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Photos from Fantasy Eastern Concierge cruise

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by jegsnakkernorsk, Jun 3, 2012.


What do you most look forward to doing on the Fantasy?

  1. Riding the Aquaduck

  2. Dining in Palo and/or Remy

  3. Relaxing in the Rainforest Room

  4. Solving a Midship Detective Agency crime

  5. Shopping on shore and/or on ship

  6. Sailing with Mickey and Minnie

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  1. Timon

    Timon <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/" targ

    Absolutely fantastic report!!! :thumbsup2 Thanks so much for sharing everything with us :goodvibes
  2. Avatar

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  3. flipflops42

    flipflops42 New Member

    Thank you for sharing. Great pictures and useful information!! :thumbsup2
  4. Majordis

    Majordis Member

    Thank you for this great report. Can you tell me if you felt the ship's motion in your stateroom or in the lounge? My DD suffers from motion sickness so our prevous cruises have been midship. We are sailing concierge next year and I am a little concerned.

  5. jegsnakkernorsk

    jegsnakkernorsk long time lurker

    we didn't have any problems at all. the seas were pretty calm for us though - some thunderstorms at night but pretty still otherwise and the motion didn't bother us at all this trip.
  6. davale4

    davale4 Love love watching my kids have fun

    Thanks for sharing! I love the details of your TR and all the wonderful pics...It makes it more exciting waiting for our trip in August 2012!!!
  7. nenner1

    nenner1 <font color=darkorchid>I must've been distracted b

    Fantastic report- thank you both so much. I loved getting both perspectives on the trip- very unique and enjoyable (and also mom's too at the end!)

    Once I started reading I just couldn't stop! Really terrific, detailed narrative and great pics too! :goodvibes

    We have never done concierge, and hope to someday athough we won't be when we cruise on the Fantasy in Sept. In fact we have one of the aft baclony rooms like your friends had- only not the middle reallly big one, one of the ones next door with an almost as big balcony!:rotfl2:

    Also we had a similar camera buying experience in St. Maarten last year. Not the same store (I don't think....) but the same deal where they give you the case and memory card package. We had to buy one though because our other camera got wet and ruined on an excursion. We didn't feel totally super ripped off at the time but when we got back realized we got an older model camera that we could have gotten cheaper in the states. It did keep charged properly though. So I know how you felt about that little situation.:sad2:

    Anyway I just loved seeing all of the new (to me!) and interesting things your family did, including the vow renewal! VERY nice!

    Again, thanks for sharing your cruise with us. Awesome TR! :thumbsup2
  8. jegsnakkernorsk

    jegsnakkernorsk long time lurker

  9. CPer'sMom

    CPer'sMom New Member

    Sorry you're having trouble posting them. Thank you for taking the time and effort to get them up for us to see! :)
  10. DisneyRhondaKay

    DisneyRhondaKay New Member

    Thank you so much for this wonderful report! Loving it! We set sail next month on the Fantasy, not concierge, but I'm sure it will be amazing! So looking forward to it!
  11. steph5377

    steph5377 Disney Fanatic from NYC

    I love love love love love your report. I've been reading it very slow because I don't want it to end. Looks like you guys had a great time and all your pictures brought back so many memories! Today is exactly one month since my trip and I can't wait to do it again. I was so sad to get on the plane to come home, so I am trying to book another cruise before the end of the year. Can't decide when to go, I was thinking the 2nd week of December, so I need some suggestions!
  12. disneydiva16

    disneydiva16 New Member

    This was an amazing trip report!!!:goodvibes Very detailed. I loved it!! Makes me that much more excited for my cruise.
  13. jegsnakkernorsk

    jegsnakkernorsk long time lurker

    It WILL be AMAZING! Have a great time!!!:goodvibes

    It's been an adventure, first I had to find the navigators and having been in the process of selling a house in Virginia and moving to a house in Florida this summer things just ended up everywhere. But then I had to scan each of them and each page and since that's the extent of my technical knowledge, I then emailed them to Sis who saved them as PDFs and emailed them to WDWinfo. They SHOULD be here http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/cruise-new/cr-stateroom-navigator.htm soon. Fingers crossed! Sorry again for the delay.

