15 Days, 6 Parks and 1 Couple- Our June 2010 Trip Report and Dining Review in One!


Jul 5, 2007
i've thought the same about ET .. i love it as it was one of the iconic movies when i was growing up (anyway remember the massive deal it was when it was first shown on TV) .. but i cant see too many kids knowing what/who ET is these days.
Oh you never know there may be other parents like myself who get all the old favourite films on DVD for their children to watch...my 7 year old DS absolutely loves ET and has done for a couple of years now :goodvibes

Luv Suzy


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Jun 21, 2010
What an awful thought - there are kids out there who don't know what E.T. is, those poor deprived children :eek:
  • FaithTrustPixieDust*

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    Jul 23, 2010
    More please! popcorn::
    I have a question too - who did you book this trip through and how far in advance? My dbf and I were looking into a trip without it being too expensive - would you mind sharing the cost? Don't worry if you do mind, it was only a question! You don't ask, you don't get :lmao:


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    Jun 21, 2003
    Hi Kate, just found your report and I must say it make very enjoyable reading. So, time to post the next instalment. ;)
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    Jun 8, 2005
    Again, sorry for my lateness in posting! I have just completed my first few weeks of work, Murray has moved away, redecorated my room as well as 101 other little jobs I have been meaning to get around to! More smacks on the wrist for me! I have also been told that my last post wasn’t as entertaining as my previous ones (from Murray by the way, the boy who isn’t writing the trip report!!) *cough* Anyway, I will endeavour to be more amusing, but just be lucky I post anything at all! :rolleyes:

    Disclaimer: This trip of Seaworld forever changed my perceptions of marine animals in tanks, after being a fan for many years. I will try not to be too down about it, and I appreciate if you still like Seaworld, but this is my opinion of my experience and how it changed my mind. Please no flaming, I just want to be honest about my experience, I am sorry if you disagree. Also this visit was a birthday and Christmas present from my lovely sister! So to her, thank you so much! :hug:

    Well, we both woke up stupidly early (after passing out around 9.30 the evening before!), so we mucked around and read until 8.30, since the earlier bus from Royal Pacific wasn’t set to depart until 9.50. However by 9.15 we were bored of the room and headed downstairs to wander, and so Murray could call his parents to find out his university results! He was very nervous especially as this was a masters course- but ended up getting a 2:1, so everyone was pleased! :woohoo: (for some reason we didn’t take a picture of the event! Terrible of us! :scared:)

    We waited for the bus, which arrived promptly, however since there were almost no seats in the waiting area and no fans, the heat was horrid! :headache: The bus, however, was comfortable and fast, but we still got there quite a bit after opening. So we scanned our printouts, grabbed a map and we were on our way! :)

    We headed first to Journey to Atlantis, as Manta had a big queue and I wasn’t sure if I was feeling up to go on it. I have done similar rides, such as Air at Alton Towers, but I wasn’t feeling my best. Sorry for the lack of photos since we had to be charged to lock our stuff in lockers to go on a ride!! I personally hate this ride. The concept is good, and the changing from log ride to rollercoaster is a great idea, and totally shocked Murray. However the theming is terrible, the audio quality was poor so we couldn’t understand the storyline, and the water smelled really funky! Most rides I don’t want to get wet for the sake of getting wet- here I didn’t want to smell like what I am guessing is Shamu-poo for the rest of the day! :sick:

    After the Journey to the Bog of Eternal Stench (little Labyrinth nod to those in the know!), Murray decided to hit Kracken, which I declined due to my delicate sensibilities... and the fact my knees were knocking just looking at it!!! :scared1: I instead got out my park map and numbered all the attractions we were going to hit in number order by showtime and location. Geeky or what!?! :rolleyes1 Anyway it saved us a lot of time and effort deciding where to go, and in theory would stop us from missing shows or spending too long getting from one place to the other, but that didn’t always work.

    We decided to go visit the penguins before heading to our first show of the day (Blue Horizons). Murray couldn’t remember this bit at all that evening when I wrote my diary, so I am guessing it didn’t make a huge impression. It was pretty dark and seemed pretty small for that many penguins, but the walkway did stop people from overcrowding, which is a plus! We did take some photos, but I doubt you’d be able to tell what they were! :rotfl:

    We then headed over to Blue Horizons, which is a mix of cirque du soleil and performing animals such as dolphins and birds. The show was pretty much packed out, but we got there early and got really good seats

    Here are some of the best photos (credit to Murray here, he had just about figured out how to used the camera by now!)

