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2013 Beach and Yacht Club FAQ: Don't Post Here! New Thread Now Open

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by natebenma, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Judyfun

    Judyfun New Member

    As a programmer it should not be this hard to post a picture.

    So I am guessing that I can not upload from my PC or phone (have tried both):surfweb:


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  3. ocalla

    ocalla New Member

    I do know that you have to use some type of online photo saving place (how's that for a description :lmao:) like Shutterfly, can't think of anything else.....NM help me out here!!!
  4. Angeejoe

    Angeejoe New Member

    I've used photobucket.
  5. 1coolnini

    1coolnini New Member

    I totally understand about the weather changes. Thanks for the link. Hoping to avoid rain by being totally prepared for it! I was just sooooo happy to see our date on the 10 day forecast. It means our trip is getting closer. :cool1:

  6. etail

    etail Episodic Veteran

    So we took advantage of the MVT deal and booked a stay at YC for August 18th to 21st after 3 nights at AKL on the visa deal. So good pricing all around and looking forward to it!:yay:

    A quick question...
    Two years ago we found the bumps at the seams on the slide in SAB to be too rough (actually down right painful...). Is that still the case? We enjoyed the rest of SAB, just not the slide.
  7. Ninja Mom

    Ninja Mom New Member

    I gave up worrying about the weather. It's not something you can control and all the weather forecasts issued cover such a large area that they often make no sense for the very spot you are in (WDW). The last trip we had severe weather warnings on a day that was partly sunny right in the WDW area so go figure.

    IMHO your best bet is to take any forecast , with the exception of a hurricane, and just plan on going to the parks. The key to beating the weather is to dress appropriately! When it rains the footwear takes a hit so always pack a spare pair to allow the wet pair to dry out. There is no secret to buying special rain proof footwear. Just get a second pair of what you wear in the parks and have that standing by. Another tip if you have foot wear that really got wet is to call housekeeping and see IF they have box fans they can send to your room. Some do and some don't. If you do get one then open up the shoes and park them in front of the fan when you are off to the park.

    As for covering your top half, Disney sells ponchos but you can buy 'em ahead of time cheaper at Wal mart. We have the tiny "El Cheapo" ones that we have been carrying abound unused for 9 years!! I'm not sure they are even good anymore but I still bring them as a talisman to guard against the rain.

    One of the special perks with crappy weather is that the parks are thinly populated and most rides are walk ons. This means you can really get your fill of the attractions without waiting in long lines!!

    So the weather is not as much of a problem as people make it out to be. The forecast is at times a poor indicator of the local conditions, Spare shoes are key and people wearing ponchos means it's only you and the other poncho wearing lunatics that are running around the parks riding your brains out!

    For pictures you have to dump them in a web hosting site and then download a link to that site. This is why I can post a complimentary picture of the Beaches and Cream Kitchen Sink from the Diswhizdotcom site.


    Nom, nom, nom!

  8. meryll83

    meryll83 All it takes is faith and trust... Proud Strawberr

    No probs, was just an idea :)
    And a fine moderator you are too!

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  9. RainK

    RainK New Member

    So exited! Booked BC for late August for 8 nights and it'll be our first deluxe!
    Traveling with DH, DD9 and DS 7.
    One thing we actually liked about the values is the food court. I admit it, I have not read the 200+ pages of this thread so I am asking a question I am sure has been answered 100 times. :-).
    Where can we get a bagel and or muffins in the morning? ( at our resort) Also need the toaster and cream cheese. Hahah. What about QS Mickey waffles?
  10. BringingUpDisney

    BringingUpDisney New Member

    It is crazy! My DD and I are coming all the way from Northern California and our flight is cheaper than my friend coming from Michigan. Something strange is happening... :confused3
  11. Wood Nymph

    Wood Nymph New Member

    You can get bagel, muffins, and many other breakfast items at the BC Marketplace. They also have a toaster there, and of course cream cheese. But sadly, they do not have Mickey waffles.

