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May 15, 2007
Once I had finished laundry, we went up to the lounge for a couple of hours. I went up quietly and gave Ashley a good luck card, this was her last day in the lounge we wanted her to know how much we appreciated her. She opened the card through the back and came over for a big hug. She will be missed in the lounge.

Kayla the manager came in and we had a good catch up with her. We could sit there all night, but eventually we head off to HHN.

It didn`t feel overly hot tonight as we went out for the boat, that tiny little bit of temperature drop was distinctly noticeable even now, and would be more so later. It was still hot though!!! The boat took a while tonight and we had to wait. A few folks gave up and ended up walking, but we honestly couldn`t be bothered. Knowing us as soon as we started walking, the boat would appear. I think it was ten minutes before we got on the next one, which is unusual at peak times as they run regularly.....but it happens.

Using the hotel guest entrance, one of the TM mentioned it was busy already tonight.......Sunday`s can be a hit or miss crowd wise, but he was right, tonight was busy.

We planed to do the houses at the rear of the park tonight so we headed right when we went in and hit the Vanity Ball zone.

Costumes, SA and theme were great, but it seriously lacked the scare factor it should have, but we did kind of enjoy it at the same time, it certainly wasn`t the worst zone this event.



On to Viking`s zone...….this zone was mobbed tonight.....there weren't enough SA in this zone and the ones that were there were swamped most nights, they couldn't stop for pictures with everyone that wanted some, so they didn't stop a lot which made any pictures hard to get. We did manage a few pictures, but crowds tonight made it harder.

So we took pictures of things above us...…..



The other thing lacking for us this year, was a proper Halloween feel.......on previous years this whole area is usually festooned by pumpkins with scary faces in all the trees and looked so beautiful all lit up...….this year they were missing and it was noticeable. Yes, it`s a Horror Night, but the name Halloween is in there too....I think this is the first year I`ve missed the obvious Halloween feeling.


Our first house tonight was the Classic Monsters House...….and it is a classic!!!

The regular line was 50 minutes and with the walk we were in the house in just under 15 minutes.

It is worth the wait!!! Tremendous house and one of the main reasons we enjoyed HHN this year along with a few other houses...and this house for us tonight was brilliant!!! So many scares and we laughed the whole way round.......and we had some really nice folks around us again tonight who were all in the spirit of the event and were funny too. We all moved a little slower tonight and really got to spend some time really seeing some of the things we had maybe skimmed past some nights.....it was interesting, but we still don't have the desire to see the day tours where you see the houses with the lights off...….nah, I prefer not to do that.


These kiddie town buildings were spooky enough for some...…...I did think they could have had some spectres or ghouls wandering around here to get us all in the mood for being spooked. But it might have ended up more like Scooby Doo!!


We did Graveyard Games next, regular line was 50 minutes, but as we walked down the Express line, it looked much longer than 50 minutes. I don't know if it changed just after we joined it, but I was so glad again, for the hundredth time we had EP!!!

This house was phenomenal tonight!!! We had seen a couple of additions to the house tonight which were amazing and great additions to the house itself. Fabulously eerie house that was visually impressive too and some darn good scares!!! SA were some of the best tonight I had ever seen.....their timing was perfect and were genuinely terrifying at times! I did scream once or twice...…..

We came out of this house completely amazed by how good it was tonight......and everyone around us was exactly the same. Everyone raved about how wonderful this had been and some first timers were howling with laughter...….amazing house!!!

We hadn't gone to Depths of Fear yet...….I wasn't gripped on the house as a theme, but had heard various reviews......most were good I have to say.

The regular line was 60 minutes and again, holding things up at the EP line were four people who were trying to use their hotel EP to get into the line...…they claimed they were told by the hotel they could use it......

Yes, I`m sure the TM haven`t heard that one before!!!!

They ended up in the regular line and laughed about how it was worth a try.........

15 minutes it took to get us into this house...…...


This honestly was a huge disappointment...…..it was more like a B movie gone bad than a haunted maze. We had been told there was a feeling of claustrophobia and feeling of being underwater in this house...….well, we missed it!

Costumes looked like they had been left over from the Alien scare zone a few years back...…it was all a bit odd and although the actual house did look alright, the carry through to a story just didn`t work for us...…the creatures were just too ridiculous to be even a little scary.

We did feel cheated after looking forward to this house......it for us, was the poorest house out of them all.

Nightingales we did again, I have written down regular line was 70 minutes and we got on in 10 minutes......and again, I wish I could remember something about this house, but it has just kind of faded into the background.....except for the smell.....it wasn't pleasant.

The views over the park at night are always lovely...….everything looks so pretty all lit up...….



After stopping for a drink we headed back into House of 1000 Corpses.....again, this was a surprise house for us that we liked it so much......and it was a good house.

50 minute regular line, we walked more or less straight in. There was a slight delay as one little girl of around maybe 7 or 8 didn`t want to go in the house.....the TM was telling the parents he wouldn`t make her go in as she was crying....while the parents were trying to tell him she`d be fine, she was just tired..... :sad2:

Even the folks around us some of whom were no more than kids themselves were saying how awful it was for this kid to be so upset.....they ended up not going in but didn't look happy about it.

Once they were gone we did all go straight in...…..


I only noticed the creepy lonesome figure above from the pictures......didn't notice it any of the times we were going in the house.....


Another fun house!!!! Good scares and SA were on their A game again.....I still never worked out from the house the whole sordid theme of the film.....it really is just a very good haunted house.

