1. Vala

    Halloween Time Superthread 2020: Oogie's Back!! And Other Halloween Time Information -- Please Read Post 1! (OBB DATES CANCELLED 7/24/20)

    UPDATE 7/24/20: Oogie Boogie Bash 2020 Dates Cancelled From the DLR website: Oogie Boogie Bash – A Disney Halloween Party – 2020 Temporarily Unavailable Add even more magic to your visit with this unique experience at Disneyland Resort. And: Disneyland Resort Confirms...
  2. mickey765

    Will I be able to get 4th, 5th + fastpasses after 3 or 4pm at MK on a heavier crowd day?

    Is it possible to get 4th, 5th + fastpasses later in the day for times that are within the hour on a heavier crowd day? Like can I get a fastpass for Pooh at 3pm for 4pm? Or how about a Haunted Mansion or Small World at 3:15 for 4pm? Which are the easiest fastpasses to get?
  3. M

    Help with MK plans and crowds

    We are planning a trip to MK the week of 11/16. We are going to spend 2 days at MK and have tickets to a Christmas Party. Touring plans is projected level 1 crowds on days that they close at 6:00 and level 6 crowd the night they are open until 9:00. I am struggling between having a quieter park...
  4. M

    Worth going in park Before Ticketed event?

    Good day Everyone, I heard that crowds are normally "LOWER" than usual on days of a ticketed event. That being said, I understand that the park will close earlier in order to leave place to the "Event". some people might think it will be too crowded and avoid parks with ticketed event on same...
  5. S

    Best Week to Go? Late January vs Early February?

    Hi all! We are a family of 6....looking to go late January/early February. Any suggestions? Crowds, weather, events? Thank you for any insight & opinions! :)
  6. jacobzking

    Halloween Time Superthread 2019: "Oogie Boogie Bash" Party to Be Held in DCA ONLY! and Other Halloween Time Information

    As of August 4th, now opens with the HalloweenTime image :) ***First date to sell out, Thursday September 26th, is officially SOLD OUT as of July 15th*** **as of August 2nd these additional dates have sold out: 9/29 and 10/31** *as of Aug 24th, the following dates are sold out...
  7. TandDandE

    Blizzard Beach is closed; how are crowds at Typhoon Lagoon?

    Hi Folks, Since BB is currently closed, how are the crowds at TL? I've never been to a Disney water park and I'd love to try one this trip. I'm wondering, when does TL currently gets busy? I'm hoping to go WED, 10/09 at opening and maybe spend 2 to 3 hours there with DW and DD9 (they like...
  8. C

    Stuck on dates...

    I am really excited to book our family's 2020 trip to WDW, but I'm really stuck on dates. I have two kind of bad options (such is the fate of a teacher). I would like to rent DVC points to do a split stay between Beach Club and Polynesian. Help me choose? 1) August 18-26, 2020. Pros: Low...
  9. C

    Are we done with DW?

    And it’s not because my wife and I have become disabled. We spent 2017-2018 holidays there. Renting a wheelchair the whole time and electric carts in the parks, and relying on our athletic daughter, we were fine. We’ve done holidays for years, and certain days always were uncrowded. E.g...
  10. R

    September crowds (predictions)

    Who is headed to the World in September? What are your predictions on crowds? Will it be busier than normal all over or just at HS? We are headed there the 18-26th. I'm trying to prepare myself for busier crowds as we usually go in Sept with near walk on for most rides.
  11. E

    Money versus Time?

    We are planning a trip in mid-later August. We have been to Disney four times but never done a water park. We have five full days in the parks plus partial days on travel days. We are considering upgrading our park hopper to do Typhoon Lagoon for $60, or doing H2O Glow night which is $188...
  12. H

    POFQ or Wilderness Lodge?

    Hi all! We're going to Disney next year the last week of August with a 5 year-old and we're deciding between Port Orleans Frech Quarter or Wilderness Lodge. I have stayed at POFQ, but not WL. Has someone stayed at both and can let me know a bit about their experience and how they both compare...
  13. H

    Art of Animation or Port Orleans in late August

    I'm planning a Disney vacation for our small family of three, which includes a 5 year old who has never been to Disney. I stayed at Port Orleans Frech Quarter almost a decade ago in July and loved how quiet and small it is as well as the bus transportation. We loved the fact that FQ is so small...
  14. T

    Star Wars: Rise of the Crowds

    Being a huge star wars fan and having the very video games I played become tangible. This feels like a dream. Something that when I go there see and experience all of this land has to offer, I am going to come home that night wake up the next day for all to be gone. The good news, it won't be...
  15. A

    Grad nights vs Weekends

    I know there have been posts about this before but all the ones I come across are old. I am planning to go to Disneyland in May between the 19th and the 23th for two nights. I was wondering if if it made more sense to go on the 19th and 20th to avoid grad nights but be going on a Sunday or do...
  16. P


    My family and I are going to WDW on March 22nd and 23rd and want to know if the parking is generally busy (like standstill traffic) or if there isn’t much trouble to get parked. We plan on getting there 30-40 minutes before the park opens to beat a majority of the crowds. Does it take a while to...
  17. DisneyMom93


    Hi. My husband is thinking of moving our DW trips to January, possibly February, instead of November as usual. I've been trying to research when the large groups, or tour groups, such as Cheerleaders, 15s, Mardi Gras, Pop Warner, etc have their visits to Disney World park and resorts. I...
  18. R

    Best days to visit each park?!

    Hey all! We're going to Disney World in September 2018, and are just planning our days out. What are the queues like from September 1st to September 7th in the parks (looking for a veteran's input here!) And does this seem like a good itinerary? Saturday 1st Sept - Land in Orlando 15:35...
  19. firsttimer4

    Columbus Day weekend

    How bad is Columbus Day weekend? We usually go the end of May, but were thinking an October trip this year so we could catch Toy Story Land. My kids always have a fall break around Columbus day. So we were thinking October 5-9th. I have read mixed reviews about the crowd.
  20. BriLovesDisney

    Christmas Week Strategies and Advice

    Hello, I hope I'm doing this correctly as I'm new to the DisBoards! My family will be spending Dec. 20-27 in Disney this year. This is the first time we are visiting in 5 years so we are all very excited. Although we have been at peak times before (spring break, summer, and Thanksgiving week)...


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