1. ShootinForMyOwnHand

    Disney Fan Community Jackbox Game Night

    Disney fans of all ages invited! If you’ve never played Jackbox games, here’s your chance to try it! Every Monday night 6-8 PM Central time, I will be hosting a Disney community game night on my Twitch (Poohbaer77 ). Jackbox is a party game setup- family friendly- where anyone can play remotely...
  2. F

    Yes, I'm talking about THAT magnet

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I've actually never been on any discussion board website in my life (I'm only 19 years old). Basically, I'm here to ask a favor. To those of you who choose to continue reading, I thank you in advanced for your time. Basically, my grandparents...
  3. Weese's Pieces

    Wouldn't it be awesome if they had a Finding Nemo Ride?! Trip Report! UPDATED 6/10 PART 5!

    Well hey there! I'm actually pretty new here, but thought I would jump on board and show my most recent trip to all of you wonderful people! It was great, it was real, it was fun, but it wasn't real fun. Yeah okay, that's a lie! Our trip was amazing and we made so many wonderful memories along...
  4. Weese's Pieces


  5. Bradster1067

    Convert Quick Service Credit to three Snack Credits at Front Desk?

    Hi, So I know you can convert a quick service credit to three snack credits at a food location as long as your getting the three snacks right there and then. I was reading this post off the Disney Parks mom panel, and I saw this...
  6. Biceratops

    Play Disney Achievement Guide (WDW)

  7. R

    My Introduction

    Sorry if I don't have a profile pic(as of this writing), but I'm here to say Hi. I'm a really big Disney fan, and I'm going on my next Disney adventure in about a few weeks from now (September 25th-October 1st at Walt Disney World)
  8. Off to Neverland 7

    Very Merrytime Cruise December 11-15 TR - 20something Couples Trip - EMBARKATION DAY WITH PICS

    Sailing: Disney Dream 4nt Very Merrytime Cruise Date: December 11-15, 2017 Itinerary: Port Canaveral - Nassau - Castaway Cay - Sea Day - Port Canaveral INTRO: Hi, my name is Dea and this is my husband Kevin. We're a 20 something year old couple who LOOOOOVES traveling Disney style every...
  9. B

    Little Mermaid II Melody doll?

    Hello! I'm planning to sell my Melody doll but I can't find much about her, let alone a value price. She isn't boxed but is still wearing her pink frock. I'm wondering if any collectors would be able to tell me anything about her or her worth. I know she was exclusive to Toys R Us but that's...
  10. Ears to Disney

    A Grand and Very Merry Birthday Celebration! A December 2017 TR (WITH VLOGS!)

    CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTIONS! Hi ho! Dawn here! Some may remember me as "dmlovullo" here on the DIS, but I have since changed my name to correspond with our YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. I thought it would be better if everything was under the same name. :-) I bring you a tale of...
  11. yasemine

    Never too Old or too Young for the Magic That is Disney! A June 2018 Pre-TR

    EDIT: I updated everything in this post since I kinda did it in a rush. The title of this trip will change. I think I'm just going to make a new thread for my actual trip report. Hello! I'm new to this site and I decided I wanted to get in on the action. I don't have many pictures but when my...
  12. Cheerio

    #Shame - Fantasy Eastern Feb 10-17th 2018 - Our second SWDAS

    Welcome to our trip report! Who we are: Mom :earsgirl: Leanne Dad :earsboy: Gary Kiddos :earsboy: Kevin (18), :earsboy: Ryan (16), :earsboy: Dylan (12.5) and princess: Lauren (11) We were with our neighbors J & M and their two boys L (13) & G (12) This will be our 4th cruise with Disney, so...
  13. D

    Disney Group

    Hi, I’ve just started a U.K. based Disney group. I would like to share info & tips that we’ve learned about from being part of groups and forums. Also travelling to the most visited place in the world. https://m.facebook.com/groups/2027133830854873?ref=bookmarks
  14. KrystenM93

    Traveling from IL/MO to FL

    Anyone from the IL area...what's the best way to get to Orlando, FL? I am about 30 minutes from St. Louis, MO. We have been to Disney many times and it varies whether we drive or fly. The last few times we have drove just because flying has been SO expensive. Does anyone have any tips/tricks...
  15. PrincessJulia25

    The Great Christmas Escape 12/11-12/15

    The Great Christmas Escape December 11-15 Hello Everyone! This is my first ever trip report and I am so excited to relive my vacation! I did complete a pretrip report which is linked in my signature if you want some background on this trip. Now let’s get...
  16. BriLovesDisney

    Apple Watch available at WDW?

    I know this is a weird question, but Google didn't give me an answer. Sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in. We are going to be at WDW for Christmas, and I'd like to buy an Apple Watch for someone. I was wondering if you can buy an Apple watch anywhere at WDW or in Disney Springs...
  17. ToffPrincess

    First Trip in 22 years to WDW!! London to WDW

    I have 3 trips coming up in the next 12 months. Aside from Disney Paris (which I am sorry to say I LOATHE) this is my first return to Disney World Florida in 22 years. Can not wait!! Trip 1- 10 days at GF the one I will planning here. Trip 2- 17 days at GF club level (+ maybe Poly for the...
  18. G

    NEED HELP: possible vintage Cinderella box? (pictures)

    Hi all!, I was recently given a box hand painted with Cinderella's castle on the front. The inside is lined with teal felt & it seems to be a limited edition (the back says 98/350). I don't know ANYTHING about this box & I can't seem to find it anywhere on the internet! If anyone has any...
  19. K

    Creative Disney Inspired name for YouTube.

    Hi everyone.. I need some creative help please.. I am going to be starting a Disney inspired Vlog and i want to come up with a catchy Disney Inspired Name. Now everything on there wont be just about Disney but a vast majority will be Disney themed whether im at the parks or just talking about...
  20. WebmasterJackie

    VIDEO: Tips & Tricks for Dealing with Theme Parks During High Crowds | 07/24/17

    In this week's edition of the Dreams Unlimited Travel Podcast, the panel of experts discusses what it's like to visit the Orlando theme parks during the busiest seasons. Looks like Tracey has her side-eye perfected too!! :thumbsup2 Enjoy the show!


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