We gave Potter a miss tonight........it was a little cooler as the evening went on, which was nice, but I still looked like a beetroot as 82F is still hot......but it was pleasant walking around tonight again, although the crowds did make an impact tonight. It wasn't mobbed as you couldn't move around, but, you can no longer say Sunday is quiet. Maybe quieter....but we managed just fine.

Into Hellbilly.......we did enjoy this zone.......it was full of fun and a few little shows to watch.......and these two were among the best.



This zone was fairly good tonight.....I did get a couple of good little frights, especially when one hissed in my ear.....genuinely didn`t see her approach me from the side......Tom did of course, but she moved too quickly to catch it on camera.



Not the best zone of the event, but I still think the SA do the best with what they`ve been given.......and some of them in here were very good.


We`d done enough tonight......…as we exited again, we were shocked how many people were coming in.....but, for us, it was the boat back home and we were lucky to get one immediately...…and we had a raucous rendition of YMCA followed by Rock the Boat which was a hoot!!!!

Into Jake`s bar we asked for a table, it wasn`t too busy as it was quite late now.........we needed something food wise, but didn`t want too much to eat, and knew exactly what we would have.

Yes, our waiter Pilot, smiled as he saw us.......yep, two Crawfish Chowders......two white wines and two strawberry lemonades.......


And they were all delicious…….chowder was gorgeous and we downed the strawberry lemonades in record time, and they were replaced as soon as we had finished.......

This was enough tonight......we paid our check and headed upstairs where we both yawned our heads off all the way up.

And we saw an email from Kyle to say that yes, Thomas Cook had gone into administration. They were bust.

Not much we could do and certainly not tonight, it was something we`d think about over the next few days. I did click on one story back home, where it said anyone who was abroad now, would have to be home in 24 hours or they`d be on their own........I knew then we wouldn`t be leaving within 24 hours if it was true....we`d make our own way home. As it turned out, that particular story was false anyway. But, it was still sad news regardless for almost 22,000 employees.

Tomorrow.....back to the parks.
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May 15, 2007

We slept so well again last night!!! And despite another late night for us, we woke up very early as is the norm for us I guess. But it did feel good waking up feeling refreshed.....

Once we were showered and dressed we went up to the lounge where Kayla immediately said she had seen TC had indeed gone bust last night. A man came over as he heard us talking and explained they had come in on the last TC to leave the UK. Again, lots of rumours as it had just happened. He was asking about his friend who was due in later in the week and booked at RP......Kayla said they were looking at everything right now as they had a lot of guests calling with queries....so he`d have to call and see himself.

We had a good old chin wag about TC and the massive company it was and how no one really expected the flight only side to collapse......but it was a shame, and right now none of us had any idea what would happen in the coming weeks.

Once we had eaten we headed out for the walk to the park....we were going to IOA today so we always walked when we go there. And it is a gorgeous walk.

The beach area is very pretty and has a very pretty background. They do have weddings here which we have seen pictures of and they do a wonderful job of it.


All the hotels that have a boat as a transport method, all have the lovely walkway to get to Citywalk and the parks, and it is beautiful.....we never get tired of this walk and the views long the way.




We were surprised how busy it looked at the gates this morning.....for a Monday morning there were a lot of people heading in right now.

Our usual wander through the store is always nice, we take our time and eye up some items we might like to purchase......but I think we have most of the stock now!!! Most are passed on in some way or another.....usually gifts for friends kids or grandkids.

Back outside we felt the heat today.....I can`t remember exactly what the temperature got up to, but it was a hot one!


It was bliss just walking through the parks, taking our time and choosing which rides we`d go on this morning. First off was Hulk today.....and we got the second row as someone else had asked for the front, we really don`t need the front every time so second row is fine. The back of the Hulk is also good as you do get a good amount of airtime, but I still prefer nearer the front.

One and done with this......it can give you a bit of a rattle at times, and I wanted to do FJ later, so didn't want to be too rattled.

Dr Doom is a favourite.....not everyone likes it, and I can see why as it is short, very short......but we always walk on this ride with EP and for us.....it is fun. I always remember the first time I went on this......2008 and I was petrified!!! I had spent the previous trip refusing to go on it, while Tom and Kyle went on numerous times......I immediately regretted not doing it as soon as I loved the first go on the ride! That initial shoot up is fabulous......and the anticipation is even better!!!

We do this ride several times......

Spider-Man is another favourite. It might be an oldie, but it is a classic and today we end up again on the front row which doesn't really make much difference on this ride.....any row is alright.


We have a wander down behind the store where you get your picture taken with Spider-man and you get the view over the lagoon from another side.......and again, it`s usually quite quiet and you don't get much traffic down here.


You really do get a clear view of the new bridge over where the new rollercoaster is going to be situated. Really looking forward to this one being revealed!!!


We were lucky with the crowds here too, we seem to have missed the masses that had swarmed in this morning....



I think this is my favourite sign anywhere, and just about sums up our time in Universal :hug:


It`s a shame Popeye and me ship the Olive is down right now.....we love wanderring down to that area where it is always so peaceful and tranquil......and you can watch folks get drenched on the ride too....that is always funny!!



We didn`t go on Jurassic Park today, not sure why......but we passed a little area they had set up as a mini obstacle course for kids......an ideal way to fill an area that is temporarily empty.......it was deliberately rudimental and undeveloped...….it gave it charm!!!

And kids old and young loved it it seemed......Tom did decline to take part...….


Heading into Potter we see where everyone is again this morning......it is always so much busier here than any other area of the park when it`s a quiet time. At peak times, it`s busy everywhere which is good to see....so many folks say they dislike the rest of the park except for Potter.....truth is the rest of the parks are fabulous...…but some only see Potter which is a shame.


