Whispering Canyon - Table for 6?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Claire&TheBoys, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Feb 17, 2007
    I just called to make my 180+10 ADRs and wanted to book WCC for a party of 6. The CM said that we would be seated at separate tables and was that OK? I said no, and she looked for other times and said they all indicated there were no tables for 6 at WCC. I booked it, knowing I could ask my trusty DIS friends -- so are there tables for 6 at WCC? Everytime we've been, we've been a party of 4, so I didn't really notice.
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    They are mostly four-tops which, if it is not packed and they can manage it, they will set together to make larger tables for 6 or 8 (or in our case a few trips back, 11). I think they do have a few tables that are larger, but those will obviously be in high demand and so in the interest of being able to offer other parties larger than four a seating at all, they tell everyone that their party may be split.

    They have that 'may be seated at seperate tables' thing on most ADRs of more than 4 or so, so that if they are packed and have two tables open on opposite sides of the dining room, they can seat you half-and-half. In practice, though, most of the times we've gone with larger parties, they've done all they could to seat us together/arrange the tables for us or, if that isn't practical, to seat us very close together. (This is all over the place, not just WCC.)
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    There are larger tables at WCC. But what has happened is, there wasn't a reservation for your party available on the date/times you wanted.
    So they offered to split you up, so you could have the time/date you asked for.

    You have the option of a couple things. Try and look for a reservaton that fits your party size on another day, keep watch on the cancellation threads, take the 2 adrs and when you get there ask if you can be seated together or at least next to each other.

    It is up to you what you want to do.
    Personally I would go ahead and try another day to get the reservation I actually wanted.

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