Wonder Day 2 report, Jan 13th

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    Mar 9, 2005
    Okay, I am back. Boy unloading seven days worth of souvenirs and clothes sure isn't as fun as buying it and packing it:)
    Our day 2 was pretty good, ds and i got up early and ate under the sun while the boat pulled into Nassau, beautiful scenery. We changed into swimsuits and off into the goofy pool he went, the water felt pretty chilly to me, but of course a 5 yr old never minds that. I just sat in the sun and enjoyed the warm air. There was only six other people around the pool at that time. We spent another hour in and out of the hottubs, they felt great!We did not want to go into Nassau and noticed how nice it was to have the boat so empty. Ds then spent about an hour going down the slide in the mickey pool, no line, so he just kept jumping out and heading back up the stairs. DH, ds, and myself then went and saw Chicken Little while dsil cont to soak in the sun. Cute movie, only about 10 people in the theater.
    For lunch, we took ds to the buffet because he was sick of adults:) and wanted to check out the clubs. we had registered him online and then checked him in before boarding the boat, again all very easy and efficient. The "big" people then ate at Tritons, a great lunch. It was just three of us and they put us at a table for eight, felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland, it was fun. The food was great, esp the fresh, warm tortilla chips, they were soft and chewy.
    Dinner that night was Pirates and we were in Parrot Cay. I think that was the most bland/average of the meals. I had the steak and twice baked potato, it was all very dry. DS did love that Murray our AS brought him a mickey bar without him even asking. I was a bit disappointed in Pirate night. I thought there would be a special menu, but it was the same. Also, in the whole dining room, there was only three other families that we saw with any sort of Pirate costumes, prior to the staff handing out bandanas at the end. DS was the only child in our seating that was in a costume that we saw, this made him feel a bit embarrassed. We did notice that in the later seatings lots more people were dressed up. DS wanted his costume off after dinner and wanted to go back to the lab to see Professer Goo. We dropped him off and headed to bingo. I thought $25 bucks per person for five games was a bit much, but it was fun, even though we didn't win anything. Bingo ended at 8pm and the pirate party didn't start until 9:45pm, fireworks at 10:30pm. Another disadvantage of the early dinner seating, we really felt there was nothing for us all to do in that downtime, we weren't interested in seeing the Golden Mickeys, so we took a walk on the decks but ended up going back to our rooms and just sitting around bored watching the clock, watching bits of the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Ds had a cute monkey towel animal hanging from his bunk when we came in.
    We headed up to deck 10 around 10:20pm and ended up being right next to Captain Hook when he came through. The fireworks were really beautiful. As soon as they ended though, ds wanted to go to bed and there were no arguments from us. Once again the boat rocked us to sleep. Day 2 complete we were soon dreaming of castaway cay...or so we thought:)-i'll try to wrap things up with day 3 pretty soon, but for now I must get back to reality and get ds up for school.

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