Such a beautiful Castle. And there are always so many people on the bridge trying to get the perfect shot every single day......



We did want to do FJ today, and we end up doing it twice. The first time we put our items in the lockers and then the second time we had the camera with us. I don't know if this is still in effect today, but while we were there the line went back outside the castle instead of straight inside...….I hadn't seen that before this trip, at least not when we`ve been there.



If we stop for taking pictures, we always tell folks behind us to please carry on as some stop to wait, and we don't want to hold anyone up at all...….and most people are still polite like that that they do stop, but happily move on when we say to please go on......


This door always makes us a little sad when we see it....


We loved Alan Rickman in so many other things.


The Mirror of Erised is here and it was delightful to hear on another trip a little lad get so excited to see it.....he was bouncing with excitement when he came across it.




The hall is covered with pictures and they all are quite amazing to see individually.....each one quite unique and all with their own little story I imagine.



It is all so impressive...….every tiny little detail has been added with care and precision.....and JK Rowling and the designers certainly came up with their own version of magic with this place.....

Everyone wants to see Dumbledore of course......




One of the last areas before the ride is the common room......the regular line was quite busy now so we didn`t get as many shots as we`d like, but it was fine, we have loads rom past trips and I`m sure we`d get them again. I did love the huge fireplace in this room......


More coming up.......


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
I seem to have a load of pictures for today!!! Quite a short update this one too.......

We tell the TM we aren't riding this time and we head out of the line, here you join the folks coming off the ride and of course......straight into the gift shop!

As gift shops go, this one is decent and does have some very odd and unusual items for sale...….



I do know someone who would love this mask......but he is a collector of all things weird and wonderful and odd masks are one of them......he has a room full of displays that I won`t even go into it as it is weird and the masks are very creepy.

One ride we don't go on very often and I`m not sure why is the Hippogriff...….it`s not the longest nor the wildest coaster and it is supposed to be for kids, but it is quite good and we have enjoyed it in the past. I guess we should give it a try again one day.


I love this castle.


There are a few shows on and around this area, and one of the nicest ones is the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang show, this one is very nice to watch. You can also see the wonderful frog choir here too at certain times of the day.


We don`t really hang around this morning as we want to take the train over to the Studios for a little while...

I love this picture!!!!


The line for the train was fairly busy, and we had a full carriage again today.....we had been lucky on other occasions a few years back, to have just the three of us in a carriage several times......now it just seemed busy all the time.


And as soon as we got in our designated carriage, every other person sitting with us, immediately brought out their phone and started filming every millimeter of the carriage.....for the entire journey...…..It was quite funny as if Tom or I turned to look in the opposite side where the doors are they quickly turned the phone round in case they missed something!!

We do fancy a quick wander round Diagon and Knockturn Alley and have a quick ride on Gringotts.


There are so many details in both Potter areas......


And some very beautifully coloured and designed buildings....




There is a regular wait of 35 minutes for Gringotts, so we pop our items in the lockers which again aren't mobbed this morning, and in no time at all we are on the ride. We get the back row this morning, which I think we both prefer to the front....the small drop feels a little better from the back carriage.

It`s a gentle swooshy ride with the tiniest of drops at the beginning, but it`s a ride we do enjoy and it has a fabulous line to go through with both Express and regular lines.

We overheard someone under the dragon said it hadn't worked for a while this morning, but by the time we got in it was going just fine, regular as clockwork.



Knockturn Alley was almost deserted today......I guess everyone was outside today.


We only grabbed a couple of pictures in here today, we just wanted to be outside, heat and all......




When we saw these guys below, I did wonder if one of the guys who has been one of the Mummy Stilt Walkers for ever, had finally either retired or left. We had a picture of the same guy every year since 2007. He was a classic.


We popped back in to the store opposite Transformers again today, we wanted to pick up one of their Ghostbusters teeshirts......I`m glad to say we did manage to get it, someone back home had of course emailed and asked if we could pick it up....."if it wasn`t too much trouble" lol.....


We even avoided the Christmas store today...….too tempting!!! We`ll keep those purchases for the December trip!!!



Up next...….Monster`s Café and then Lunch at Sal`s pizza


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
One of the quirkiest little quick service places in the Studios is Monster`s Cafe. The theme and decor is among the nicest in the parks.....although for us the food isn`t that great here at all. To be fair they have changed the menu since we last ate here, but still not hearing rave reviews about it.

This is where they hold the HHN Scare Actor Dining Experience, which was one of the worst experiences we have ever had at Universal......for so many reasons. I saw pictures of this years offerings and it didn`t look any better, so we were glad we didn`t give it another chance.

But, the inside of the building has a plethora of old images and fake artefacts of that famous bygone age of classic Universal Horror monster movies....if you like that genre, you`ll love the interior of this place.





The artifacts on the wall are quite interesting to read and have a look at, I`m guessing most don`t, but it is worth a look.







The staff here are lovely though and I just wish the food was as nice as they were......

The new Today Cafe seems to be a success since it opened...…it`s always busy and reviews seem to be good. The Boulangerie is missed I think, and they did serve a load of good food items.....the croissant sandwiches they sold were lovely!


We headed for the boat as we were going to PBH and for the best onsite pizza there is........Sal`s. And first we get some pictures of Citywalk which always looks beautiful......


And I finally take a picture that`s not blurred or hazy!!!!!


And even another!!!! I could get used to this...…..


Tom soon had the camera out of my hand...….and back where he likes it to be......with him behind it!!!

We waited a few minutes for a boat and soon we were on our way to PBH. It is a beautiful boat ride whichever hotel you visit, very lush with trees and the water is a lovely way to get to the hotels or vice versa.

