pounds (.5)(2)(5)
Henry Loves Pooh-14 pounds
kelscross- (1)
flipperjc-jen-22 pounds- (3)
Lesli54- 71 pounds-(1.5)(2)(.5)(1)(2.5)(6.5)
my3girls-81 pounds-
westjones-30 pounds-(8.2)(1.6)(1.5)(5.5)(4.2)
JennaTX-17 pounds-
we3Disneygo- (2.8)
Michelle2-10 pounds
Snowwhitesmom-15 pounds-
Tigercheer2009-58 pounds- (7)(6)(2)
Lacerta-51 pounds-
A Little Pixie Dust-
Carrieberry- (10)
jonestavern- Jean-
Mom of Sleepy, Bashful and BabyDoc
Suz D
Ronda93 (44)
lovedvc (11)



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Aug 31, 2000
I'd love to be part of this, I have a long way to go to get to 150, but would love this long-term goal!


I can't wait till tomorrow....why? because I get b
Sep 2, 2003
Im in! I dont have too much to get to 150.
I am about 162 now.
I want to be in the 130's club. lol

  • lmhall2000

    May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you
    Aug 11, 2002
    WELCOME Karen!! Girl..you may think you have a long way to go...but believe me I was in your boat not too long ago...I started WISH at 236 (on my good scale..more like 242 on my evil scale that I'm forced to use now! :)) My first 20 pounds were the hardest...the next 20 pounds just seemed to come off and I've been waffling in the next 20 for over a year...dadblastit...I'm just ready for it to come off so I can get in the next 20 pounds! :) You can do this and PLEASE report whenever you dip into the next 10 pound slot...it's a BIG DEAL!!!

    Ha! Renee...I hope you won't be in the 150 club too long but please let us know when you get there so we can give you the proper ceremonial WAHOO!!!! And you've inspired me..after reading about your treadmill in the midst of personal venting...and how it surprised you..I'm getting off my duff and heading to the gym...I have so many excuses not to go..but I promised myself after my week of low carb that I'd add back in exercise...the weekend is the only time I can do it...so I'm doing my full hour at 3.7 and going to ENJOY IT!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    150 CLUB....we need a secret handshake...or password....any ideas?

    Chocolate free zone....Oh when the pounds go marching down...oh when the pounds go marching down...oh how I want to be AT THAT NUMBER (150's) when the pounds go marching down!!!! :)



    Do or do not, there is no try
    Mar 5, 2004
    I am SO in on this one. My heaviest was 220 and when I started WW August 24, 2004, I was 208. I am now down to 175 and hope to be 150 by our cruise date May 5th. I think Renee and I need to start a 130's club later on, because that's where I "should" be when I get to goal.

    Good luck everyone!!!!


    DVC Member Since 2001
    Sep 1, 1999

    What a wonderful new challenge/accountability thread! I am so in on this!!! My goal is to get to 153 which will put me at a certain percentage lost. Then to get to 150 as my final goal weight. I started off a little over a year ago at 282.5 pounds and never thought I'd be 4 pounds from losing 100 pounds but that's where I stand as of today. I am so excited to see the 180's on the scale and weigh 186.5 right now. I'm throwing a real big virtual party when I see that 179 on the scale! So like I said, I'm in and I look forward to getting to know all you other losers! :)


    May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you
    Aug 11, 2002
    Toasting Tera and Lisa!!

    Tera, we will do all we can to see that you hit the 150's by your cruise date...I think you can manage that especially with Spring coming on and better weather to get out in. Share any tips that have helped you make it this far!!!

    Lisa...WOW!!! You are amazing!!! I am so ready to be in the 180's with you...last year I got down to where you are and even saw 178...and then I kind of gave up...the key to me giving up was getting away from WISH and the support here...there's something to be said for accountability and knowing others will benefit from our own discipline. On bad days, it's easier for me to eat well and exercise if I know I'm encouraging someone on a team...so welcome to the team...and please share some of your tips...you're a BRILLIANT loser!!

    My tips....not eating after 7pm....getting exercise done early in the am...avoiding french fries and white flour products...those three things really help me stay on target....would love to hear y'alls tips!!!

  • sap1227

    DIS Veteran
    Nov 6, 2002
    I am in! My goal is to get to 155 and then re-evaluate. I am almost 5'9" and I just not sure what a good goal weight is. I have always been, ummmmm, busty, but I am weaning my DS and I am not sure how things will change.

