Wonder 4/6-4/9 ....long!

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    Thurs: Had to catch early flight to Orlando but it was smooth. Kids first flight and they loved every minute of it. Arrived at DCL Terminal before noon but they didn’t start loading until after 12:30. DS 6 was the first to hug Mickey. He caught him right by the door and was so excited to see him. (I was happy we didn’t have to stand in line!)

    Boarded the ship and made our way to BBB. It was beautiful outside so we enjoyed eating in the sunshine. We planned ahead and carried on the kid's swimsuits so after lunch we headed to the Mickey pool. DH and I split up as one kid wanted to be on the slide and the other liked the Goofy pool.

    We then headed to our room where our boys were surprised with beach baskets (from Mickey) and were thrilled to step out on the veranda. We knew the first moment that the veranda was so worth the extra money! We did feel very rushed to get ready for dinner. Luggage came in spurts and our dress shoes were the last to arrive!

    Animator’s Palate was our first restaurant and we had 5:45 seating. Ramsay & Pandy, from India, were our servers. They were terrific with the boys, treating them like little princes. (Some of what we had: seafood wrap, duck/goat cheese bread, squash soup, veal chop) DH ordered nothing for dinner and only I knew what to expect. All the guys got a big kick out of it. (They brought a plate with the word "Nothing" written on it in chocolate)From then on, youngest DS wanted “nothing” for dinner every night!

    Right after dinner we caught the first of many beautiful sunsets. We then did a little shopping and exploring of the ship before the show. Had our pictures made on the white background. DS 11 got a little ill from the motion and went back to the room, missing the show. We three enjoyed Hercules – it was very funny.

    Back to the room around 9:30, woke up DS. Showered, watched a little Disney and ordered room service…BLTs & Ham sandwiches.

    Friday: Docked in Nassau. DH and I had ordered room service the night before to have coffee at 6:30 a.m. He was our alarm clock to watch the sunrise out on the veranda. We let the boys sleep in a little as yesterday was such a long day. Woke them up around 9, went back to BBB for breakfast and then out to Nassau. As soon as we entered the Festival Palace there was a band playing and they had the kids come up on stage, gave them hats and let them play the drums.

    We walked around town a bit and took a horse/carriage ride around town. It was a really neat to explore the island and learn some history. We thought it a good deal at $35. We then went down to straw market and let the kids buy some souvenirs. I didn’t like how tight the isles were. One guy tricked us outside over some necklaces. (Said they were free, welcome to the island and then asked for a donation-pretty pushy) We also didn’t like it when entering Festival Palace to head back to the boat that a guy offered DS (11) a pill – out in the open, very near a cop like it was no big deal. Other than that Nassau was better than I expected and heard.

    We went back on the ship for lunch. Took the kids to the pools and had burgers and chicken strips. We then let them explore the kids clubs and went to room to get organized, enjoy the veranda and relax.

    Didn’t have to rush so much getting ready for dinner this time and it was a nice change! We went to Parrot Cay our second night. Pandy was so good with DS (6) and took him around to teach the limbo. They did tricks with them and created a mouse out of a napkin. Some of the things we ordered: Crab Martini, Mango soup, French toast bread pudding.

    This night both boys joined us for the show and we watched Golden Mickey’s. Not what I expected, nice to see some of the classics. We rushed out of the show and headed to Deck 10 to get a table for the pirate party. We found a table but no chairs so the DSs snuck around and rounded up 4. It was a blast to watch the show from Deck 10 –especially for the firework show. I got a little misty eyed thinking of everything, watching the kid’s faces and feeling so thankful to experience this. We skipped the buffet and headed back to the room to rest and late night room service (pizzas). Came back to a monkey towel animal hanging on DS's bed.

    Saturday – Castaway Cay day! We woke up early to watch us arrive in port. Had breakfast at BBB again so DS could have the Mickey waffles. Tried to go to the post office right off the ship but they weren’t open. We had purchased the Day pkg excursion so we headed to the snorkel lagoon first. None of us had ever snorkeled and it was quite an experience.

    First, walking in those flippers is NOT easy and we kept falling, DS (6) was crying before we made it waist deep. He didn’t like the mask, said he couldn’t breathe and just would not try it. DH took him over to the swim section. DS (11) went out further with me but freaked out midway too. He said the ocean hurt his ears (didn’t bother him at all later though at the family beach) and that he couldn’t breathe. DS went back to get DH and I tried to snorkel. I have to say when you first do it, it is scary. You feel like you are going to drown – doesn’t seem right to breathe under the water. Also takes awhile to get the hang of the flippers and rolling over and all. (I will say I am so very glad I did all this EARLY before the majority of the beach had a laugh watching me!) DH came over and together we became pros. We enjoyed snorkeling and holding hands – a nice break.

    We then joined the boys on the next rope over for some swimming and sunning. Around 1:00 we headed up to Cookies for lunch. (Standard BBQ buffet) After lunch made our way back to the ship. I took the boys straight to the pool while DH showered and changed. He then relieved me and I had time to actually dress for dinner, make-up and all! Boys came back in time to get ready and we headed to Tritons for our last dinner on the ship.

    I was very glad not to have a bill at the end of that meal! French food is definitely not for DH and the kids. I tried everything – escargot, duck, and crème brulee. DH didn’t like any of his foods; neither did DS (11). Pandy was so good to DS that he brought him a little pizza to replace the food he didn’t like.

    DS (6) then wanted to go to the Kids Club so we took him up there and explored the ship a bit. Came back to see if he wanted to watch the last show but he was having too much fun. We watched Disney Dreams and DH and I snuck out right at the end to go back to the room and pack. I sure didn’t do it with the care and organization I did for the trip down! One hour is just not much time to pack. The boat was also really rocking and for the first time it nearly got to me.

    Ordered our last bit of room service – All Hands plate and chicken soup for the boys. We picked up DS 6 right in time to enjoy it before bedtime. It was after midnight when the boys went to bed so we dressed them in the clothes they would wear to the airplane. They were so tired – DS 6 talked in his sleep the whole night.

    Sunday – The night before was not long enough for sleep! We awoke at 6:00 a.m., dressed, packed and arrived at Tritons for breakfast. Disembarking the ship was a breeze and we napped on the bus on the way to the airport. Had a couple hours wait to read, nap and rest before heading home. This was such a WONDERful trip, exceeded our expectations in every area. Would do it again in a heartbeat....just have to start saving! :thumbsup2
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    Thanks for the great report. Enjoyed reading it!!!!!! Glad you had a great time!!! :sunny:
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    We are getting ready to go on our first ever cruise, and it is so nice that people like you post your trip experiences. It really helps us "newbies" out! I've learned a lot from everything on these boards. Thanks so much and glad you had such a great trip! Now---if only mine would hurry up and get here! :)
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    Jun 1, 2005
    Hi there!

    Glad to see you had a WONDERful time too! I haven't had time to write up my trip report so you'll see that soon!

    Thanks for sharing your experience! :goodvibes
  6. knebel22@frontiernet

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    Dec 23, 2005
    Thanks for the report. Never read much about the 3 day so it was nice.We leave for Disney Saturday then do the Wonder on Thursday.
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    Feb 28, 2006
    That's such a great report. Thanks so much for sharing it. Now I'm even more excited about our trip next week. :banana:
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    Wow, what an amazing report thank you for taking the time and sharing. Glad you had a great time. My two boys are 6 and 11 as well. We will be on the Wonder for the 2nd time, May 21st. We can't wait! :cool1:
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    same with us


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