Anyone can use them to visit hotels if you are eating in one or just visiting, the only restriction is during HHN after 11.30ish, you have to have a room key for the hotel to get on one. But, other than that, they`re free to use.

PBH is the furthest away hotel on the boat route, but still doesn`t take long......even the walk isn`t too long...…maybe 15 minutes tops to Citywalk....not too bad at all.


It is a very pretty hotel and the boat path takes you right into the centre of the hotel`s piazza.......and we joke today is the busiest we have ever seen the square, as usually during the day it`s a complete ghost town.




Sal`s is PBH quick service restaurant. It is open early for breakfast right through till late serving all day.

They have some ready prepared foods like salads and sandwiches, and they have the main menu to order from too.









We`ve had the sandwiches before and they were lovely too, although they serve the worst potato chips as a side.....completely inedible.....

But, we usually stick to pizza here anyway. Today we ordered a small bbq chicken pizza, no scallions, add pineapple and jalapeno...…she does get a bit confused and asks what we want on the other pizza.......this went on for a few moments and we both got confused with each others answers!!!! She still thought we wanted two pizzas......one just with pineapple and jalapeno.......


It was one of those mix ups......but, we started again and got it sorted.......I don`t think I`m very hard to understand but maybe I was talking too quickly as Scots can do at times.........

We had also got two little bottles of prosecco to go along with our pizza and went through to the booths and sat down to wait for our pizza......these were actually quite drinkable and refreshing.



You are given a buzzer and when it flashes your food is ready to be picked up.......and it took around 20 minutes today, but I think there were a few convention people around and a tv crew looked to be eating before doing whatever they were doing.....so busier than usual for this time of day.


Pizza is delicious. Very light and crisp base, and plenty of toppings......I know a lot of folks object to bbq sauce as a base and even more object to Pineapple on pizza.......we love em both!!!!!

Kyle eats a whole small pizza (which is large enough for two) on his own....I`m not sure where he puts it.....but he loves their cheese pizza from here and one of his requests next trip is to have pizza from here.

Sal`s is the only place we eat in PBH. We weren`t impressed with the other sit down restaurants here....many love them, but we found them too artificial tasting and not authentic Italian.....sorry to Olive Garden Lovers, but it just tasted like that to us. So, we don`t choose to eat there again, but Sal`s is wonderful.



We wait for a boat, and another family are discussing walking instead of waiting.......it was a while......but, we do see a boat but it has Driver in Training on the side, so we know it`s not picking up anyone.....however this family didn`t realise this and kept worrying about getting on the boat with a pilot who kept bumping into the dock or missing altogether.......they begin to look a bit concerned and we eventually put them out of their misery and tell them no, they won`t be getting on that boat as it`s not picking up.......they were a little relieved. Especially when at that moment another boat finally came around the corner........


We get to Citywalk and wait a few minutes for the RP boat....it`s always a lovely ride back to the hotel on the boat, we do like a mix of walks and boat rides.....all depends on which park we go to usually.

But, to briefly go back to Saturday morning...….as I woke up I pulled a muscle on my calf as I moved......anyone who has experienced that knows that it is agony.......lol......but it soon settled down.......and I kind of forgot about it, except for it feeling a little tight if I wasn`t careful........but, as I stepped off the boat.....something went ping on the same calf......


So, it was a slow, steady and very painful walk up to the room from the boat dock.....

Tonight was Oceannaire for dinner...…..


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
I got some ice for my leg when I got back up to the room.....I was half limping now and it was painful. Guess I wouldn`t be wearing heels tonight now!

I went down to the shop to get some ibuprofen and of course it took me over an hour as I stood and chatted for ages......Tom didn`t wonder where I was as he knew or rather guessed I was chatting to someone. I usually do.

More ice and pain relief and we eventually got ready to go out for dinner. It was a beautiful evening again.

We went down for a car, and again the lovely Daniel offered to take us in the house car, which we were grateful for. We did have plenty of time, but I preferred to pay him to take us than the cars. And he is such a nice guy, although he had misheard my name the first night, we always tell everyone to call us by our first name rather than Mr and Mrs...…far too formal. Some folks end up calling me Miss Carole which is nice.......but Daniel, bless him, must have heard Claire instead.....and every time we saw him if we passed he always said Hi Claire...…lol....so I always answered to it......

We thanked him once again and we headed in to where Oceannaire is......they are doing a lot of work down here, and there`s not as many businesses as there used to be at Pointe...…still a few regular ones of course.



We were a little early for our reservation, but of course, that wasn't an issue...….the manager met us and he was very nice and asked if we`d like to be taken to our table straight away, we said yes, we might as well.......

They do have a lovely bar area here with a nice seafood display of assorted Oysters and more.....it did look appealing......well, I guess if you don`t like seafood it wouldn`t appeal, but to us......yep...…..it was lovely.




We had a lovely booth tonight, and our waiter brought us the menu`s which included the Magical Dining Menu.

The last time we were here, they seemed reluctant to mention that menu, however this time they were almost promoting it which was nice.

I studied the wine menu and defaulted to my usual Sonoma Cutrer and our waiter said he`d he back in a moment and with some bread and appetisers.......

We did like it here. It`s a beautiful restaurant and tonight being a Monday, it was very quiet, not too quiet and did get busier as the evening went along, but for now there were only around 6 or 7 tables filled.



Our water waitress was also very attentive and our water glasses were never empty...….


We don't usually opt for the Magical Dining Menu, but this one for a few years had always been recommended to us because it has surf and turf...…and we had enjoyed it once before. So, we decided tonight we would have it again. When he was taking our order he mentioned the Landry`s card and the benefits of having it.....I think you buy it for $25 but you do get it back and you can get something free on your birthday and so on......we told him we weren't interested.


