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Cruise secrets that DCL doesn't tell you

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by misseulalie, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. asamklove

    asamklove Earning My Ears

    I know someone had kindly consolidated all of the great tips found on this thread, but I don't know how to search/find it. Any tips?
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  3. Microbe1936

    Microbe1936 Member

    Bump. Excellent thread! :-)

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  4. Mama Odie

    Mama Odie Member

    Haven't tried this myself yet, but I've read on Lifehacker that this technique works best if you use oil-based Sharpies and an acrylic spray to seal the design.
  5. levenhopper

    levenhopper Active Member

    Did you find it?
  6. bitlerzx4

    bitlerzx4 Active Member

  7. bitlerzx4

    bitlerzx4 Active Member

  8. debsters41

    debsters41 Active Member

    Thanks for the link! :)
  9. leeleesmail

    leeleesmail Member

  10. Patsydust

    Patsydust Mousketeer

    Thanks for the document! It's awesome!
  11. Kermit85

    Kermit85 Member

    How are the items given to be signed returned? I didn't know you could give items to be signed until just now. I thought it would be fun to get something signed for a Christmas gift but one of the people I would give it to is going with me in the same room. I'm guessing that they just drop them off in the room at some point near the end of the cruise.
  12. debsters41

    debsters41 Active Member

    I would waylay your stateroom host and remind him/her repeatedly that you want the item to be given to you personally, or wrapped up, or something to that effect.
  13. hlang0527

    hlang0527 Member

    Do they still let you decorate your door for the cruise?
  14. HeddyRuth

    HeddyRuth Member

    Yes but with magnets only. No adhesives. If you have a concierge room on a newer ship the magnets will not work as they are covered with a wood veneer.
  15. Disfan11

    Disfan11 Member

    I love this list and would love to send it to my family for our upcoming cruise.
    But the amount of pages/tips I fear would be overwhelming for them and they wouldn't read it.
    Has someone compiled a more bullet list that gets rids of the duplicates?
  16. JoTheBookish

    JoTheBookish Member

    Did they update the doors on the "new" Magic CL rooms?
    I just started compling a bunch of magnets to decorate our door...
  17. My eyes are burning too but I can't stop reading!! :confused3
    Love all the good ideas. Can't wait to sail the WBTA 2014 in Sept., will be our 3rd cruise :)
  18. MY GOSH. I can't believe the nerve of some people. That's just WRONG.
    The zip tie idea is great. I think I will do that with mine.
  19. DannyDisneyFreak

    DannyDisneyFreak Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.

    There is a link in one of the posts on this page
  20. abloom

    abloom Member

    I've spent way too much time in this thread - Thanks for the great information! :flower3:
  21. Disfan11

    Disfan11 Member

    Can someone post the link that's more compressed?

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