14 Days to go

Bob NC

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Mar 3, 2000
Uhhh...We pack the night before we leave.


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Mar 28, 2000
I am starting to pack next week for our June trip! I start with the suntan lotion, meds, moleskin, film, new socks, etc. Then as I purchase new clothes they go right into the suitcase. I leave it opened on my dresser to catch things. Hey, it will only be about 42 days away by then!!!!!



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Aug 25, 2000
That I started tossing the new stuff,like Sun screen,travel toothbrushes, into it,then as I remembered things that needed packing, they went into the box,bandaides,medicines. By TWo days before we left everything was in one place waiting to be packed in the new luggage we got for christmas!! :D


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Mar 4, 2001
You are definitely not alone! I had the suitcases out about 2 weeks ago and they're now half filled. The only things missing are the shorts and T-shirts that we've been fortunate enough to need here at home in NC.

Jill in NC

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hockey mom

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Oct 2, 2000
We leave in a week and I have been packed for 3 months. My loving husband makes fun of me, but it helps me feel a little closer to my trip. Pack away.

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