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  1. jade'nsuch

    Groot sipper cup thing

    This may be a long shot, but does anybody know if the Groot cup is still available at any of the parks? I know it was at the America pavilion in like June and I was curious as to whether or not it's still around. I've noticed that it's kind of fallen off the radar and I'm assuming it's not...
  2. scrapbookingpro

    Our MARVEL DAY at SEA experience - January 2018

    MARVEL DAY at SEA!!!! Disney Magic, January 21, 2018 I just wanted to share our recent experience with Marvel day, for anyone who is thinking of booking one. A Very short background: We are a family of five (Me, DH, DS-10, and twin 4 year olds), plus we traveled with my mom. We always book...