we have had 2 weeks of 90+ heat and no was getting really really bad....
but now...YEAH! and i have to waste this day sitting behind a desk for 11 hours..WHAH

Lucky. I wonder wat its doing here. I havent been outside yet. It looks rainy so maybe it finally cooled. We also had 90+ for a long time also. I cant wait for it to be in the 70's not too hot and not too cold.


It was lightning tonight, and the clouds were pretty dark, we could see rain in the distance. Actually it was pretty fun watching it at band, if you ignore the fact i had a 6ft metal lightning rod (flag pole) in my hand in the middle of a field! hehe:bounce:
I wish it was raining here! We haven't had REAL rain in sooo long...yesterday at DL it sprinkled a little, and was cold enough to wear a sweatshirt (not really, but I wore one anyways lol.) But it only lasted like 20 minutes...:(
i love when it rains!!!
it's awesome outside!! :p

until it stops and we have mega-humidity! :mad:
It needs to rain over here, everything is dry. i swear if it doesn't im gonna go outside and do a rain dance untill it does!


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