Who gets the Hulk booty....


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Dec 18, 2000
...in the net at the end of the day? The most I've seen up there so far was 3 sunglasses, 1 hat, & a hairband thingy late in afternoon. What might be the record of items dropped or most unusual item dropped? Any Earls or Coasterfevs out there? No, I didn't lose anything. Just curious.
I would suppose they go to lost and found. All I see are sunglasses in the net.


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I once sat a couple rows behind a guy whose cell phone flew out into the net. It seemed to hover above his head for a moment before falling :).
I encourage DW to ride Hulk since we never see a body in the net. She still won't try it though.

Yup, the net is lowered each evening once Marvel Island is clear of all guests.

All items (even if they are in pieces) are taken directly up to lost and found. Loose change is taken to McElligott's (sp?) Pool in Seuss Landing so it can be donated to the United Way of Central Florida.

Only thing to note is that, when the wind starts to pick up - the net starts to move quite a bit, creating a "wave-like" effect. This makes almost everything in the net be thrown off behind Cotton Candy into the lagoon, making it self-cleaning. All items in the lagoon area under Hulk are retrieved about once every week or two by tech services, depending on their inspection schedules, and given to operations to deliver to Lost & Found.
Thanks CoasterFEV,
I wonder about weird stuff like that. Good to know there is a recovery chance if/when I lose something! I was half expecting "lost cookies" stories to pop up here. But then, that net wouldn't offer much help, huh?
Also, good tip on McElligot Pool. All wish-making DD does will be there from now on. Didn't know it was for United Way. Any other pools designated for certain charities?
United Way of Central Florida is pretty much the exclusive charity for Universal Orlando (in terms of dollar contributions - employees volunteer at just about every other charity in town).

The small pool/stream out in front of Camp Jurassic also designates all monies collected to the United Way.

I remember prior to the nets going in watching cameras crash to the ground and luckily miss the crowds. I used to wait on the bridge and time my crossing until after a coaaster train went by just to avoid being conked on the head.
I hope that no one was ever hurt, and was glad to see the nets go up for everyone's protection.
Still, you can make a couple bucks if you hang out long enough catching the change that does not get held up in the net. However, my best day was only a $1.38


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