Would you guys like to take a look at our ADR's?

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    We're going for two weeks the end of August--I am so excited, especially because I'll be celebrating my birthday there!! :)

    Just some background: We are renting a house offsite, so no DDP (and also meant I had to call in every single day to make these!!). Also, we go every year, so we're not commando-types at the parks, we're definitely more take-your-time-and-smell-the-roses kind of people. These ADR's are for varying groups (we're a group of 7 altogether), but temperament-wise, we're all pretty much the same.

    So here are our ADR's--can you give me some feedback? Am I missing anything that is great? Some of these are first-time restaurants for us, others are classic favorites. Any feedback would be great! Thanks!

    Sat 8-15, Sun 8-16, No ADR's (Any suggestions? 8-16 is a DTD day)
    Mon 8-17: MK, CRT Lunch 2:25
    Tue 8-18: Epcot, LeCellier 11:50 (New to us, got online at 55 days out!!)
    Wed 8-19: HS, 50's PT 11:20 (long-time favorite); Dinner at Portobello in DTD 8:00 (New also)
    Thurs 8-20: DTD, T-Rex at 1:30 (New also); Need an idea for dinner here?
    Fri 8-21: AK, No ADR's (Taking Backstage Safari in AM), any suggestions?
    Sat 8-22: Visiting family nearby for day; Fulton's 8:00 (Dad and DH's favorite!)
    Sun 8-23: HOB Gospel Brunch 1:30; Any suggestions for a "date night" for my parents?
    Mon 8-24: HS, Dine with an Imagineer (New to us--so excited!!!)
    Tue 8-25: MK, Grand Floridian Cafe 12:40; Dinner at Bern's in Tampa
    Wed 8-26: AK, No daytime ADR's; House of Blues 7:30 (long-time favorite)
    Thurs 8-27: Epcot, Chefs De France 12:00 (New also); Yachtsman Steakhouse 7:30 (long-time favorite)
    Fri 8-28: MK: Plaza 12:45

    That's it! Any ideas for open times or feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated! :goodvibes

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