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Cruise secrets that DCL doesn't tell you

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by misseulalie, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. misseulalie

    misseulalie New Member

    This has been posted before, but what fun things can you do that DCL doesn't tell you about? We are going to be on the ship for 25 Days and want to utilize all the little "secrets" DCL doesn't tell you about.. Here's what I came up with:

    1. Pillow cases with signatures
    2. Ordering cookies and milk from room service before bed.

    What else????:banana:
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  3. McDuck

    McDuck New Member

    What is the pillowcase signature thing about? :) Thanks!
  4. cmamacruise

    cmamacruise New Member

    We always order coffee the last thing before bedtime on the last night of the cruise so we have coffee in the stateroom the next morning (when you can't order room service). It stays warm in the insulated carafe.

    25 DAYS?? You must be sooo excited! You'll know all the secrets by the time you come back home:yay:
  5. tinkerbell87512

    tinkerbell87512 <font color=green>I would love to hear all about t

    ohhh i would love to hear all about these secrets!
  6. BuzzNutt

    BuzzNutt Becoming an Expert

    Bring a pillowcase from home and give that and some markers to guest services when you board. They will have the chAracters sign it and return it to your room before the end of the cruise.
    Great and not so expensive treat!!
  7. ariesmom

    ariesmom New Member

    Apparently we can Topsiders (is it Beach Blanket on Wonder?) for breakfast buffet option on disembarkation morning. :cheer2:
  8. eva

    eva <font color=blue>Often uses her unique ability to

    ariesmom, that was one I didn't know either, until I read it on this board. We've been on two DCL cruises and no one every told us. You can bet we will be there this year for breakfast.

    I think that one thing I found out when I made my reservation in August was something new. I asked about requesting the time for the rotation for dinner and the lady said no problem. She then asked what size table I would like to request. Of course it's just a request. But we really want to eat at the latest rotation(8:30), so I gave it a shot.
  9. McDuck

    McDuck New Member

    How neat!! Nice honeymoon souvenir for us! :-)
  10. misseulalie

    misseulalie New Member

    Yes, there's about 10-15 groups of DIS'ers who are doing the Med. Transatlantic and the 11 day Med. cruise. That puts us at 25 days, and 10 are days at sea.
  11. cmamacruise

    cmamacruise New Member

    Sounds like you'll be in good company!
  12. dipdotdarlin'

    dipdotdarlin' New Member

    You can also take a matte for a frame to guest services. We did on the first night and they returned it to our stateroom on the last night signed by all the characters on the ship. I bought an 11"x14" matte with an 8"x10" opening. I put a picture of me with Mickey & Minnie in it. It looks so nice with all the signatures around the picture and then framed.:yay:
  13. Soccermom-Cheri

    Soccermom-Cheri one beachfront bungalow on Castaway Cay, please<br

    What don't they tell you?

    About all of us :rotfl2:

    There are wines available that are not on the "wine package" or "deluxe wine package".

    If you are in a cat.1-3, they bring you a tray of treats everynight.

    The back stairs out of Topsiders can get you aft to deck 8 (deck 7 and 6, too?) - great for securing last minute cookies :rolleyes1

    Deck 4 loungers are a fantastic place to watch people exercising for you or take a nap.

    You can meet some of your best friends cruising with DIS board mates. :banana:

    (but shhhhh, don't tell!)
  14. disney1990

    disney1990 <font color=royalblue>Wow, it make my heart skip a

    Question - when you get the picture matt signed, is it for a 8x10 picture or a 10x8 picture -- i.e. which way do the majority of the pictures fit. Boy, I hope this question makes sense.
  15. NHdisneylover

    NHdisneylover <font color=royalblue>Lanyards are taking all my p

    I love the matte idea for signatures!

    1.Ask at guest services (only on the Magic I think) for the self guided art tour booklet.

    2.Buy the Passporter Treasure Hunt book. I don't have i tyet and it is mostly for WDW but is supposed to have hunts for the ships as well.

    3. Challenge the kids to an ABC photo shoot (they must find somewhere for every letter of the alphabet to have their picture taken--A is for Animator's, etc.). Makes for a great scrapbook when you get home.

    4. Tour the hallways to check out everyone's door decorations. Take a pad of sticky notes to leave messages for doors you really like.

    Missaulalie, maybe we can do some of these together on the first 14 days:)
  16. Poconos to Disney

    Poconos to Disney New Member

    That pillowcase thing is a great idea!!!:idea: If I did this, it would save me time the last night. I would have to try and run around to all the characters we missed and get signatures!!!:woohoo:

    Tell me more!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:goodvibes
  17. BuzzNutt

    BuzzNutt Becoming an Expert

    You can always size it down to a smaller picture with inlays and framing but it is a good size for room to be signed.
  18. BuzzNutt

    BuzzNutt Becoming an Expert

  19. wdwpirates

    wdwpirates Don't lose ya soul cuz it's all ya got. - DH

    That matte idea is awesome!! Does any one have any packing suggestions for it? Did you put it in a carry-on or in a suit case?
  20. Mean Queen

    Mean Queen <font color=blue><marquee> If only life were like

    I was wondering the same thing. I would love to do that for a group photo, but how can you transport it without it getting ruined? I did tell DD about the pillowcase and now she can't wait to try it. Keep the tips coming, I know I'll try as many as I can on our 4-day May trip.
  21. Luv2Travel

    Luv2Travel Member since there were less than 5000 members!

    I bought a picture mailing envelope (okay, so I don't know the technical name for it :confused3 ). But I bought it at Walmart or Kmart and of course you could find one at the post office. It has cardboard in the sides and it's padded. Then I just put it in between some flatly (is that a word?) folded clothes in my suitcase. Worked fine. :thumbsup2

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