I had the calamari which I usually prefer not to be deep fried, but this was ever so light and the calamari hadn`t been overcooked......Tom opted for the clam chowder, he`s not a fan of calamari at all.....probably because he had it once and it was so overcooked so I couldn`t blame him. The only way he will eat it is if I make it......no pressure there.......

The appetisers were lovely......I did prefer the chowder I have to say.



And of course the wine didn't disappoint......the bottle was set behind me, so of course he had to come and pour it, and the first time he topped our glasses up he again mentioned the Landry`s card......which we again politely declined.


The surf and turf pictures never look great...….and the food was better presented than it looked.....….and a little bigger......we both chose this and we weren`t disappointed........the lobster was soft and tender and had a lovely flavour and the steak had been cooked rare as we both asked...….it was a smaller 6oz cut, so we didn't want it overcooked...….I was a little worried Tom might find it too rare, but he did enjoy it.


Our side dish was the hash brown potatoes, which were surprisingly nice....I thought they looked overcooked, but they were lovely, and incredibly buttery!!!!


Although it was the MDM we had, service was still as good and we were in no way rushed, it was a very relaxing meal and we were glad we had come down here tonight......

Our dessert choice was an easy one.......this key lime pie is divine!!! Probably one of the nicest ones we`ve ever eaten.


It is a smaller portion than the full menu option, the night we had the regular menu we had a large triangular slice, and the difference was quite noticeable. But, it was enough to be honest.........very sweet and I couldn`t finish mine, only because of the sweetness level.

Our check came and again the Landry card was mentioned and he left me the form to fill in and a pen........when he came back he asked if I`d filled it in, we said no we`d have a read of it. He stated we wouldn`t be able to claim back the points we would have earned tonight......I told him we weren`t bothered and would read it later.

They obviously earn commission on selling these cards, or he wouldn`t have been so pushy.....and that was our only complaint about the whole evening.....everything else had been wonderful.

I don`t think we will visit here every trip, Eddie V`s was much better, but it was still lovely, food and service.

We asked if they could call us a car, and the manager did it there and then and said it would be two minutes...….and it was.....driver was Haitian and very nice...….he chatted the whole way about life in Haiti which sounds, er, interesting!

Sapphire Falls was our destination tonight.....

Our favourite barman was on tonight...…..so we sat down the far end of the bar, in front of where they hand cut the ice cubes from a giant ice cube.....very impressive.......

There was a lady sat beside us on her own.....she was here for a conference and was chair of a bank in Texas.......she was very nice and asked us for recommendations for food as she guessed the way everyone knew us we had been here a lot........lol......just a few visits!!!

She was very nice though and good company for the evening........

As Lenny was in, we ordered his blackberry and thyme daiquiri and a mai tai for now..........both drinks are beautiful.


Our favourite barman.........



Ashley wasn't in tonight so we missed her, but Lenny is a fabulous host and we had a good old giggle with him about many things.....including his master of rum knowledge........

We were chatting about the syrups he makes here for the cocktails and he mentioned one in particular.......it sounded delicious, he was again surprised he hadn`t given us a taste, so he came up with a cocktail for us to try.......another no name cocktail.....but it was delicious!!!


I also tried the milk punch.........nothing odd you might think, but the name had always put me off. So I had no intention of trying it...but he said, have a taste and poured me some in a glass........

I was very surprised. It was smooth, strong and delicious!!!! I really shouldn`t judge by a name I guess......

The lady from Texas, Angela had loved her food we helped her pick and had enjoyed her cocktail too. We spoke about Dallas and how I always wanted to see the house Dallas was filmed all those years ago, I had heard it was much smaller than it looked on tv...…of course. She said yes, it was and she didn`t live too far from it........and she did invite us to come visit her if ever we made to Texas.......it was very kind of her to say so, but of course I`m not sure anyone ever takes a stranger up on such offers. She did give us her card with email and address on it, so I`m guessing she was at least half genuine.

She left at that point as it was late now and she had an early meeting, so we said our goodnights and we ordered another of Lenny`s wonderful creations.

We had enjoyed a lovely evening and sitting at the bar my sides ached with laughter at times.........the whole team here are wonderful and several came over to say hello as we were sitting.......such a welcoming place to everyone.........but eventually we decided we would have to walk back home...…so we said our goodnights and did get a picture with Lenny before we left for the evening.......


Walking back over to RP we saw the ballroom area had been festooned in balloons for something we assumed was happening tomorrow for a conference........very colourful.

The walk was fairly slow as my leg ached a little. I had definitely pulled something and just hoped it would ease sooner rather than later.


Back in the room, turndown hadn`t put a lamp on rather unusually, they normally leave a lamp on in each room.....but the drapes had been pulled so both rooms were pitch black.....lamps on and we didn`t even open the drapes to look out, we put the water in the fridge and it was straight to bed for us. I think it was around 12.30 by time we got back....

It was one of those nights we were asleep before we hit the pillows.


Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!
Dec 30, 2004
No injuries allowed on vacation! Good to hear it settled down quickly.

Why oh why do I look at this thread and all the drool worthy pictures before dinner?

Rather surprised to see Islands Wok going to all white chicken meat. It’s my favorite in stir fry but most chefs insist the dark meat tastes so much better. It is funny to see the size of some of those noodle bowls. Perhaps people feel the urge to fill it to the brim?

The pumpkins in the trees are one of the first things we look for every year at HHN. Hope they bring them back in 2020!