    One year ago today I weighed 230 pounds and gave birth to DS#2. I can not believe my baby is now 1! And I can not believe I weigh the same as I did when I got pregnant with him, I was really hoping to lose this weight before his first birthday. Oh well, I can't turn back time, I just have to move forward.



    DIS Veteran
    Nov 6, 2002
    lmhall2000 said:
    My tips....not eating after 7pm....getting exercise done early in the am...avoiding french fries and white flour products...those three things really help me stay on target....would love to hear y'alls tips!!!


    I can not agree enough about getting the exercise done in the morning. It really makes a huge difference. I find by the end of the day I am just too tired to do it.



    DIS Veteran
    Jul 21, 2004
    I would love to join the club. I am just staring and have alot to lose to get there, but I hope to see it by my anniversary next year. I just started the journey 3 days ago and I have done well with my eating, but exercise has been a problem. I did well on Thursday, then I twisted my knee so I am having to rest it. I did use my weight beanch yesterday and just didn't do any leg exercises.

    My other goal is to be below 200lbs by my December 6, trip to Disney.


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    Sep 1, 1999
    I am so excited about this thread! I honestly didn't think I'd ever see the 150's but I truly do believe and know it's going to happen. WISH has been such a big part of my success and I agree with Tara that WISH is instrumental in being successful.

    Second, I am a big believer in not cheating. When I get to goal, then I can have treats or be a bit more laxed but not during the weight loss phase. Also, I have found taking the weight loss journey one day at a time to be invaluable. You can get so overwhelmed when you have a lot to lose but taking it one day at a time makes it so much more managable. I also agree about early exercising. I do Firm and Cathe work outs and I get up at 5:15 in the morning during the week to make my exercise a priority. I try to work out 6-7 days per week and know that's helping me fit into clothes in a smaller size that I probably would be able to at this weight.

    I am so encouraged by you all and know we'll reach the 150's and maybe even beyond if that is what we want! It's such a great feeling knowing you have control over what you goal weight will be and that you don't have to be fat if you don't want to be! :banana:
  • chrismiss56

    Jul 18, 2001
    Hi to all :wave:

    I would like to apply for membership to this really cool club :cool1: :cool1:

    150's looks good to me........really need to be in the 130's club and that is my ultimate goal but short term of 150's looks good. I am at 170 right now and have recomitted to WW online after a frustrating 6 months on and off again.

    So let's get our engines moving :moped: - give a group hug :grouphug: and to the 150's!!

    Have a magical Disney Day!! :earboy2:


    May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you
    Aug 11, 2002
    Christy...don't sweat the past...you're going to be fit and healthy before your little one ever has the ability to remember! :) I remember going through the promises..."I'll have it off by the time my 3rd child is 1, then 2, then one day I woke up and she was turning 4 and I said ENOUGH!!!" Just stick with us and when you have a lapse...let it pass...just don't let it consume you...each pound took time to gain...it'll take some time to lose...WELCOME!!!! As far as weight there are many opinions...here's mine....I say if you're 5'0 you should weigh 100 for every inch you are over that add 5 pounds...if you're big boned add 6-7 pounds...if you're petite add 3-4 pounds per inch. I'm 5'8 by a hair and I should weigh about 140...I'm medium build but I'll settle for 150's and work hard to get into the 140's after taking a little break from being so focused on losing weight. Ultimately, if I can fit into my dream jeans comfortably....I'm there regardless of the pounds.

    RF536...take good care of yourself!! Physical setbacks are really hard...but realize you can still lose weight on those weeks you're trying to get better....don't jump back into it until you feel much better. The hardest thing for me is portion control...when I'm exercising I tend to eat more and still lose but as soon as I hit an injury I forget to cut my portions and I start backsliding. The injuries really cut down after you're below 200...it was amazing how my body responded to exercise after getting below 200...You are going to make your goal to Onederland in fine time...just use us as a sounding board when you feel challenged!!!

    MissChris!! YEAH!!! You are only 11 pounds away!!! Just think how your clothes will fit with those gone...we'll be right there with you all through the 150's to help you get to the 140's...passers-thru are more than a welcome treat around here...we'll be thrilled to see you go right through the 150's...it'll encourage us all!! :)

    I've posted everyone's moniker/name/weight to go until they hit 159 for all the folks I could figure it out....if you want that information on there just leave me a number of pounds until you hit 159 and I'll add it...weekly I'll post the new number and we'll celebrate all those who hit it and manage to go through the 150's! :)

    150's in time and fun!


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    Jun 28, 2000
    Knock! Knock!

    Can I come in?