    Other than that, BC is an awesome place to stay. And it is really easy to walk over to Epcot (five minute walk) to eat there. :)

    You'll find lots of information on the first page. :)
  12. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    Hi Judy-

    Yes, I have the instructions for posting a photo on Page 1 of the the thread (part of Post 14, Other Useful Info)

    As NinjaMom points out, you need to use a photosharing service (Photobucket, Flickr, etc):

    How do I...

    Post a Photo on the DIS?
    sub-lesson: Upload all of your pictures into Photobucket in Large, not Full-size, format
    Note- March 2013: This feature is not currently working on the Photobucket Beta version. All photos are loading in a large format. Resizing of pictures must be done individually. ARGH!!!!
    ETA: March 15- this feature was added to the Beta version

    I also have instructions on multiquoting and making a ticker.

    Multi-quote more than one post?
    There are 3 buttons on the bottom right corner of every post. The normal Quote button, the Multi Quote button ("+) and the Quick Reply button (scroll and quill). Click the middle Multi Quote button ("+) on all of the posts you want to quote. The buttons will backlight red when you select it. When you have selected all of the posts, go to the bottom of the page and click on the POST REPLY button. You will be taken to a Dialog box where all of the posts will be quoted, ready for your answers.

    Make a ticker?

  13. Mickey & Minnie Mom

    Mickey & Minnie Mom New Member

    I hear you about the bumps. Someone made a suggestion to us about how to go faster and for me it seemed to lessen the bumps a bit as well. Ride up on your shoulder blades (think arched back) instead of on your flat back. Maybe it doesn't help the pain but you just go faster so it is over sooner?!

    The only other option I know my son does is to wear his rashguard shirt. Good luck finding a solution that works for you.
  14. Judyfun

    Judyfun New Member

    I am loving this dress that we made for Zoey, hope that she likes it as much



    I must be getting closer, I added to photobucket and that is the Http address that I used. going back to page 14 to recheck my steps
  15. DisneyMomx7

    DisneyMomx7 New Member

    Dee - Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work on this thread. I don't know how you do it!

    Happy Birthday Ben!

    So glad that you got the Dessert party on your anniversary.

    I'm so excited for our trip that I can't wait for June. This is our 16th trip in 10 years and I still get butterflies thinking about it.
  16. Angeejoe

    Angeejoe New Member

    Super cute :thumbsup2:thumbsup2!!
  17. nannette

    nannette Hmm... dislikes Trolls the kind with green hair an

    Ditto on everything Robyn said Dee!!

    Robyn we need to plan to have a sunken treasure since we'll both be there at the same time!!! I have pool time built into everyday... Let me know when is good for you!!

    Dee same goes for you.. I will be over at OKW by the time you arrive but still would love to meet you... let me know if you think we can figure out a time. I will be solo when you arrive, so anytime will work for me!

  18. mom_of_2

    mom_of_2 New Member

    That dress is super cute. I am sure she will love it!
  19. Ninja Mom

    Ninja Mom New Member

    Cutest dress ever!!! :banana: :banana: :banana:

    I hope she has fun wearing it. The Princesses in the park are going to go nuts when they see it! If she wears it to Akershus and Ariel sees it she will definitely go nuts over that dress. The store bought dresses are fine but the hand made ones are THE BEST!!!

    Have a blast going to the parks with your little one wearing that!

  20. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    Awesome dress!!! Thanks for sharing!
  21. DisneyMomx7

    DisneyMomx7 New Member

    Definitely! We are almost always at the pool every afternoon!

    I don't want to brag but I believe I am the reason the Sunken Treasure has become our official drink! I loved it so much I told everyone about it on our thread. Of course then what happens - they stop making them and we are forced to carry our own recipe! DH thought I lost my mind when my laminated sunken treasure arrived.

    We will definitely figure out a day to meet by the pool - sunken treasures in hand.

    Dee - how's that Flat Dee coming?
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