1. T

    DVC Thanksgiving Dinner

    We were able to book the DVC Thanksgiving dinner for us and our 10 year old kids. Is this experience worth the $$$, or should be keep our reservation at Liberty Tree Tavern? Member Services made it sound like the entire event was less than two hours, and they did not really elaborate on the...
  2. happilyeverafterdw

    Booking Resort for Thanksgiving, Minimal Moderates Showing Up?

    Hi everyone, I am planning on visiting WDW for Thanksgiving. I am planning on staying for 2-3 days. I will have an annual pass at the time, however, I am not getting the pass until this summer after I move to FL. I was planning to use some AP discount to book the room. I did just notice however...
  3. jrmint427

    It's a Small but Magical World - a Thanksgiving 2018 Trip Report

    Welcome to my latest trip report! I’ll get right into the details… that’s what you’re here for, right?! When: November 21 – November 30 Where: We split our stay between Animal Kingdom Lodge and offsite at a family member’s place Cast of Characters: Myself (Jessica), my husband (Pat), my...
  4. Newsies

    It's Our First Thanksgiving Trip (And I'll Start My PTR A Year Early if I Want To!)- COMPLETE 11/16

    ... Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and it's been three months since I properly finished a PTR on these boards, two months since I finished up a TR, and approximately 3 days since I cancelled a PTR on the Disneyland boards. The creative well is running a little dry in these introductory posts as they...
  5. M

    Thanksgiving dining options?

    Howdy! I'm traveling to Disneyland (hooray!!!!!!!) the week of Thanksgiving. I know, we're crazy, but it's the only time that worked for our schedules... We're a family of 5- grandma (70s), myself and my husband (40s), and 2 teens. We've been at Xmas, Halloween, Spring Break, and the week of...
  6. Bethislucy

    DDFL take back the castle 2017 (Updated 10/5/17)

    Who: THE DDFL’s What: Headed back to see the mouse with our newest DDFL When: November 26 – December 2 Where: Disney of course with resting stops at All-star Movies You may be asking what is a DDFL. Well it’s a term we coined ourselves with a number of years back. It stands for Disney...


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