    Murray enjoyed it, he thought it was really well performed and choreographed, obviously very well rehearsed. I, on the other hand, had some fundamental problems with it. Firstly I understand the want of people to show off what these animals can do, however I felt I learnt nothing about the animals themselves at all. I didn’t even know the types of animals being used, and what they are like. I felt like they wasted a prime opportunity to educate, but instead made their animals dance to a crowd which ultimately made me feel uncomfortable. Plus the tanks looked pretty small for all those animals to be jumping at once. However I did like the birds, they were a nice touch.
    We then headed over to the dolphin cove to see some of the animals up close. From my youth I remember being able to go right up to the side of the enclosure and sometimes being able to feel the dolphins as they came over from time to time. I also remembering them having two feeding times, first come first served for a certain fee. However this time those who were not feeding were placed at the very end of the enclosure, in the shallows where the dolphins didn’t go, the feeding was almost continuous and sectioned off. I understand Seaworld is a business, but I felt sad that the experience of seeing a dolphin up close and even touching one like I had done as a child was no reserved for those who wanted to pay to feed them. However afterwards we wandered down to the underwater viewing area, which was much nicer and less crowded, plus you got a much better view!

    We then decided it was about time to head over to my favourite childhood show- Clyde and Seamore! But not before we take the standard Seaworld photos:

    Clyde and Seamore take pirate island was one of the best shows of the day, both Murray and I really enjoyed it. :thumbsup2 The mine at the beginning was hilarious, and the trainers in the shows were such pros! They covered so well when the animals didn’t do quite the right thing, and it didn’t seem to bother them at all.



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    Jun 8, 2005
    The hilarity of the sea lion show left both Murray and I on the peckish side, so although my plan said to go see A’Lure we decided skip it out to see what food we could find. During my geekish planning earlier on I had flagged up two potential places- Antarctic Market and Mango Joes. Since Antarctic Market was closer, we headed over. Now I don’t know if this was because it was around 1.30pm, or because a show had just got out, but the food there was expensive and looked kind of... well... the polite way to put it would be ‘unappetising’. So we decided to head over to Mango Joes instead, which was further away, but closer to Shamu Stadium for the next show. However by the time we got to the waterfront bridge the rain started to absolutely pour down, I mean torrential thunderstorms with lightning really close by! By the time we legged it to the gift stand half way through the bridge, we were pretty much soaked. We didn’t know how long it would last so we decided to shove on the waterproofs and make a final dash for lunch.
    After a LONG, slow queue, where I changed my mind many times, Murray chose the chicken wrap and I chose the steak fajita roll and chips.

    After claiming our food, we realised that the rain had driven everyone inside, meaning there were no free tables left. Luckily we found two free seats with a very nice family, who we chatted to until the thunderstorm passed. However pleasurable the company, the food was dull to say the least! Murray really disliked his wrap, so much he didn’t eat that much of it. My roll was decent in portion size but chewy, flavourless and overall pretty gross. :scared: Definitely the worst counter service meal we had all holiday! :sad2:

    The rain died down just before 2.30pm, ready for us to see ‘Believe’ with the orcas. Here are some of our best photos:

    The good parts of the show:
    • The orcas are spectacular, beautiful creatures
    • The standing ovation given to US and UK armed forces.
    However, to me these were the only good parts. The show, in my opinion, was corny and tacky- all about sentimentality rather than telling us anything about the animals themselves. I thought there were a lot of orcas in one pool at a time- especially for such powerful creatures. Even Murray agreed it was overly sentimental, but was glad that the trainers weren’t in the water any more. Sorry for the very negative review, but this show really disappointed me. :sad2:

    Afterwards we decided to run down the time until our bus came at 6pm- as we are not usually all day at a park people! By now we were flagging for our afternoon nap! :laughing: We decided to walk through Wild Arctic as the last time I went on the ride I felt stupidly nauseated! We saw some polar bears and some whales.

    Murray found the walk through to be pretty dull, especially as the polar bear was asleep and the whales were hiding. I however really liked it, as it was much more informative than the rest of the park thus far, and there were lots of interesting interactive areas. :thumbsup2 I did wonder how big the enclosures were for such large animals- the poor polar bear looked like it didn’t have much room to move!

