Whooohooo I am tired.. but I almost got everything!!

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    This was a bonus birthday trip for our daughter to celebrate three trips before she was three :) (she turns three on the trip)

    My hubby was totally on board with the ADR planning and stayed up until midnight making sure we had all our numbers ready and reservation sheets ready.. he even agreed to use his cell to call at the same time... we started calling at 3:58am PST and my call was answered on the second try.. no hold nothing! The cast member was sweet but terribly slow... :goodvibes she kept reading everything really slowly and reading all the formal stuff I already know.. but after the second reservation she realized I was prepared for this call.. uhhh yeah... I'm up at 4am with work and little kids the next day.. LOL :) We are trying to get in a bunch of new places this trip... our last trip was for 15 days so we tried everything else then! lol

    Our ADR's

    Day #1-
    Boma-Dinner (new to us I have wanted to go every trip and always had to cancel our ressie (wanted Hoop dee doo review)

    Day #2 (birthday!)-
    Bib. bob. boutique in the castle!

    Askershus 5pm Princess dinner (new to us but were at that princess age lol)

    Pirate and Pals fireworks Voyage

    Day #3 (MNSSHP)
    Whispering Canyon- Dinner- 5pm (DH's fav)

    Day #4 -
    CRT(new to us)- Breakfast- 9am.. wanted lunch maybe will find one later :) For now the princess gets eat in the castle! lol *BTW They had several really early times open that I bet lots of you East Coasters could handle! :)

    San Angel (new to us)- Dinner- 5pm

    Day #5
    Coral Reef- Dinner- 4:45 (new to us)

    LE CELLIER (new to us.. never get to go..this trip we are not canceling)!!!- Dinner- 4:30

    Illuminations Fireworks boat cruise!!! (looking to share ;) will post on the cruise share thread Sept.14)

    Day #6
    1900 Park Fare (new to us)- Dinner- 5pm

    Day #7
    Sci-Fi -Dinner- 5pm (new to us)

    Day #8 departure day :(
    O'hana Character Breakfast

    I am so excited this day finally came and we got almost everything we wanted only one second choice on our first night which has been available for booking for while for other people... It was the cruises and B.B.Boutique that I was really anxious about.. WHEW! YAY!!! So excited now :) I just had to share :goodvibes good luck to everyone who day is coming up!

    And seriously.. can I just mention to people who "get it".. lol How awesome is it that my Dh gets just as into this as me!!? All my super planning has proven to him to be the best most relaxed and stress free vacations and he is all for it.. and he loves the world.. *sigh* lucky huh?.. lol

    thanks for letting me share!

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    Have a MAGICAL TRIP :thumbsup2

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