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
No injuries allowed on vacation! Good to hear it settled down quickly.

Why oh why do I look at this thread and all the drool worthy pictures before dinner?

Rather surprised to see Islands Wok going to all white chicken meat. It’s my favorite in stir fry but most chefs insist the dark meat tastes so much better. It is funny to see the size of some of those noodle bowls. Perhaps people feel the urge to fill it to the brim?

The pumpkins in the trees are one of the first things we look for every year at HHN. Hope they bring them back in 2020!

Next year`s HHN needs to get back to what it was......scary pumpkins and all!!! Yes, they were missed.....we heard many folks comment on them not adorning the trees there this year.

I only use breast meat for stir fry, but yes would agree thigh and leg meat is tastier, and probably wasted on stir fries. Oh goodness, we`ve seen brimmed bowls that would frighten the French!!! How anyone can eat more than one bowlful amazes us! And apparently some folks can and do eat 3 bowls at times!!

Leg did bother me a bit, but we just went slower where needed......

Oh yes, love some food pics!!!


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Jan 1, 2014
All your pictures of course are amazing and I always want to be at US!

TC fiasco wow! I thought about you the day I heard it on the news, glad it all worked out

Sals is delicious thanks to you, we tried it and loved it.

Another pitch for the Landry’s card from me, lol! We love it!


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007

Again, we were up with the larks this morning...….I do wish one morning we could sleep till 10am.....but as I haven`t done that since I was probably a late teenager, I doubt I`m going to do it now....but it would be nice, just once......Tom I think could sleep round the clock!

I had an extra long shower this morning.......I`m not sure I mentioned it before, but the showers here are phenomenal. One of the TM who stayed at the hotel during the hurricane as they kept so many onsite, mentioned how impressed she was with the showers.....it`s small things like that I forget at times.......and I also like the hairdryers here.....I have fine hair but a lot of it, so does take a time to dry.......but this one is ideal for me.

I also wrote down we spoke to a family from Michigan.....and I`m not sure why I wrote it down??? There must have been a reason, but I forget right now........oops!!! Tom said they were very nice.

Today we were having a quick drive back to St Augustine....it was supposed to be a little cooler today. Spoiler......we didn`t notice that at all!!!!!

Tom drives today, and I didn`t complain at all today.......we both love driving over here and it is fun despite all the grievances on the roads at times......and this road is so open and clear for many miles, we just enjoy driving on it. And today we didn't seem to have many annoyances on the road too!!


I`m always impressed with the size of the Harley place here......I know two people who have one and have never ridden on one as I really don`t like motorbikes, but they do look good on the roads!!


We pass a couple of beaches we keep meaning to go to at some point. Ormond and Flagler.....only through recommendations from friends who like them.....so we`re going to aim to do that in May next year and see how nice they are.


It`s easy to find where you want to be when you get closer, the whole journey is an easy one and you really can`t get lost......yes, even we didn't get lost coming here!!!


I think this has to be the fanciest car wash we have ever seen.



We usually park right next to St George St, it`s so handy for the main shopping area, but today we planned to spend some time looking around the Lightner Museum and Flagler College which we kept meaning to do on previous visits, but never had the time.....so today we parked behind the Lightner museum which is still fairly close to the main areas of the town...…..it`s not a huge place and feels very compact, so you could park anywhere really and still find everything convenient.

Looking over to Flagler college as we walked to the museum, the view was stunning. Beautiful building.


The Lightner Museum is somewhere we`ve been interested in visiting for a long time......


The museum is housed in what used to be the Alcazar Hotel that had been built in 1888 by Henry Flagler himself and I could just imagine the beauty and decadence you would experience when indulging in a visit to such a wonderous place back then. Hotels certainly new how to do glamour back then......…

However, in 1948 Otto Lightner, who then was a Chicago publisher converted the empty hotel into the museum we see today. He had been looking for somewhere to display his massive collections which were varied and fabulous.

It included fine arts, antiques and exquisite blown and cut glass displays to name but a few. Sadly we didn't see many as the museum is undergoing a massive refurb.

We also didn't take a lot of pictures inside and some of the displays were a little muddled and some items weren't labelled so you really had no clue what you were looking at sometimes. It is at times, reminiscent of just looking at someone`s personal belongings and not a well organised museum.

They do have a wonderful set of people there to help you, but I believe most people do self tours and not structured ones. I have no clue if that is an option or not. But, it is beautiful inside too and well worth a visit. And I dare say we`ll go back and get some proper pictures inside.

Outside was our favourite part though. It is well manicured and very well looked after...….



And blazing hot!!!!! Who said it was going to be cooler today!!!

The Santa Monica Spa hotel looks stunning.......if we ever stayed overnight, I think we`d choose this one. Although some of the quaint little guest houses were so tempting too!! But, this looked like it would be so beautiful on the inside, and I`m not sure why we didn't go in for a look.


Me trying to find some shade!!!!


Heading over to Flagler College the sun blinded us so much.......


My cousin and her husband in Long Island recently brought their daughter down as she was considering coming here for college.....and they were all blown away by the beauty of the place!!! It is stunning....



The college was a working college so we didn't intrude too much and I`m sure we could have explored further than we did, but we didn`t want to interrupt anyone or walk where we shouldn`t be.....so we curtailed our touring to the outside today. But, we were informed later we could have gone almost everywhere.


It was too hot to hang around again, we headed for the main street where the shops are and we tried to stay in the shade as much as possible...….the area was very quiet today and it was a real pleasure to wander around without too many people there.




It is such a beautiful place. And we went into a shop and bought some water where we were informed it was 94F. That`s hot......but where was the slightly cooler sea air........




