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Hi, My son knows he will have to go on some things without me because I get dizzy easily. Can anyone suggest which ones I should definitely avoid, and maybe some which are a little milder? I do not do any coasters, but I think some of the rides "swing" around a lot ? Thanks for any help. chrissy

I don't do coasters either. I have the motion sickness bracelets (got them for a cruise last year), and they work great! I just carry them in my backpack, and can put them on in line for rides I'm a bit nervous about.

FYI---I had a slight dizzy thing on MIB, and one on Spidey, but I did just fine without the bracelets and rode over and over again! If you want to know exactly what points on those rides to watch out for, let me know.

Cat in the Hat is a very "spinny" ride---very deceptive, but I was still okay.

All I can tell you is the rides at IOA and USF are WORTH IT!!!!!

I used a Scopalamine patch behind my ear that lasts three days (it did give me a sore throat so I took Advil and cold pills). The thing is, it works great. From previous experiences without any medication I found Cat in the Hat to be the one that got me. Spiderman a little bit...but, it is such a good ride, I try to close my eyes, relax, and breathe deeply if I start to feel dizzy. Not everyone gets cold symptoms from these patches, it's just a strange side effect which effects some folks. Our MD ordered them for us as they are Rx.
Like Patti said, other than the coasters you'd want to avoid Cat in the Hat and Storm Force. All other rides are very minimal when it come to spinning. For a kiddie ride, Cat in the Hat even gets me a bit dizzy and it was WAY more intence when it first opened. The seat constantly spins or swings back and forth and because of all the moving animatronics in the room, the experience can be rather unpleasant. I can honestly say I know more adults who got dizzy on CITH than the coasters.


I only had a problem in the fire side of Dueling dragons. That is unusual for me because coasters never bother me and simulators always do. Back to the future didn't bother me a bit which really shocked me.

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At Universal I really had a tough time on Back to the Future: The Ride. The car moves quite a bit and I couldn't wait for the ride to be over. I do fine with other simulator rides however.

From one motion sickness person to another. Don't do BTTF. Ugh? As far as Spiderman goes, there is only one part that might be a problem, but you will know when it comes to it. At that point the ride is almost over.

I had wanted to do RnR coaster in MGM so bad last year that I took a Bonine about 2 hours before the ride. It worked great for me. I did not have a dry mouth or any adverse reactions. I would recommend this. I also used bonine for my DIS cruise last year and it worked just as well.

no one has mentioned the Hanna Barbera ride, which makes me the queasiest of all the rides in Orlando (except tea party which I will not go on).
Schwab's Pharmacy on Hollywood Boulevard in USF sells Dramamine.

A friend who gets motion sick tells me that Back To The Future is one of the better rides in this regard. He attributes this to the fact that the motion of the cars is very well synched to what you are seeing on the screen. He says that what gets him is when what he's seeing doesn't match up in his brain with what his body is feeling.

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I am extremely prone to motion sickness, drying dishes and turning to put them in the cupboard will get me dizzy. I take mecalazine (sp?). Get it at any pharmacy without a prescription (cheap too). It doesn't give you dry mouth or make you drowsy and lasts all day. Enjoy all the rides with your son!
Wow, thanks everyone for so many pointers. I will definitely make a list. Some of the rides you all mentioned, I would have NEVER guessed have the potential to make me dizzy. THANKS !! chrissy
Avoid dueling dragons, I went on 2 years ago and got so sick. Of course I closed my eyes on the ride which didn't help much. Good luck
DON'T DO BTTF!!! I couldn't WAIT to get off! I felt sick for an hour after that ride. Everything else was fine, but then again, I didn't do the coasters. Spiderman was fine as well.
I get very dizzy on circles. The Cat in the Hat surprised me, it was very, very spinny. Storm Force you can tell will spin you around. I did Dueling Dragons, and thought it wasn't as bad as The Hulk, but it still made me ill.

Spiderman, however, made me a little queasy, but not really sick. It wasn't that bad, really. The Bilge Rat Barges spin a little, but I was so busy trying not to get drenched that I was fine on that.

I agree, I just don't find BTTF worth it, but have done it my past few trips anyway because of family members with me who had never done it or not done it in a long time. I hate that ride ... hate it ...

Hannah Barbarra is also pretty bad, but is bearable I think ...
Sounds like Back To The Future is as bad as "Body Wars" at Disney....hate that ride with a passion.

I don't understand why they make these rides so sickening? Half the people who ride them won't ride them a second time. Makes no sense to me!

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I have semi-severe motion sickness and coasters do not bother me(thank God!). It's those spinning rides that get me every time. We did a short stint at USF in '99. BTTF did not really bother me in terms on motion sickness, but the roughness!!! There were 2 of us each in the front and back seats and we were thrown to kingdom come! Body Wars is the most sickening of the stimulator rides for me. I can ride it, but it's not fun.
As someone who works at BTTF (USH) It is the Omnimax screen which causes the motion sickness. If you've ever been to an IMAX theatre and ran down the stairs while the show is going on its the same feeling. On a number of occasions after doing projection checks i've felt queezy and I wasn't even on the ride! BTTF is definetly one to avoid...

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I feel badly that my son will have to do many of these rides alone. Is it possible to do BTTF and just close my eyes? WHat I mean is, do the seats move? I would think I could handle it if the seats are still and I just don't look? Are there any stationary seats in that or the Hanna Barbera ride? Thanks for your help chrissy


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