Why does MS go to a busy signal after 4pm??


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Aug 17, 1999
did they crash or is that to make sure everyone that is on hold gets through?

After no luck getting thru today after 15+ tries at various times, can I dare ask what the 407 # is?

I will try it tomorrow!

I tried approximately 15 times to get through and then was on hold 13 min 57 seconds before MS picked up, my phone has a clock on it! Ridiculous, this happened to me 2 weeks a go too!
They probably let the busy signal go becuase if you got a voicemail they would have to pay for the call. A busy signal means the call didn't go through so no payment for the call.
When they are very busy, like on Mondays, the lines are all busy and you will get a busy signal.
A lot of the problem is people have given out MS's number so darn often here that people that are not members try to call and book other resorts and ask information (ignoring, of course, the instructions to call another number for information).
If you only have say 30 lines and they are all in use, you are going to get a busy signal.
I doubt it has anything to do with voice mail.

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