Why did I get a Disney Magazine?


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Jul 25, 2001
An issue of Disney magazine showed up in the mail today. That's a first for me. It's the one I've seen posted about on this board with the ultimate insider's guide, etc.

How did I qualify to get this? I'm a DC member, but that has its own (little) magazine. I'm a DVC member since last August...is that the qualifier?
It's Disney Club perk. Membership includes a subscription to The Disney Magazine.
Thanks, Pam, for your usual prompt and illuminating response. :)

I've been a DC member ever since they converted me from the old Magic Kingdom Club. First time I ever got this magazine.

It's the best mailing I've ever gotten from Disney, other than my DVC papers! ;)
Granny... I have been a DC member since the start of DC as well. Its just like any other Disney mailing, they seem to come very intermittantly. I have received only 2 of the magazine. ( I haven't received this newest one yet). I also only received 2 of the mickey monitor over the last 2 years as an AP holder. It seems to be a big problem with all of Disney mailings.
Granny -- If you had a MKC Gold (the kind you paid for) that should also have included the Disney magazine. I always enjoying reading it.....but haven't gotten my latest copy yet. :(
Pam....no, my MKC membership was free through my company. That explains it.

It's just that the top of the magazine says "Spring, 2002" which made me think it came out every quarter.

I agree that the Disney mailings (DC magazine included) seem pretty sporadic.

Pam, I'm sure your Disney magazine will come soon.

I'm glad DVD does not think we need our own magazine....no way they could bring as much information and news as this board! :cool:

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