Yikes! What trouble did I get myself in? HELP!

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    Oct 26, 2009
    Hi everyone!! :wave2:

    Well here we go, no turning back now. Let me give you a little background. I have been reading the disboards for awhile now and decided I really want to go to WDW with the boys. I mentioned it to my mom who has points with various places that we would like to go in October 2010 and would like her to come along. I then told her that I wanted to look at some of the resorts and she said lets use my points. Then she calls my stepfather and tells him what we were thinking and he is so excited, wants to come and starts calling the various companies that they have points with. :eek:

    He calls her back in a few hours and says we are booked at WorldMark Orlando for 10/30-11/6. We are also on the waitlist for a bunch of the resorts inside the park - Animal Kingdom Villas, Boardwalk Beach Villas, etc.... (will work on my abbreviations - I promise!) So looks like the 6 of us are going! I REALLY hope we end up staying inside the park so we dont have to rent a car or any of that nonsense. I can't complain too much given the fact that my DH and I don't have to pay to stay!

    So here I am, former lurker, getting lost in the THOUSANDS of posts, reports, pre reports and everything else. I'm like kid in the candy store with all the great posts. I think I am suppose to be working but boy am I hooked!! I want this trip to go well but I dont even know where to start.

    Here are the players.

    ME - 33 and a planner but I dont mind if that plan sometimes goes out the window - have been to WDW 3 times but not since 96
    DH - 35 - love him to death and pretty much goes along with whatever i say - was there as a kid and for some meetings.
    DS - will be 4 at the time of the trip (birthday is in Dec) - will be his first trip
    DS - will be 3 at the time of the trip (birthday is in Feb) - will be his first trip
    My mom - older than me (not that she reads this but I think she doesnt want me advertising her age) - put it this way, she has hiked the PCT, missed a section for a broken foot, took 6wks off and then went back on. She is a trooper and could probably hike circles around me. - mother daughter trip with me back in 95?
    moms husband - he is a classic know it all smart guy but he has some really great moments and loves the boys - dont know if he has ever been.

    SO - HELP! Where do I start. When can I start booking things like the Halloween party? I know I cant do the Dining Plan if I am staying off site but can I do it if we are at one of the villas? Should I do the hopper pass? I think the boys will still be taking naps and boy are they hell if they dont. who knows what next year will bring. they both still take naps now.

    SOrry if I am long winded, just wanted to get it all out there being that I am so nervous. I want this to go well.

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