One of the reasons we ended up hotter than ever, was we got lost!!!!

Well, not lost exactly, the place we were looking for to have lunch wasn't where we thought it was......so we ended up wandering around more than we should have at almost 1pm where the sun was almost laughing at how bad we now looked.......….we had seen a place on a previous visit, and it was down an almost back street and the entrance was like a back yard door...…..we couldn't find it.

So, we kept walking and found ourselves on the street on the front opposite the water. We said we`ll walk along the front till we find somewhere we like the look of.....which rather amazingly, didn't take us long at all......

Yes. We found the place we had just spent twenty five minutes looking for!!!! Doh!!!!!


Harry`s Seafood Bar and Grille was indeed the place we had been searching for...….it has two entrances, and we had only seen the rear way in...….and the fact we had found it had just been.......



It is a very quaint older building, that has no elevator if you did need one.......but, we were eating downstairs today and the little secluded dining room we were in was light and spacious. Although the table to the side of us to the right was very close.

We were shown to our table and we had just sat down to look at the menu, when a lady on her own who was obviously getting ready to leave started talking to us.......and this will sound very ungracious.

She told us it was her birthday, so we wished her happy birthday, she went on to explain she was having a mommy day as her kids were in school.....how lovely. We went back to look at the menu, when she began asking us questions which we dutifully answered politely, and went back to look at the menu......she then began telling us what was nice here, ok lovely......she went on again about several things and by now, we just wanted to look at the menu.....so we smiled politely and said I`m so glad you enjoyed your lunch and picked up the menu`s again...….she never really took the hint...….

Our waiter appeared and we asked for water, pink lemonade and a chardonnay...….no problem…...he then dropped the yappy lady her check and she began to tell us her life story again...….I felt bad. We just wanted to look at the menu...….but, we do like to chat to folks at the same time, but this woman wasn't having a conversation......she was just babbling...….


Eventually Tom said excuse us while we study the menu...…..by then she was almost ready to leave, we said we hoped she enjoyed the rest of her day and then we did get to study the menu.

I hate to be rude, but this woman had talked non stop since we sat down.....

Back to lunch...…….


Our waiter came back with bread and butter...….it looked lovely, but what he didn't say was, that is was garlic butter......nope, not for me......Tom however loved it...….he doesn't get garlic butter at home!!!


I did like the hot sauce that was on the table...…...


I had decided to have the Mahi Mahi with smashed potatoes.....I did make sure there were no onions in it, he came back and said there was onion seasoning.....that was ok for me.


Tom chose the Ultimate Shrimp Po Boy with fries.........this was huge!!!!


All the food was beautiful. The fish was tender, and although I had asked for it blackened, it could have been done a little bit more for me, but other than that it was perfectly cooked and the potatoes were very creamy and delicious.

Tom`s sandwich was full of shrimp, and incredibly tasty......he barely touched the fries but did enjoy that sandwich a lot!!!

This was a lovely place, and we would go back there again happily.....especially now we know where to find it!!!! We paid the check and used the restrooms before we left and went back out into the baking sun......

One of the women who was on the desk commented that it wasn't usually as hot here this time of year.....this was unusual and mentioned what we had said, there was no cooler sea breeze......she said they were struggling a bit too, so couldn't imagine how us Brits coped!!! lol......how true.


On the opposite side of the road to Harry`s was the bridge of Lions that opens up every 30 minutes for boats...…we just saw it open as we watched it today.


More to follow.......
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It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
All your pictures of course are amazing and I always want to be at US!

TC fiasco wow! I thought about you the day I heard it on the news, glad it all worked out

Sals is delicious thanks to you, we tried it and loved it.

Another pitch for the Landry’s card from me, lol! We love it!

Thanks Caroline......yes, us too......we always seem to be thinking of being back there again......

I‘m so glad you enjoyed Sal’s......it’s one of many places we hate to miss.

lol......I think it seems to be a good card, but we just don’t eat in Landrys establishments enough I guess. Thing is, the more this guy went on about it, the more I wouldn’t have taken it because of that.....I’m stubborn like that ::yes::

Yes, the TC thing was a fiasco for so many, we were so very lucky in the end......:thumbsup2


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007

We headed back to the little park area away from the centre of town, and it is very peaceful despite traffic on either side. There were a couple of ladies sitting in the shade selling some craft items or something like that......we`re not crafty people really, but the ladies were very nice.....and offered to take our picture after we chatted.





It is just the most beautiful place. The whole place is just stunning and one of the nicest places we have ever visited in Florida. And I don't think we have even scratched the surface of the place. We keep saying we`d love to stay overnight but we can`t seem to drag ourselves away from Orlando and our hotels there.....maybe one day we will.

Our drive back home is again, uneventful and we are happy about that. And once home we admire the view once again and do think of having a pool night as it does look ultra quiet again.


We shower and change, then go up to the lounge and have a couple of red wines each. We plan to eat dinner in Vivo tonight so no offsite, which is why Tom is having wine too. The lounge is quiet again so it`s pleasant and we always have a nice time up here.....

A few people were talking about the heat and how warm it is, and mention it has usually cooled down a little by now.....but we were determined to enjoy every second of this heat.

Later, we headed down for the boat, no real line tonight, I think we had missed most of the folks heading into Citywalk......

I was looking forward to Vivo.....but when we got off the boat, Tom said why don`t we go to NBC instead...…ok, sounded good to me.

It wasn`t overly busy so we got a nice table by the window and our waitress was very nice.


As we`d had red, I stuck to that and Tom had a beer...…..we do like it in there and had enjoyed a lovely meal earlier on the trip so we expected this one to be as good.