    Tara, you've had a lot on your plate this past year. Me, I can't say the same, but I CAN say that I saw those 170's....and then UP she went. :( I'm hoping that I am ready to :moped: on down from where we are to the 150's. I've not had much luck with the challenges, but I NEED to get my head around the need to drop those pounds. Looks like about 40 pounds for me. :earseek: I guess that I'll take 'em one day, one pound at a time. :wizard:


    Jul 19, 2004
    Mind if I join?

    I am currently 211 pounds and have 52 pounds to go before I am in the 150's. My final goal (for now) is to be 155. My highest weight was 242 pounds when I first started WW 4 years ago. I lost 49 pounds and then just quit following the program and stopped going to the meetings and gained 39 of those pounds back. I started back to WW and joined the WISH challenge in September and have since lost 21 pounds and will make my goal this time. I am really excited about this thread and look forward to getting to know everyone.



    May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you
    Aug 11, 2002
    Debbie....you know all those happenings in my life are just excuses..if they hadn't happened I'm sure I would have created some kind of excuses. :) We're right here in the thick of it together...didn't the 170's feel good? I think I was there for a month before I let it all drop! :) BUT THAT'S IN THE PAST!!!! We're moving onward and downward!!!

    Let's take everyone's hints and tips and try to work them into the plan....I've had exercise videos but they seem either too slow or too fast....the 4 mile WATP didn't get my heart rate up...but the Taebo tape had me falling on the floor...anyone recommend anything between the two?

    Deb..I think taking those 40 pounds and celebrating every time you hit the next 10's will help you appreciate all your hard work....I kept looking at the big number 40 and it just seemed daunting...but 10 pounds at a time...and oila in 4 segments you're there! :) So let's get down to 30 with a smile on!



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    Jun 13, 2003
    Hi everyone!

    This is such a great idea! :idea: May I join the 150 club? I think that is a reasonable goal for me right now. Once I hit the 150 pound mark, I may try and lose more, but that is my goal weight for now.

    When I started WISH in January of last year, I weighed around 224-225. I started FIRMing (Hi Lisa! :wave: ) and lost about 25 pounds. At one point, I was in Onederland, but that was before I went to WDW in December and then came the holidays. :earseek:

    I weigh in twice a month and my next weigh-in is on Tuesday. I hope the scale shows a loss so that I can get closer to that 150 pound mark.

    Let's go everyone! We CAN do this! :cheer2:


    May the road rise to meet you....May God hold you
    Aug 11, 2002
    Christie..you must have been typing when I was!!! I know how hard it is to lose and gain...but THAT'S IN THE PAST :wave2: Just wave goodbye to those days...you can do this and stay strong until you reach 150...we'll all have a few days of relapse...but we can strengthen each other by knowing we're not alone...we're in this for our own health and our own satisfaction but in the process you're lifting all the rest of us up making us believe we can do it! This is a safe haven...share your challenges and your successes and we'll see each other on to 150's!

    Tracy...you'll be or are in Onederland soon! There are quite a few of us lingering around this number and don't be discouraged...whatever you put on you can take off...you proved already you could....share your tips and what your struggles are and someone will benefit from them and/or share some tips that may help you! Take it one day at a time...it'll come! :)

    My struggles...portion control and sticking to exercise 5x a week.

    What are y'alls struggles?



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    Nov 10, 2002
    Room for another member? :) I would love to be a member of the 150 club. My ultimate goal is 144 but to get to the 150's would be a dream as I can't remember the last time I saw those numbers. :faint: My high was 243 and I'm now at 199 on the dot. I had gotten down to 185.6 but the holidays quickly took care of that when I threw caution to the wind. :faint: (Note to self - do not throw caution to the wind again. :teeth: ) So I'm 40 lbs from joining the 150's. For some reason that sounds weigh better than the 50+ lbs I need to lose to get to goal. :) Thanks for starting this thread! I can't wait to see all the members who make it to the 150s. ::yes::
    I'm on WW - my tips are to get in your fruits and veggies (I strive for 4 of each daily), stick to as many whole grain and whole foods as possible - make the switch slowly if you need to, try wheat bread on your sandwich, try brown rice instead of white - eventually those changes will be second nature. ::yes:: and of course drink as much water as you can ::yes:: I'll be back with more and can't wait to read everyone else's tips! Thanks again Tara :sunny:


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    Jun 28, 2004
    I'd like to join the 150 club. I'm at 169 right now so I need 10 more pounds to get to the 159 marker. It's been hard these last couple weeks and my loss has slowed down signigificanltly but maybe this goal will help to motivate me to the next step!
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