    I'm very flattered. Thanks for posting and I'm so glad you had a great trip too. It's fun to relive and relive and relive the memories. I've been so busy lately that this cruise seems so long ago for me now and I can't wait for the next! (May 2013 for the Panama Canal). December would be a good time to go, but the water at Castaway Cay might be cooler than you had this summer - it's similar to Florida's waters in December/January I would say. So warm if you are vacationing from somewhere cold at that time of year!

    Have a great time and thanks for your feedback. Disney is in the details! :)
  14. jegsnakkernorsk

    jegsnakkernorsk long time lurker

    I'm also pleased to report that another Disney vacation is on my calendar! Mom, Sis and I have a baby shower to attend the end of September in Michigan. Mom decided it would be fun to make it a girls road trip and Sis decided to add a stop in Orlando on the drive back south. :banana:

    We're staying one night at the Boardwalk Inn (Sis found us a Boardwalk view room). Sis booked us dinner at Flying Fish that evening. The next day we will spend at EPCOT at the Food & Wine Festival. These are all first experiences for all of us - the resort, the restaurant, and the F&W.

    I'll pack a camera (and have it fully charged)!
  15. CEGrant

    CEGrant New Member


    Best. Trip. Report. EVER.
  16. jegsnakkernorsk

    jegsnakkernorsk long time lurker

    :cool1: Thanks! I'm blushing!
  17. GeneLegand

    GeneLegand New Member

    I would recommend as an excursion something like Punta Venado (google it, they have a web site - I can't post links yet). Or another of these eco adventure preserves along the coast.

    We had the most glorious time. It was a short 15 minute bus ride from the Playa Del Carmen port. Snorkeled for hours in the morning. Fishes and coral everywhere. Then they led us through the jungle forest took us to explore a brackish water cenote. Then we paddled on race kayaks all along the blue lagoons and bays. We turned it almost into a race to see who could get farthest south of the main bay before being called back by the guides. We had exhausted ourselves but that just made the afternoon all the sweeter: in this grass longhouse full of swings they had set out fresh fajitas and jicama and fruit and slaws with Mexican sodas and beers. We grabbed plates and went on the white sand beach and say under a private grass cabana and ate and tanned our legs. God it was like a Corona commercial without the annoying punchline. Please look out for these excursions if you are doing Western Caribbean.
  18. tinkerbellmagic

    tinkerbellmagic don't hate me because I loved the castle cake

    I absolutely LOVE your fantastic trip report! Amazing photos and it all sounded like a dream of a cruise! I knew I was hooked after reading your description of your crazy tablemates on your previous cruise. :lmao:
    And I was still laughing at how you described your snorkling adventure below! :rotfl2:

    *snipped by me*
    We have sailed Magic 3x and Wonder 1x and I was on the edge of my computer chair reading your descriptive account of the shore excursion in Cozumel. Wow, I would have been absolutely terrified! :scared1: We had a harrowing experience in Grand Cayman once, so I can sympathize.

    *snipped by me*
  19. UO Duck 91

    UO Duck 91 New Member

    Lovely photos! Thanks so much for sharing! We sail in November and I can hardly wait :banana:
  20. VictoriaAndMatt

    VictoriaAndMatt New Member

    Thank you so much for your amazing trip report! My husband however does not thank you, as now I'm convinced we must do concierge and a cabana for our upcoming cruise. He can't say no though, it's my birthday cruise! Lol anyway, I really enjoyed your trip report, and was so glad to find so much information on concierge. I look forward to reading future trip reports from both of you. :)
  21. lucas

    lucas °o°

    Fantastic review and pictures!

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