We`d had mixed experiences here....burgers are great!!! But, we had in the past had overcooked steak and chewy brisket to name but a few.....but our last meal where Tom had the ribs and I had a burger it had been fabulous.



After much deliberation, Tom ordered the brisket and I went for the full rack of ribs so we could share some, no fries just cornbread and I thought I`d try the mac n cheese.......we also asked if we could have some siracha sauce as I love a little spice with mac n cheese.....



They look good don't they!!

Tom`s was a little cool.....but edible.

However......my ribs were cold.....stone cold. I couldn't believe how cool they felt when I bit into the first bite...

We called over the waitress who apologised and took them away. I was surprised again this meal hadn't been without an issue. Tom meanwhile tucked into his lukewarm brisket and had almost finished by the time mine came back......

I had put some siracha sauce on the plate before she had taken it away, I saw immediately it had just been just wiped off the plate, but not totally, and I also had the addition of fries and no cornbread.....where was my cornbread?

The ribs were steaming hot, and at that point she asked if everything was ok....I explained I didn`t want the fries only cornbread. She said she`d be back, and she was almost immediately. I had an empty wine glass and she hadn't asked if I wanted another, which I probably would have done.

I tried the ribs and was stunned to see they were tough as old boots....yep, I think the chef had just microwaved them into oblivion.....Tom tried to tear one off the bone and it didn`t budge. So, I wasn`t going to eat any more of this. We looked for our waitress and couldn`t see her, but I did need to go to the bathroom. So, told Tom to explain and I`d be as quick as I could.

While I was gone, our waitress had come to the table, looked at my plate and handed Tom the check...…he said, no I think we need to mention the ribs. She said she`d go get a manager!!!

So, as I got back, Kaitlyn had just arrived and was super nice. I explained about the meal and what had happened...…she was very apologetic and asked if there was anything she could get me in place of the ribs.....you know when you just don`t feel like anything......I said no, it was genuinely ok....she offered some dessert to go, I said no thanks, we`re actually going to Voodoo to get the AP special doughnut as we hadn`t tried it yet......but we thanked her as she had obviously said they would take the meal off the check, which was all we wanted really.

By the time we were ready to leave, she came rushing up to us...…in her hand she had the AP doughnut in a bag for us!!! How kind of her...…she said the line was around 30 minutes right now for doughnuts and hoped that would be ok........it was a lovely thought of hers and we were very appreciative of her doing that.

So, we left NBC feeling happy instead of a little annoyed thanks to Kaitlyn. But, we did say, we would stick to burgers whenever we ate here again.

We got on the boat and on the way back home I suggested we go to Jake`s for a glass of wine and I would have some crawfish chowder as I did feel a little peckish now. My one rib that I almost ate, hadn`t filled me up at all.

Jake`s was quiet tonight, but we decided to sit at the bar and I did order a malbec and chowder, Tom ordered one of Jake`s own beers......


We sat for a couple of hours, and enjoyed a couple of drinks and some good banter with the bar staff.

It was around 11ish we went up and we opened up the doughnut......I got a knife and split it into four pieces.......it did have a lovely pink lemonade style filling and I could only eat a bite or two as it was very sweet. Tom was the same and we couldn`t finish it between us. It was nice though.


I promise that is our last negative dining experience of the trip!!!!!

We watched a little bit of tv and then went to bed......we did think we`d have an early night, but once again it was after midnight before the lights went out.


Proud Redhead...yes, I have some bananas!
Dec 30, 2004
We skipped NBC last trip based upon your experience. A shame it declined thusly, always seemed easy to get a table there. I do miss NASCAR, it was basic but reliable.

Have to laugh how you describe yourself seeking shade in the blinding sun. I do the same, shade is a valuable commodity there indeed.


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Dec 9, 2010
I love grapes!!! Can`t eat a whole lot of them, but red grapes over here are particularly delicious.....goes well with some cheese and red wine.....or beer in Tom`s case today!

I chuckled as I was snacking on grapes just before I read this and thought, "I shouldn't eat too many..." Then, read this and said, "yup, don't eat a whole lot of them like Carole said!"


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
My DD knows two girls from high school that attend Flagler College. How nice to have this place as your "home"!!

It must be wonderful to live there.......my cousins daughter ended up not choosing that college after all, but they all fell in love with the place itself.


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
We skipped NBC last trip based upon your experience. A shame it declined thusly, always seemed easy to get a table there. I do miss NASCAR, it was basic but reliable.

Have to laugh how you describe yourself seeking shade in the blinding sun. I do the same, shade is a valuable commodity there indeed.

Tom laughed when I tried to shade in front of the skinniest tree ever......with the best will in the word, it wouldn’t protect me ......lol......

Nascar was fantastic! We miss it there and there were a few stand out dishes we miss......Boogity Boogity Boogity Shrimp for one........ ::yes::

We’ll be giving it a miss for a while, or will just have a burger......


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
I chuckled as I was snacking on grapes just before I read this and thought, "I shouldn't eat too many..." Then, read this and said, "yup, don't eat a whole lot of them like Carole said!"

lol.......I love grapes! But my tummy rebels against too many!

They are so good for you, so you chomp away..........we’re having a cheese plate in a little while, and I have some red grapes.....I love those ones that taste like cotton candy.....but didn’t think they’d go with a nice cheese selection as well as red......these ones are delicious!


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Dec 9, 2010
Finally caught up! We have an Eddie V's here, and I really want to go to it. I think I just may next weekend. Anyway, loving the report. Hating you got a strain in your calf. :| Hopefully that doesn't affect the rest of the trip!


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