13 yr old son doesn't like some rides-where does he "wait"?


Feb 9, 2000
Like on Hulk, or Dragons,... can he and my husband wait in line with me (esp. Dragons... inside it is really neat looking, I'd like them to at LEAST see what is inside the area where we stand in line) Husband MAY ride and then what or where should my son wait for us? Does he have to go all the way back through where we just came in at, (in other words, go back through the "caves" in Dragons) or is there an imediate exit,(like for someone who backs out at the last minute) so he doesn't have to "fight" through the crowds that are waiting in line. Please answer, we leave soon! :eek:
In DD, there is an immediate exit, they are double doors at the time you choose to enter the front line or the other lines. On Ice Side there is a Child Swap waiting area.

On Hulk, I beleive they will let them crossover the ride with you. When the gates open they just keep on walking and you stop.

If you are in the queue for the Hulk and can't ride, you can cross over to the other side during boarding.


Barry Hom
Moderator, Universal and Sea World Boards

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