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Podcast Cruise 4.0 - 12/08/2012

Discussion in 'Podcast Cruises' started by WebmasterJohn, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. stitchlover

    stitchlover Mouseketeer

    Thank you John.
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  3. bonnieappetit

    bonnieappetit Member

    WooHoo, just signed 6 of us up for Podcast Cruise 4.0! I wonder how many are signed up as of now? I was just so glad that there was still room! I can't wait!:cool1:
  4. Euphscott

    Euphscott Mouseketeer

    Yikes - Dolphin pre-cruise rooms are almost gone. I tried to book Wednesday through Saturday and could only get Thursday!

    I booked what I could - any chance John Wednesday might open up or I can get on a waiting list to add that night?

    And for those that are on the fence or wanting a room Thursday and Friday night - you better hurry!
  5. Euphscott

    Euphscott Mouseketeer

    Oh - and welcome aboard Bonnie.. :)
  6. sayhello

    sayhello Have Camera, Will Travel Moderator

    So I just started listening to the live Podcast from 3.0, and heard about the Remy brunch. Is anyone interested in getting a group together to do this? I wonder if they have a "back room" like Palo does, that we could book as a group?

  7. Emiel

    Emiel <font color=blue><marquee>The Netherpeople are in

    I know only about the Dream, but: yes thay have a private room: we were in it during the Remy brunch on the Dream. To complete the story told on the podcast: we were told that Remy brunch is only served on sea days!

    BTW: we really, really, really loved it. We were wasted after six courses of food with champagne :drinking1 , but it was worth it!
  8. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    They offered Remy brunch on our last sea day only (Eastern on the Fantasy June 16-23). You had to go up to Remy to book. Sounds awesome & well worth the money, just for the champagne alone!!!!

    I think we are going to do it on our March cruise & do Palo brunch on Costa Maya day on this cruise instead.

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  9. Scott5150

    Scott5150 4 Time Magic Crusier and Disney Grand Slam (Disney

    Hey fellow PCC 4.0 ers!

    I am agonizing over two issues. I am looking forward to hear how you are approaching each one:

    1: Passports - I have one for work, but my wife and kids don't. The argument for getting one is hearing stories like the last PCC where someone had to get evacuated off of the ship and flown home and could not get back into the US without one. On the other hand, we have cruised 5 other times with Birth Certificates and not had a problem.

    2: Trip Insurance - Similar argument to above. I can manage some issues, but the thought of getting a $20k bill to be taken to the Bahamas by helicopter.

    I guess it all comes down to money. If I had unlimited money, I would do it all. But I am trying to be thrifty, but not stupid.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  10. NancyIL

    NancyIL DIS Veteran

    If you had unlimited money, you could afford to self-insure your trip. It's the folks who can least afford to lose the cruise fare or pay a huge medical bill who need insurance the most. I don't buy trip insurance for US land trips, but I do for cruises.
  11. OKW Lover

    OKW Lover <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    We have passports. Keep in mind that you aren't getting them for just this cruise. They are good for 10 years (adults) so you are covered for any other trip you may be taking to a foreign country.

    I almost never take insurance. However, if there was any potential problem looming, then I would buy it. Fortunately I'm in good health and have pretty good health insurance. Its also not likely that i'll need to cancel for other reasons so I forgo trip insurance. Yes, I'm willing to bear a fair amount of risk. You may be different.
  12. NitroStitch

    NitroStitch Mouseketeer

    I didn't purchase trip insurance until we started doing ABD trips. We're both healthy people overall, but couldn't afford to lose that kind of money for a whole ABD trip if something happened.

    Last July, DH got sick and ended up in the hospital for most of the ABD trip, plus had gallbladder surgery, all while we were in California. We were VERY glad to have had trip insurance, which helps with medical, some meals if you have receipts, cabs if you have receipts, and some trip interruption reimbursement. Since ABD can't price each experience separately so that they could put a price on each thing we missed, the reimbursement was far less than expected (kind of a unique situation), but it still helped. We were lucky that DH was cleared to fly back home exactly at the time we had originally planned flying home, but changes in flights and temporary lodging would have been helped with insurance too. It's hard to imagine how many unplanned expenses you have if something unexpected goes wrong, especially if it involves medical flights off cruises and family flying from a port to join the ailing family member, plus lodging while they're diverted from the trip they already bought.

    I'd much rather spend the money on trip insurance when I can't afford not to have it - I'd rather feel silly not needing it than need it and not have it. Everybody's financial and physical situation is different, and like OKWLover pointed out, you have to look at your own situation and decide whether you'd rather possibly lose the money on trip insurance you didn't end up needing or possibly lose money on medicals and other expenses if something does go wrong.

