which park to do with kids5&7? many ?'s


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Apr 11, 2000
We are planning on going to universal for only 1 day in August. Which park should we do? and why? Universal studios or ioa? Would we have time to do both, I doubt it right? Where would you eat? Someplace the kids and us would enjoy. Do you get to the parks much before the official opening? As you can tell, we have never taken the kids to this park before and need lots of advice. Thanks!!!
Hard call. In IOA Suess landing is great. Every ride would be great for your kids, and Circus mckurkis is fun to eat at with good food. Suess souvineer cups for the kids to keep. Spiderman ride is the best and my 5 yr old went on and loved it. Kids loved the unicorn flyer.
US-Et is great, Barney, the water play area is excellent, Fievels playland.
Sorry not much help, my kids have favorites at both parks, but I think I would go to IOA.
The first two weeks of August are very busy. The last week is better as the kids go back to school. There is no way you can visit both parks in 1 day with a 5 and 7 year old, they just can't keep up.

I'd say to visit USF since they can't make the height requirements for the big rides at IOA. They would be bummed seeing rides they can't go on yet.
At USF they'll have ET, Barney, Animal Planet Live show, MIB, and the Woody Wood Pecker play area with the kiddie coaster. Next to this is the water play area where the kids squirt water guns and stand under these huge buckets that drop water. Yes, bring a change of cloths and a book to read. Once kids start playing in this area, they want to stay for 3 hours.

And yes, if the park opens at 9am, try to be there at 08:30 so you are first thru the gate. It always takes longer than you think to walk from the parking garage to the park. Visit MIB first, ET, then check the show times.

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