Why Freeport?


Sep 7, 2000
Having never been there I didn't mind, too much, about sacraficing our day at sea for a Freeport layover... I can honestly say, been there, done that, don't want to do it again.

The Freeport experience has made me a bit curious as to how or why it popped into the four day intinerary. My thoughts, based on nothing other than they kind of popped into my head are... with the demise of the Big Red Boats (they are apparently being stored at Freeport) the Bahamas government thought it would be nice if DCL ferried some folks to Freeport every other week to take the bite out of the loss of tourist previously delivered by Premier. Thought two is the Freeport layover is essentially cheaper for DCL... less time cruising, less fuel consumed...

If the Disney folks do scan these boards to see what folks have to say about their product.... first and foremost... it's a first class experience in every respect... they do it right and, based on my two previous trips on the Magic, and our 1-13 just completed trip on the Wonder, they go out of their way to make everyone totally happy. I can't see myself cruising on any other line. If customer feedback tailors the product the offer I vote for them to drop Freeport and make the Castaway experience a two day stop... it's a great place to lay back, drink rum, and enjoy one of the finest beaches you are going to find anywhere.

My vote: Drop Freeport... stay out at sea or stay put at Castaway.


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Aug 29, 1999
Your right SeaDog...Freeport was a waste. The only thing that I thought was good about it was that my wife hates days at sea!!

So for us it was good. She didnt have to worry about the boat rocking (which it didnt do at all on the 1/13) and we still just stayed on the ship and had fun!

That was the only reason she would go on the 4day. We did the 7 day in Sept. but she didnt like all the sea days.


PS I would still like to say at Castaway Cay longer. My wife thinks they should build a resort there, so you could come in on a ship one week and leave on a nother one the next week.

I told her to figure out the logistics and send her resume to DCL!!


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Jan 8, 2001
Hi all,

Just thought I would throw a different opinion on here because I enjoyed Freeport. While I'll agree 100% about why DCL has decided to stop there, I disagree about not going. I have been on three cruises and only one time did I actually get to do Freeport. I think it's a nice treat and something different, especially if you have been there done that cruise several times. I finally had the opportunity to research something new to do on DCL ship and enjoyed learning about the island. While the port itself is to industrial, the island it's self is beautiful and a nice change from the hustle and bustle of Nassau. Also, I found the people of Freeport friendlier than at Nassau. I am dissapointed that this trip this weekend is a day at sea again, cause I would love to see the great people I met at the Lucaya Market again.
Personally, I am tired of Nassau and would love to explore another island on the 4 day cruise. I know, I know...if I am that interested in exploring new places I should go on the 7 day, but who can get that much time off? Not me, unfortunatly.

I love Castaway Cay, but being in Florida going to a beach isn't that big of a deal for me. I actually usually stay on the ship for most of the day at Castaway, unles I am at the bar on the island.<BG>
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May 19, 2001
There were probably some people who thought that a Day at Sea was a waste, so they looked to add a port of call. But with scheduled stops at Nassau and Castaway Cay, there was no place else they could go within the time allowed.


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Mar 27, 2000
We snorkeled via www.unexso.com and LOVED it. The reef is very colorful and beautiful! We have snorkeled in St. Maarten, St. Thomas (Buck Island) and Castaway Cay and found Freeport to be the best. We'd like to go there for a week's vacation just for that purpose (and to learn to dive).

We also thought the people were MUCH friendlier and the island cleaner than Nassau.
Now if you want to drop an island, my vote would go to Nassau. We just did this stop a week ago on another cruise line and it was NASTY!!! Freeport anyday!!



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Jun 5, 2000
We took a taxi to Paradise Cove (not offered as an excursion - you can find it by doing an online search) and had a great time. We just arranged for the taxi driver to come back for us at a certain time. There was a small day fee and snorkeling equipment for rent. The water was so clear and beautiful. It was great to have more beach time. We did that in the morning and made it back to the ship for a late lunch and a free afternoon onboard.

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