    Good luck deciding! I know I've agonized over that decision myself. For some types of trips we take, I never purchase trip insurance, since there isn't much loss built in to those trips if something goes wrong.
  13. mdvlprof

    mdvlprof Mouseketeer

    We have passports. When cost is divided by # of years they're valid - not really that expensive.

    We always get trip insurance. Funny, we've had to use it a couple times - but never for DS who has medical conditions - just for 'healthy' travelers..
  14. Silverfox97

    Silverfox97 PLATINUM Castaway Club

    Just got passports; well, applied for them on Wed. Got them for both of us (adults) & DD5. We've been on 6 cruises without them & have been fine. For us, not having them limits where we could go in the future (a non-closed loop cruise such as a Panama Canal, etc.), plus, peace of mind. The guy at the post office said we'd receive our birth certificates in about 3 weeks & then the passports about a week after. We did our own pics (taken by DH & printed at Target).

    Still have never gotten trip insurance (ever), but it's certainly something to consider. We know the pros & cons (no need to hash out on our account).

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  15. TIGGERmetoo

    TIGGERmetoo DIS Veteran

    Question - will there be any merchandise available to purchase that will have the PCC 4.0 logo on it from CafePress or anywhere?
  16. OKW Lover

    OKW Lover <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    That's a big maybe. They did for PCC 2.0, but not for 3.0. :confused3
  17. myweegirls

    myweegirls <font color=deeppink>Caught the Disney Bug from my

    We're the ones who had to leave the cruise last month, and I was glad a million times over that I'd gotten passports for our DDs. Once we were off the ship and outside the bubble, they were our absolute guarantee that we would have smooth passage back to the States for all four of us. The trip insurance we didn't book for the last trip cost us $200 for PCC4. It's a personal decision, but I wouldn't wish the red tape, extra cost, and stress we experienced last month on anyone. You just never know what might happen. We were so fortunate in so many ways, but we still had quite a lot to deal with that would have been covered up front by the trip insurance policy we bought for our next trip. I'm just glad that, on top of that, we never had to be worried about being outside the US without passports!


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  18. sayhello

    sayhello Have Camera, Will Travel Moderator

    Sounds like a fabulous experience, Emiel! I really want to try it. I hope I can get some folks to join me!

    I wonder if they'll start offering it online any time soon? Thanks!

    Boy, ain't that true, Nancy! I buy the insurance for expensive trips, or trips outside of the US. My Medical insurance isn't good outside the US, and, so far, all my recent foreign trips have been ABD's.

    Boy, I'm glad everything ended up OK for you. :goodvibes What an ordeal!

    The first time I got trip insurance was my very first cruise. It was Southern Caribbean, so long & expensive. I ended up with a scratched cornea ($300 just to see the ship's doctor!) so it ended up paying for itself (I'd gone through a Travel Agent, and he talked me into it). The second time I needed trip insurance, I ended up with a torn rotator cuff 2 weeks before a hiking tour of Yosemite. Hiking was really beyond me at that point. Insurance reimbursed me for the tour (not cheap!) and paid the airline change fee so that I could still do the second week of my trip, which was visiting family. The 3rd time I needed it, I tripped and fell on a dewy deck staircase, and slashed my head open. (While I'm a bit accident prone, it could happen to anyone!) Spent the morning in the ER (including a CAT scan) and missed my flight home from Alaska. The insurance included a "concierge" service (many policies do) that dealt directly with the ER (I never even saw a bill), called the airlines while I was on the phone & got me re-booked on the same flight the next morning (and payed for all change fees including the increased airfare), put me up in a hotel by the airport for the night, and reimbursed me for a couple of meals. I was *SO* grateful to have the insurance, and not have to worry about any of the details except getting patched up & getting to the airport the next morning.

    If you never need insurance, then, obviously, it seems like a waste of money. The first time you really need it, you realize how much it's really worth. It really depends on how much risk you're willing to take. Me -- not so much any more!

  19. mdvlprof

    mdvlprof Mouseketeer

    Yay for trip insurance, if its with a good company. I consider that couple hundred $ to be part of the cost of cruising.

    Had a stroke just two weeks before a cruise. Insurance reimbursed us for having to cancel.
    DD [who is healthy as a horse] had allergic reaction to pool chemicals, had to spend time getting treatments at ships doctor. Several hundred $, insurance reimbursed that, too.
  20. Scott5150

    Scott5150 4 Time Magic Crusier and Disney Grand Slam (Disney

    Thanks for everyone's responses on the Trip Insurance and Passports. I have decided to do the Trip Insurance, and am strongly thinking about passports.

    Now I gotta get ready to make that final payment and start making reservations!

  21. WebmasterJohn

    WebmasterJohn <font color= red>Genius <br><font color=teal><marq Administrator

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