    We then decided that we might as well go to the Shark Encounter, as I remembered it was pretty cool. My recollections were pretty accurate, which were that the fish and frog areas were really nice and full of information. I also liked the use of moving walkways to keep the pace up. Murray was also very impressed and well thought out, but wondered what impact the walk through tunnel has on the fish living there. :confused3

    We then wandered over to the Manatee Rescue area, as they are so dang cute! :cutie:

    They were cute, but this was a pretty quick walk through, which could do with a refurbishment to tell us more about them, but then again we didn’t stay to watch the presentation, as we were too darn pooped to stay!
    To be honest we kind of wandered around, trying to keep ourselves motivated to wait for the bus. We stopped by the Dolphin Nursery to see if there were any new babies. When we got there I spoke to a member of (slightly disinterested) staff, who told me there were 12 dolphins in the pool, some adults, some babies. This really upset me, the pool looked really small, with very little to do for the highly intelligent creatures. Maybe I got it all wrong, but watching them all swim round in circles made me feel terrible that there were kept like that.

    Anyway, Murray and I decided to leave and wait for Pets Ahoy show to start. I was so glad we ended up seeing this show. It was a show of tricks done by cats, dogs, birds, rats and pigs all gained from the Humane Society. Both Murray and I thought this was a really cute show- very cute and well prepared without being overly showy. Plus the animals seemed well maintained and happy to perform. :goodvibes

    Afterwards we decided that it was time to get ready to wait for the bus, as we were both shattered! Met some really friendly people at the bus stop- my Harry Potter book ended up as a great ice breaker! The bus arrived right on time, ready to head back to the Royal Pacific for our last night. However when we arrived back to our room, we found an unexpected package!

    After a quick call to the front desk and we found that Murray’s parents had sent it to us to celebrate Murray’s results! It was so sweet of them, especially for Murray since I don’t really drink! :rotfl:

    Our day overall was mixed, if I had the guts to go on Manta or Kracken maybe my day would of been better! It completely changed how I see marine animals in captivity, as seeing the dolphin nursery really upset me. I was also really disappointed in how little information they gave about their animals especially the orcas and dolphins. I also disliked Journey to Atlantis- eww! However I really enjoyed Pets Ahoy and Clyde and Seamore. I just wish with the other shows that they had given more information, which is an area which I feel Seaworld really lets itself down. So no, I wouldn’t return again as it changed my principles, but it wasn’t 100% bad. I also thought the food was pretty sub par! :sick:

    Next: Day Six – the move to Disney!


    Nov 8, 2006
    Yay, another update!

    This is really interesting to read, because I've only been to SeaWorld once, when I was 7 or 8, and we've never had any desire to return. Your trip report pretty much just reinforced that (although I have to be honest, I really want to go on the rollercoasters there, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay just for a couple of rides!).

    SO excited to read about WDW. Pleeease get it up quickly! :goodvibes


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    Jun 6, 2007
    Great update. I have to agree with you about Seaworld, I've never been much of a fan, because I hate that the animals are kept in such small tanks. :(

    Looking forward to your next update. :)
  • suzycute

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    Apr 30, 2005
    Another great report Kate!

    I love the idea of L'eau de Shamu-poo :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    Keep the reports coming! Murray is away and you're off work for half term next week - no excuse not to do another one :thumbsup2


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    Jun 21, 2010
    I agree about SeaWorld, I'm not a huge fan either. 'Believe' IS great, but theres jsut too much negative downsides to keeping these animals in capture to completely enjoy it, I agree about the stading ovation to Uk and US troops too, I thought that was fantastic.

    LOVE yout TR by the way :) great read.


    Mar 23, 2008
    Loved the Labrynth, many do not know this great movie. If you would really like to see some of the work that is being done for conservation, the Blue Springs park in Orange City, Fl is where you need to go. Absolutely beautiful. Open year round, and a natural Manitee retreat from November-April?. You will need a car, but well worth it to see them in their natural environment! $6 per carload until it fills up...And it does.


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    Nov 8, 2004
    loving your report. we were at RPR just after you in July and have been to BCV so looking forward to reading the rest



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    Feb 26, 2008
    Hey Kate, I was wondering how did you organized your planing folder,I'm trying to do one... but it's getting more messy than organized!
    I'm probably staying at Sofitel since we are flying from Venice at 11pm and arriving to London at midnight so we'll be sleeping there one night and then departure with british airways. Glad you enjoyed british airways as we are taking the same flight! I'm so happy they have the individual screens.


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