1. riversend22

    Question about crowds before/after a run weekend?

    Hey all! I have some family coming into town the week of the Run Disney Princess half marathon. We had wanted to visit Epcot while they are here but I just found out about the princess run and am now curious about crowds. Are the days leading up to the run weekend usually more busy or the days...
  2. DisneyPhotographics

    Walking to / from TTC instead of monorail

    Heading to Magic Kingdom next week (a few days before Christmas) expecting massive crowds. I've heard wait times for a monorail to TTC at the end of the night can be up to 2 hours and that the walk from MK to TTC is around 40 minutes. Anyone walked? Advice? Shortcuts? Any coffee stops along...
  3. DisneyPhotographics

    Riding Rides During Fireworks

    I've often heard WDW vloggers talk about riding rides during parades and fireworks as a strategy. Last time we were in Magic Kingdom in January 2020 and the fireworks started we header for rides and each one of them was closed or closing. Not sure if that was a rare occurrence or due to the...
  4. @

    Labor Day: DCA and WOC questions

    We're making our third trip to Disneyland the week of Labor Day (previously 2013 and 2015). We'll focus on the parks Tuesday (DL), Wednesday (DCA), and Thursday (DL), but curious about the crowds on Monday night. Is there any chance crowds will calm down since people have to go back to work or...
  5. riversend22

    Weekday visit - Is everything open?

    Hey all! Planning on visiting SeaWorld and Aquatica most likely in the first and second week of June. We'd like to go to each on a weekday to avoid some of the crowds, but I know because of Covid, some of the park/rides aren't open during the week (or at least it wasn't last year). Does anyone...
  6. Hollywoodsign

    Avoid weekends if possible?

    Hello! Coming for 2 weeks end of September. Given the choice, would you avoid the parks at the weekends? Or are the crowd levels not much different to week days? Thanks
  7. M

    How do you decide which park each day?

    We have our resort and park tickets, and it’s now time to decide which park to visit on which day so that we can start making reservations. Pre-2020 I would always use a crowd calendar, and avoid extra magic hour parks. I’ve heard that crowd calendars aren’t as accurate now, and the couple that...
  8. A

    Any post-Disneyland trip illnesses/covid?

    For any of you who have recently taken a trip to Disneyland (within last 6 months), would you mind replying and letting me know if you got sick in the week after returning (or maybe even DURING your trip)? We have a Disneyland trip next week. I'm feeling anxious due to health concerns so just...
  9. utahgirl

    Maximizing VIP tour

    We will be doing a tour over the Holidays and there is currently a debate in the house. Is it better to do the tour earlier, while crowds are low so you can move through the parks quicker, or later in the day when its more crowded and lines are longer. My DH believes that we could do more...
  10. K

    Thoughts on crowds week after new years

    I'm a new member so apologies if this has been asked. Assuming covid doesn't derail everything (I know big assumption). What are everyone's thoughts on crowd levels the week after new years 2022. I know most years after new years are busy, but that is when the holiday is in the middle of the...
  11. L

    Blizzard Beach crowds

    I'm in the area (and will be for a while), and my family was thinking about doing a day at Blizzard Beach sometime next week. Has anyone been over there recently? How are the crowds?
  12. TandDandE

    How are the crowds at Blizzard Beach (BB) ?

    Hi Friends, In April, I brought DW and DD11 on a last minute Spring Break trip that skipped the big 4 parks, but we hit Blizzard Beach for the first time and we had SUCH a good time there. Attendance wasn't bad at all and we got everything in we wanted in a little over 3 hours. Now that we're...
  13. monica9

    Here Now & Just Back WDW Reopening Experiences Including Park Hopping

    Moderator Note - All Off Topic Posts Will be Deleted. Stick to Here Now /Just Back content and relavent questions or your post may be removed from this thread. The Community Board is a great place to discuss the virus. Thank you. Looking for a thread to check out for the first day back at...
  14. Vala

    Halloween Time Superthread 2020: Oogie's Back!! And Other Halloween Time Information -- Please Read Post 1! (OBB DATES CANCELLED 7/24/20)

    UPDATE 7/24/20: Oogie Boogie Bash 2020 Dates Cancelled From the DLR website: Oogie Boogie Bash – A Disney Halloween Party – 2020 Temporarily Unavailable Add even more magic to your visit with this unique experience at Disneyland Resort. And: Disneyland Resort Confirms...
  15. mickey765

    Will I be able to get 4th, 5th + fastpasses after 3 or 4pm at MK on a heavier crowd day?

    Is it possible to get 4th, 5th + fastpasses later in the day for times that are within the hour on a heavier crowd day? Like can I get a fastpass for Pooh at 3pm for 4pm? Or how about a Haunted Mansion or Small World at 3:15 for 4pm? Which are the easiest fastpasses to get?
  16. M

    Help with MK plans and crowds

    We are planning a trip to MK the week of 11/16. We are going to spend 2 days at MK and have tickets to a Christmas Party. Touring plans is projected level 1 crowds on days that they close at 6:00 and level 6 crowd the night they are open until 9:00. I am struggling between having a quieter park...
  17. M

    Worth going in park Before Ticketed event?

    Good day Everyone, I heard that crowds are normally "LOWER" than usual on days of a ticketed event. That being said, I understand that the park will close earlier in order to leave place to the "Event". some people might think it will be too crowded and avoid parks with ticketed event on same...
  18. S

    Best Week to Go? Late January vs Early February?

    Hi all! We are a family of 6....looking to go late January/early February. Any suggestions? Crowds, weather, events? Thank you for any insight & opinions! :)
  19. jacobzking

    Halloween Time Superthread 2019: "Oogie Boogie Bash" Party to Be Held in DCA ONLY! and Other Halloween Time Information

    As of August 4th, now opens with the HalloweenTime image :) ***First date to sell out, Thursday September 26th, is officially SOLD OUT as of July 15th*** **as of August 2nd these additional dates have sold out: 9/29 and 10/31** *as of Aug 24th, the following dates are sold out...
  20. TandDandE

    Blizzard Beach is closed; how are crowds at Typhoon Lagoon?

    Hi Folks, Since BB is currently closed, how are the crowds at TL? I've never been to a Disney water park and I'd love to try one this trip. I'm wondering, when does TL currently gets busy? I'm hoping to go WED, 10/09 at opening and maybe spend 2 to 3 hours there with DW and DD9 (they like...